Chapter 1

Meeting Nova

Before the war began in heaven there weren't any demons, only day and night angels. Night angels had dark skin but very light and fair hair, while the day angels had bright pale skin and dark hair. Night angels could only mate with other night angels to keep balance and order in the world. Soon jealous raged through the Night angels, there was more darkness and evil in the night so they felt they had more work to do, plus they were being treated as if they weren't pure like the day angels. The peace that had been in heaven for centuries was falling apart. A great and terrible battle occurred but soon god sent the night angels out of heaven banishing them for their evil. The night angels wings were normally black but as the years have gone on they would lose their feathers and only bat like wings would remain. They were truly becoming demons, always hating what the day angels had done to them.

A dark red hair girl sat in a field of beautiful flowers that stayed in bloom for most of the year. Picking flowers she waited for twilight, her blue eyes perked and glanced around when she heard a noise. Seeing a silver hair boy she stood with a smile on her face, "Nova." She called to him.

The dark skinned boy returned her beautiful smile but it soon faded, "Eliana the night angels are getting angrier as the days go by. I fear there will be a war, and if that happens I just know we will be torn apart." Nova stated looking away from her eyes knowing they held pain in them. He hated to give her bad news but this was all he could do was pass on updates and hope that both sides would settle their differences.

Eliana stared at the ground but reached her hand and grabbed his hand, "Nova no matter what happens I know we will always be friends. They destroy something like this." She stated confidently but in the back of her mind was fear and doubt. "Besides if you don't fight and you tell them that you don't agree with the others you will be able to stay in heaven or where ever we go." The pale skin angel commented with slight hope ringing through her voice. Seeing that her friend was having a hard time with all of this she looked at her outfit and pulled a pure white ribbon from her dress and tied his hair up. "No matter how far they take us… you'll always come for me." She stated before looking at him as if trying to get him to agree with her.

Nova felt the silk on his fingers blushing lightly as he listened carefully to his dear friend whom he ground very fond of. "I'll never stop searching." He replied back with a smirk. Night angels were being forces to wear dark colors to match their 'impure' skin, the boy never liked being treated differently but it wasn't his authority to say otherwise. Taking a ribbon from his robe he started to tie it together until he made a small flower with the string and tied it in her hair. "There… now we will never part." He grinned happily as he touched the fabric in his hair once more. The day angel's silk was so soft compared to his cotton clothing. It wasn't fair how the day angels where treating the night angels and most of the day angels weren't aware of their mistreatment. Especially Eliana, most of the younger angels weren't spoken to about the adult affairs. How was she suppose to know what all he was going through, perhaps it was a good thing that the night angels were standing up for themselves but if it came down to it he would never want to fight the day angels. They all were angels in the end, fighting against them would be like fighting family.

Nova saw Eliana less and less as tension grew in heaven, he saw her whenever he could. She helped him escape the reality of the war and the people; they would play and talk everything seemed so peaceful and perfect when he was with her. He woke up early one night just before twilight to go see her but when he awoke he could hear screaming of pain. Jumping to his feet he put on some wool trousers that had gotten itchy over the past year. But he couldn't stay in his room like he was always told he had to find Eliana, what if some of the night angels found her. His heart skipped with fear as his black wings spread wide and he flew as fast as he could to the garden he had come to love so much.

Eliana was sitting there a little scared hearing screaming in the distance, what was going on. When she saw a pair of black wings she stood up thinking it was Nova but when she saw an older man coming towards her eyes widen. It was Nova's father; he was looking at Eliana as if she was pure evil. Screaming out Nova's name she ducked her head scared she would be beaten. "Father!" she heard Nova's voice just above her head. She peaked out from her arms and saw that her dear friend and pushed his father to the ground. "Eliana run!" his warning voice called to her but she was stricken with fear unable to move as she stared at the scene of Nova and his father fighting.

Nova was struggling against his strong father but the thought of Eliana being killed made his strength last seeing the dagger in his father's belt he hesitated but grabbed it holding it out glaring at his father. "Eliana didn't do anything wrong!" the boy growled at the older man. The dark skin man pushed past his son knowing that he couldn't strike his own father. Nova hand shook with fear but his hand rose and plunged in his father's back. The boy watched his father fall into the flowers dead, the spread of his blood along the flowers turned their light colors into a crimson stained one. Nova dropped the knife not really believing he killed his own father but when he looked at Eliana he knew he would do it again if he had to. "Eliana… its chaos out there." He whispered before hearing a few angels shouting that the night angels were being banished. His eyes widen and looked at his dark skin wishing it was fair like his love.

Eliana's tears escape her eyes as she rushed over to Nova hearing the dreaded words, she didn't want him to leave. She wished she could dress him in a white robe and pass him off as a day angel but his dark skin was a dead giveaway. The fair skin angel didn't even care that her dear friend had just killed someone, he did it to protect her; how could she hate him for that? Hearing that the night angels were being chased away she looked at her dear friend and grabbed his arms not wanting to leave. "You can't go… I love you." She whispered painfully.

Nova looked at her tears with sadness and touched her face pulling her close; he rested his forehead on hers. "No matter what… I'll never stop searching for you." He promised again making her sob holding onto his arms not wanting him to let go. Looking up to her black rose in her hair he felt there world break all around them. "I love you Eliana… something like this they can't tear apart. We will find each other and be together." He whispered trying to calm her down.

"There's one! He has a young Day Angel." One solider shouted to a few others, soon Nova was surrounded. He was pulled from Eliana, he could hear her screams and there wasn't anything he could do to help her.

Nova sat up breathing heavily, he was around 18 years of age, and it had been ten years since the war began. He had been having that dream off and on since he was pulled away from Eliana. They weren't called night angels anymore; most were called demons some called worse than that. He couldn't believe it had been ten years since he had seen her beautiful smile, he couldn't get her out of his head. Nova knew he had to fulfill his promise; moving his fingers through his silver hair he felt the horns that grew because of the deaths he caused to protect himself and a few others. He was stained with blood, he wondered if Eliana would even want to see him because of how evil he had gotten. A sigh escaped his lips as he reached over to the side of the bed pulling a black leather pair of pants pulling them on.

He stood up yawning loudly; he never did sleep well when he had that dream. Nova splashed a few hand full of water on his face before glancing into the mirror. All of his black feathers were gone; all that remained was a black like wing. All he could think about was demon when he saw them, how evil did you have to become to lose your feathers? That thought made him slightly upset, he never thought himself as evil, he protected others at any cost was it really that bad? Nova moved his shoulders around getting his back lose from the tension hearing a few pops he felt satisfied and walked out of his bedroom looking at the other demons in the room; he saw that most were exhausted from the day's work. His golden eyes glanced out the window staring at the sun's light; it was time for his shift.

Choosing the daylight was mostly to deal with Eliana, he thought perhaps someday he would see her on the off chance. Tying the white silk ribbon into his hair he nodded to a few of his friends before flying off to start the day. He hoped he would meet Eliana today, but his hope was slimming everyday Nova wasn't sure how much longer he could keep dreaming of meeting her again. Nova was lost in his thoughts and wasn't watching where he was going, soon he smacked into someone. Catching her before she fell he looked at her seeing another night angel, she even had her feathers still. "Forgive me I wasn't watching where I was going. Where are you headed in such a hurry?" his deep voice asked curiously as he took her beauty in.

Her skin was dark and her eyes were golden, her hair however wasn't the normal silver as most were it was a pale blonde. It took Nova by surprised and he couldn't help but stare at it. The night angel blushed and dusted herself off, "Ah no, no it's really my fault." She insisted before she looked around and shook her head when he asked if she was headed somewhere. "Just… uh scared. The day angels could be anywhere." She murmured.

Nova could tell she was new to the hang of things; she was so scared it made him think of Eliana that day he saved her from his father. He closed his eyes and nodded, "Alright well we have a hiding place for a few decent Night angels. I can show you if you would like." He offered kindly. Taking her back the base he stopped at the door knowing he would have to go back and stay on duties. Seeing her face when he was about to leave he chuckled slightly, she was clingy like Eliana. "It's alright I just have a job to do I'll come back in a few hours." He promised but saw it only slightly made the girl feel better. There wasn't much more he could tell her to make her feel better so he settled with just giving her a simple wave and flew off.

He would have to get her name later, for now he slowly flew around the base making sure he kept everyone safe. For some reason Eliana wasn't in his thoughts as much as the new night angel was, her hair baffled him. He hadn't seen a night angel before with hair other than silver and white. Nova wondered if it meant something or perhaps she was half day angel and half night. As forbidden as it was it did happen now and again. Staring up into the sky he breathed slowly feeling the day's breeze on his face. 'Where are you Eliana?' he pleaded in his mind.