Chapter 3

So Close, So Far

Eliana felt the cold hand and fast pant of the man behind her as his grip tightened. She was so scared. Why couldn't she be stronger? "Lady Eliana!" she heard his voice shout, making her finally turn around, more out of fear than anything else. But then she saw Captain Nicholas's face; it was filled with worry and he looked worn out. Had he been searching all night for her? She could see the sweat running down his face and the relief that filled his eyes, but behind that was anger. Which she couldn't blame him for; she had done something completely stupid without thinking it through.

"You idiot." He pulled her into his embrace, shocking Eliana. This cold and robot like man was hugging her and showing that he cared. "What would I do if you weren't there to bother me?" he asked jokingly, although his voice still held a tint of anger.

"N-Nicholas…" Eliana stammered, unsure of what to do. This was the first time he had shown her real affection and not just treated her as a nuisance. What were his feelings for her? Did they even matter? She still had to find Nova, didn't she? As Nicholas pulled her from his hold, he turned a stern eye on her, beginning the lecture. All the questions of where did she think she was going, how long did she think she would make it alone… it was never ending.

"Nicholas, I hate feeling defenseless. I have been in serious danger four times now. When can this stop?! When can I get serious training and preparation for the real world? If it's as scary as you say it is, then why am I being treated like a child instead of like the adult I am?" Eliana had turned the lecture on Nicholas and it actually caught him off guard.

"A princess isn't meant to fight; she isn't meant to get into harm's way. How would her knight feel?" Nicholas argued back sincerely, moving some hair out of her face. She gave him the deadliest pout he had ever seen from her. She must have been serious. "Ok, ok Lady Eliana. After my shifts I'll start training you basic DEFENSIVE moves." He stated making sure she understood he wasn't teaching her how to fight but defend. "I do not like this, but I will try and understand where you are coming from." He sighed as he looked around. "You got further than I thought you would. Come on, this place is dangerous." Nicholas took her hand to make sure she got home and started to fly.

Near the ground looking up at the scene was Nova; he stared at the red headed angel, thinking to himself that it was his beloved friend. Had he finally found her? His black demonic wings spread as he bolted from the ground. He didn't care that the captain of the royal guard was with her. If this was Eliana he had to reach out to her, "Elia-" he began to shout before feeling a hand grab the back of his arm, stopping him. Looking back, he saw it was the girl he had picked up the day before. "You don't understand she is-" he started, looking back to the two angels, but they had already become smaller with the distance they had gone. "I can still make it… She has to know of me," Nova said, looking back at the night angel with anger; she had stopped him from seeing Eliana.

"That was the captain! You'll get killed! No one is worth your death," she stated, holding firmly on his arm. She was begging him not to go. Nova stared down at her angrily, but softened as he tried to look at things through her eye. He stopped trying to resist her hold; he just stared to where the day angels had flown away. So she was still down in heaven and everyone was still treating her like a child. He smiled slightly.

"Why would you even try to go… they are evil… murders," the girl commented weakly, as if the pain of something she had seen before was weighing down on her.

"There was a girl… we were friends as kids. Very close friends, I promised her I wouldn't stop looking. I love her." Nova explained. The night angel released his arm and listened to his words. Nova glanced back at the pale blonde girl, who looked a bit upset. "Not all are evil… trust me," he said, still believing that most of this was a misunderstanding. Though he understood there were those few that were clouded with darkness, could Nova say that he wasn't clouded? With his wings looking the way they were…he sighed knowing he couldn't say it. What would Eliana think of him; would she just see the wings and fear? No, she wasn't like that… but the fear from the time away from her made him doubt his own thoughts of his love.

Nova tried to clear his head of Eliana for now. He looked to the pale blonde night angle who still seemed as if she was in pain. "You haven't told me what your name was yet… so… What's your name?" he asked curiously with a friendly smile, trying to lift her spirits.

The girl moved some of her light hair behind her dark skinned ear as she looked to the ground, "Ayla," she replied in a whisper. Nova thought he had recognized the name from somewhere, but brushed it off when Ayla looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "That man... he led a team of angels to kill my family," she stated in anger and pain.

Nova couldn't believe his ears, but from what he could see in the girl's eyes, it was all true. Nova put an arm around her comfortingly. "Don't go near those people… please," Ayla begged with a warning in her voice. It seemed as if she had been through a huge ordeal. Nova made a note to ask her more about it later, but for now he let her cry in his arms.

Nova left Ayla with the other night angels, or rather demons… he had to stop calling them something they weren't anymore. He noted that the others seemed so much calmer around Ayla and wondered why that was so. Thinking back to that morning, he wondered why he had stopped like she wanted him to instead of going like he so desired. Once Ayla was comfortable, he whispered to a guard not to let anyone leave while he was on duty and that he was going to be pulling a double shift because of some news he had received. Being that Nova was the most respected, no one would question his word.

Nova spread his wings and bolted out of the room before Ayla could notice. He knew that he didn't want her to see him leaving so soon already. Nova flew as fast as his wings could take him until he came to the entrance to heaven where he found a cloud hiding spot and hid there to take a peek at his surroundings. He could see the red headed angel training with Nicholas. She seemed to be having trouble, but seemed to be enjoying doing the training regardless. The dark demon crept closer to watch the girl, hoping she was who Nova wanted her to be. But perhaps he was getting a little too close without much coverage.

With another horrible dodge from Eliana, Nicholas saw something in the corner of his eye. Stopping Eliana with a hand gesture he glanced over to the gate and saw a dark figure standing there watching them. "What are you doing?!" Nicholas shouted, startling both Nicholas and Eliana. Immediately, Nova was surrounded by angels armed and ready to attack. Nova held his hands up in defeat as he moved his head around to see Eliana behind one of the guards.

"N-Nova," she murmured in shock and amazement as she tried to move closer, but Nicholas stopped her quickly.

"Don't you dare." Nicholas growled as he nodded to the guards. "Dispose of this demon. You can tell by the wings that he has been stained with the blood of our kind," he ordered in a loud and angry voice. Perhaps it was also the fear of Nova looking at Eliana that really ticked off Nicholas. He was in one of his moods again.

Eliana gasped and began begging Nicholas not to do it. Glancing back at Nova, she could tell it was him from the smile on his face. It was like the guards weren't there. "I mean no harm…" Nova said, now looking to the swords and spears of the angels. But once an order was given from Nicholas, it wasn't likely to be pushed aside. Soon, they all started to attack Nova. As skilled as the demon was, this many against one wasn't the best odds. He was bruised and sliced badly before he finally managed to push the angels back, panting.

Nicholas's grip on Eliana was tight, for she was still trying to escape and go to Nova. Sighing, the demon understood. They couldn't be together anymore. His eyes glanced over at his beloved friend before he flew back a ways. He could see tears start to form on her beautiful face. Nova could hardly bear it. "Never giving up!" he shouted to Eliana, but most of the angels mistook it as some war cry and began to throw their spears at him. Nova groaned as one of the spears entered into his leg. The dark skinned male panted as he felt the blood gushing out of his body. He had to escape!