Pie Boy (R)

She called him Pie Boy.

His name was Mike Simmons and she knew him from school but she liked him better as Pie Boy. Every few days, Pie Boy arrived at Johnny C's Diner to make a delivery of his mother's home made pies.

Millie Simmons had been making pies for the diner for years. She used to come in herself with the deliveries but when her son got old enough to drive she assigned him the task of bringing her home made pies to the popular diner.

Pie Boy usually showed up around closing time with that day's batch of made pies for the next business day. Millie was famous for her pies, especially Apple, Apple Crunch, Blueberry, Cherry Crunch, Pumpkin, Pecan, Lemon Meringe, Coconut Crème, Banana Crème, and her Five Layer Chocolate Crème. Folks came from all over for a slice and during the holidays the diner sold whole pies individually (with a three day advance order).

Nellie worked second (closing) shift at the diner to accommodate her day classes at Blue County Community College where she knew Pie Boy also took classes. He also had a job at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store so Nellie admired his willingness to make the pie deliveries three or four times a week.

The waitress enjoyed Pie Boy's visits. It was a nice way to end a long shift and he was friendly and personable enough since they knew each other having grown up in the same home town. Nellie had taken to teasing him with her 'Hello Pie Boy' greeting whenever he entered the diner and Mike didn't mind the razzing. Nellie was a good looking girl and he enjoyed the banter back and forth.

The diner was usually empty when Pie Boy arrived. Nellie and one of the dishwashers and maybe the line cook were cleaning up and closing the place for the night. Once in a while, owner Birdy Braft might be hanging around catching up on paperwork or helping out the Staff.

Nellie thought Pie Boy was attractive enough. He had light brown hair and blue eyes and he was tall and muscular from his high school football playing days. He was usually dressed in jeans and a tee shirt when he pulled into the darkened parking lot with the dozen or so pies, usually one of each fixing. It would take him two or three trips to bring in the pies and sometimes Nellie or one of the others would help him.

On this particular night, Pie Boy was late in his arrival and Nellie had volunteered to stay behind and wait for him when he called to say he was running behind schedule. She was sitting at the counter when she saw his car pull up in front of the diner.

"Hey, Pie Boy," Nellie said as she stepped outside to help him.

"Hey, Nellie," he replied. "Sorry I'm late. Car trouble."

"That's okay," she said, grabbing one of the pie trays from the back seat and carrying it into the diner.

"You're looking great as always," Pie Boy observed as he followed her inside with the second tray.

"Thanks," she smiled, surprised that she was blushing from his compliment.

But she knew he was just being polite because she was wearing khaki pants and the Johnny C's Red Tee shirt all the employees wore. Pie Boy liked the shape of her breasts underneath the tight shirt and the swing of her hips that he watched as he walked into the diner behind her.

"I mean it," he said before he headed out to grab the last tray of pies. "You've always been the prettiest waitress in this place."

Nellie smiled with appreciation as she watched Pie Boy retrieving the last of the pies from his car. Since this routine started, Nellie had spent a lot of time fantasizing about Pie Boy and sometimes she'd go home and act out on her desires in the privacy of her bedroom hidden under the covers of her bed.

She'd never admit it to anybody but she had been toying with the idea of seducing Pie Boy for a while now. She even had a dream that they did it right there on the diner counter and she found that her fantasy sexual attraction with Pie Boy had become all the more noticeable in real life each time he came in with a delivery.

As she stood at the counter of the empty diner watching Pie Boy enter with the last of the delivery, she decided on the spot that she wanted him. She locked the diner door behind him and dimmed the lights as he placed the last of the pies in the cooler behind the counter. She felt her heart begin to race as she stepped behind the counter and watched as he finished with the pies.

On impulse, she took one of the Boston Crème pies from the cooler shelf and held it in her two hands as she stood in front of Pie Boy.

"Are you hungry?" Pie Boy asked with surprise as he glanced at her holding the pie.

"Yes," she said knowingly. "Do you want some?"

Pie Boy looked around with surprise. "Really? For free?"

"Yep," Nellie replied. "On the house."

Her breathing skipped as he grinned at her.

"Great," he said.

"Great," she agreed.

And then, without warning or even reasoning, Nellie took the pie in both her hands and mashed it into Pie Boy's face as if she was Moe from The Three Stooges and he was either Larry or Curly (or possibly Shemp).

Pie Boy staggered back a few steps as he yelled out.

"What the hell?" He asked with shocked disbelief as the pie pan fell to the floor.

He looked like a clown or…..well, like one of The Three Stooges after one of their famous pie fight scene.

"I'm sorry," Nellie laughed. "I couldn't resist, Pie Boy!"

She threw herself at him and gave him a hearty kiss on the pie covered lips, tasting his mouth and the pie at the same time. Pieces of the pie filling covering his face transferred to hers and Pie Boy instinctively wrapped his arms around her in a hug. They slipped on the pie gunk on the floor and both fell behind the counter with a smack.

"Ouch!" Nellie laughed once the tumble was over.

They were both sitting on their asses in Boston Crème pie splatter and Nellie was laughing hysterically. Pie Boy looked at her as if she was nuts.

"That was a perfectly good pie," he deadpanned.

She laughed even harder. "So sue me," she said, pushing him back onto the floor and falling on top of him.

She licked some of the pie residue off his face with her tongue.

"That's delicious," she announced.

"You're unbelievable," Pie Boy told her.

"Thanks," she giggled, darting her eyes up and down his face. "Taste me," she whispered.

Now it was his turn to blush. "Taste you…..where?" He asked.

She pointed to her face. "Here," she answered. "For starters."

He leaned his head up and licked the pie off her mouth and then he kissed her. She could feel the pie in her hair but she didn't care.

"I feel myself getting wet," she said as she looked into his eyes from above.

"You sat in pie," he pointed out.

"I don't think it's that," she let him know.

She pressed herself against him and kissed him some more. Pie Boy smelled like pie as they kissed and squirmed among the slippery spilled pie on the floor. It was all over his back and ass and head and it was one of the sexist moments she had ever experienced. She breathed in the scents of the diner around them. Cinnamon and coffee and French fry grease and fried onion batter and honey.

She felt his hands brush down her pie covered arms and her heart thumped when Pie Boy pressed his hips up into hers. She felt his erection through their clothes and she let out a small squeak as she felt his lips on her pie covered neck.

She closed her eyes. "Take me. Here. Now. Please," she whispered desperately.

"On the floor?"

"Yes!" She pleaded.

His hands were suddenly on her pie soaked ass and Pie Boy pulled Nellie against him. She let out a moan as she felt herself tighten in anticipation. She giggled as Pie Boy continued to lick her neck with his lips and tongue. Her hands were fumbling for the belt on his jeans. She felt his hands go down the back of her pie stained khakis, underneath her damp panties and she mooed when she felt the skin to skin contact of his hands against her buns. She looked into his eyes and licked her lips as she unfastened his belt.

He helped her unbuckle it and he unsnapped the button and he let her pull the jeans down, his underwear going with it.

"Nellie!" Pie Boy said, surprised when she grabbed his dick as soon as it came popping out when it was set free.

She stood up quickly and opened the pie case, grabbing a can of whipped cream along with a second half-eaten coconut crème pie. Pie Boy grabbed her pants by both legs and tugged on them and they easily slipped down her hips and legs, taking her panties with it and exposing her lovely ass for him to see.

"Hey," she laughed, squatting down so nobody could see them through the windows.

Pie Boy pulled her down the rest of the way while she kicked off her pants and panties. She took the can of whipped cream and shot a puff of the stuff on his dick.

Pie Boy took the pie from her hand, set it on the floor and pushed her back so she fell ass first into it.

"Oooooooo," she laughed as coconut crème pie went splattering everywhere, including between her ass crack and down her buns toward her pussy.

She held her hands up (the can of whipped cream still in her hand) as Pie Boy grabbed her shirt and lifted it up over her head, tossing it aside. He took the can of whipped cream from her and shot a wad into her bra which made her giggle.

Nellie unfastened the bra strap from behind and let the bra fall to the floor while Pie Boy leaned into her and licked some of the whipped cream off the top of her breasts. He used one hand to trace some of the cream down around her nipples which he also licked off as Nellie remained sitting in the pie pan.

She leaned over and licked the whipped cream from his member with her tongue.

She heard Pie Boy moan as she slowly started sliding her hand up and down his crème covered shaft slowly. Pie Boy let out a small groan and then he reached out and pushed two fingers into her pie covered entrance.

"Oh, Pie Boy!" Nellie moaned

She felt her pussy tighten around his fingers and she could tell she was dripping but she wasn't sure if it was her own love juices or the pie and whipped cream oozing between her legs and up her ass.

"Oh my God, this is already the best sex I've ever had," she whimpered.

"We haven't even done it yet," Pie Boy remarked.

"I don't care," she said. "This is fantastic."

He slid his pie covered fingers in and out of her and she moaned as she kept playing with his cock. Then his mouth was on her lips and she tasted pie again. She opened her mouth and met his tongue which he sucked causing her to moan louder as he pulled back and sucked pieces of pie off her chin.

"It tastes almost as good as it feels," he marveled.

Pie Boy finally removed his tee shirt off and Nellie licked her lips before taking the whipped cream can and covering his chest with the white stuff. She lifted herself out of the pie pan but Pie Boy managed to keep his fingers inserted inside her as she squatted on her knees and began licking the cream off his chest while continuing to stroke him off with her hand.

Pie Boy played with Nellie's now hard nipples and she wrapped her hand tightly around his erection.

"Where's your cream?" She asked, looking into his eyes.

"I'm sure its coming," he moaned.

"Let me help it along," Nellie replied as she leaned over and ran her tongue along the head of his penis.

He moaned and moved her pie-crusted hair back while she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and slowly ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft and then she quickly moved up, wrapping her lips around the head before slipping it into her mouth.

"You taste like Boston crème," she mumbled before sliding it deeper into her mouth and then she began sucking hard while he continued fingering her pie pussy.

Suddenly, Pie Boy grabbed her and his dick popped out of her mouth as he lay her back on the floor among the pie mess. His fingers were out of her now and spread her legs wide as Nellie moaned. Pie Boy pressed his mouth hard between her legs.

"I like pie," he said and she burst out laughing.

"Boston crème or coconut crème?" she wanted to know.

"Both," Pie Boy replied and Nellie let out a loud moan as he ate out all three pies with his tongue lapping at her entrance.

Pie Boy grabbed her hips and he entered her with his tongue, pressing deep inside and exploring as Nellie moaned loudly.

"Oh, Pie Boy!" She shrieked as she shuttered in a climax.

Pie Boy removed his face from between her legs and he kissed her on the mouth again. She tasted pie and something else she couldn't quite describe. He squeezed her breasts with both his hands as Nellie grabbed his cock and tried to pull him toward her entrance.

"Now," she begged.

Nellie felt him enter her and she slid her hands along his pie-slicked back and she let out a piercing moan repeatedly as she whimpered in pleasure.

"Oh, Pie Boy!" She exclaimed with happiness as he thumped into her repeatedly while bringing her to another climax.

He was kissing her again and she kissed him back while she buckled like she was riding a horse. His hands were all over her now, on her breasts, on her ass, between her legs, in her hair, and she yelled out in ecstasy pleasure although by now she was out of breath from all the activity.

"I'm getting close," she stammered.

"Me too," Pie Boy said just as breathlessly and then all of a sudden she felt herself climaxing as Pie Boy continued to bang her.

"Yes!" Pie Boy kept yelling over and over again and finally she felt him release himself inside of her but it seemed to go on forever and they were both gasping for air and breath.

When he was finally done, Pie Boy collapsed on top of her and he moaned with relieved happiness.

"That was the best sex of my life," he managed to say.

"I already said that!" Nellie laughed.

They were lying in pie goo and body fluids and perspiration and whipped crème and they both burst out in laughter.

"How am I supposed to go home looking like this?" Pie Boy wanted to know as he pulled pieces of pie out of his hair.

"I don't know," Nellie admitted. "I have the same problem."

They put on their sticky wet pie stained clothes and Pie Boy helped the waitress clean up the mess they had made. When all the evidence was disposed off and cleaned, Nellie led Pie Boy out of the darkened diner and she made sure the door was locked.

"Will you be able to sneak in without being caught?" Pie Boy asked.

"Sure," Nellie answered. "Nobody will notice. What about you?"

"Mom's probably asleep by now," Pie Boy replied. "Making a dozen pies a day wears her out."

"Good," Nellie said, leaning up and giving him a good night kiss, still tasting the pie on him. "Thanks for a wonderful night, Pie Boy!"

"Maybe we can do it again sometime!" He grinned.

"Oh, you can count on that," she giggled.

Nellie was still grinning when she arrived at the diner the next day. The owner Birdy Braft called her into his office in the back of the diner. He was a great boss and terrific owner, loved by everybody in town. He worked at the diner as a kid and when he came back to Hillsboro after a thirty-year career in the Navy, he bought the place from his old boss, the Original Johnny C.

"We were short two pies today," Birdy told Nellie. "Do you know anything about that?"

"Oh, I dropped one," Nellie explained. "Sorry, Birdy. I meant to leave a note."

"What about the second one?" Birdy frowned.

"Oh, I gave Pie Boy a piece," she said.

"Pie Boy?" Birdy was confused.

"I mean Mike Simmons," Nellie laughed with embarrassment. "You know, he brings the pies for his mom?"

Birdy stared at her for a long moment. "Pie Boy, huh?"

She giggled. "That's just my pet name for him."

"Well, have Pie Boy bring extra pies next time," Birdy suggested.

Nellie felt her face turn flush red. "Sure thing, Birdy," she said, trying not to sound too giddy.

"I noticed the floor by the pie cooler was extra sparkly this morning," Birdy remarked before Nellie could escape the office.

"Oh?" She asked innocently as she stood in the doorway.

"Tell Pie Boy you guys did a good job cleaning up the pie mess."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Boss," a flustered Nellie insisted.

Birdy picked up a tape from his desk. "We have hidden security cameras, Nellie" he said, looking a little embarrassed himself now. "Motion detection, automated at closing time."

Nellie thought she was going to faint.

"Don't worry, you were mostly blocked by the counter," he said.

"Mostly?" She squeaked nervously.

"Just when you stood up to get the second pie," he let her know. "I erased everything."

"Am I fired?" Nellie sighed with defeat.

Birdy laughed. "You're not the first waitress to be overcome by the…..aroma of this place, Nellie," he told her. "Don't worry about it but don't do it again, okay?"

"I won't," she vowed.

"I'm sure Pie Boy has plenty of pies at home," Birdy informed her.

She was mortified. She nodded and left the office convinced she had the best boss ever but she wasn't sure how she felt knowing that her boss had seen her bare ass naked covered in pie.

Maybe she wouldn't tell Pie Boy that part the next time they had pie sex…..somewhere else besides the diner!