my hands still remember her
let her live falsely under them
for immeasurable days,
spent too long memorising her skin
to be so carelessly forgotten
her soft humming of my name eternally heard
through the veil of time, distorted.
she was the first to claim place
in this blue bruised heart
but i cannot breathe life
into the bones of our past,
the flow of blood has long dried
and tethered we are no longer.

i wished to liken you to the stars
for my quivering nerves
to make sense of their new desire,
put to rest the harried beating
and anxious excitement
that takes tight hold at the beginning.
but of the stars there are so many
and of you, simply one;
you are no boundless cosmos,
constellations drawn in the mind
more like the sun you become -
an obvious truth, proudly washing
the stars from their hold in the sky.

i didn't overlook
the green in your eyes
and as i cautiously step into the light
their blazing jade is the closest to redemption
i'll ever need to be.