The people they judge him,
they don't know what he goes through.
They pick on him and bully him,
but only have the outside view.

He is known as a tramp,
a boy with no hope.
But the teachers stepped in,
as he was found with the rope.

He was ready to take his own life,
he had decided it was finally his day.
To leave the stress and worry behind,
and to just take the pain away.

This boy he had problems,
that nobody had known.
He was abused by his parents,
he was forever alone.

Each day it grew worse,
with the scars on his arm there to prove.
But no one asked him how he was,
as his biggest wish was just to move.

The teachers ignored his story,
and sent him to his tomb.
But if they had only known,
that this boy home was his doom.

He opened the door and he knew,
as the smell had confirmed his biggest fear.
He headed to the kitchen out of sight,
until his father realised he had no more beer.

The father got angry,
and begin to beat the boy.
This man had no emotion,
as he tossed him around like a toy.

He had not stopped until he realised there was blood,
but yet this boy's death didn't have to happen, if only they had understood.