"Come on… I dared you." I could hear the smirk in Diana's voice. That bitch! I refuse to give her any satisfaction by showing her my horror stricken face so I stare at my worst nightmare, Lockholm Cemetery.

This place is massive and separates the only Middle school and High school in town. Who would build schools right next to a cemetery!?

It's hard to remember when I began to hate this place.

All I know is that every night when I would walk home from middle school, I would never look at it. While walking pass the rusted iron gates my mind would make up tricks of hearing people whispering but I was too scared to look. Horror movies had cursed my mind that if I were to look, some creepy ghost would be looking at me through those bars.

The last time I was next to this cemetery was on my last day of middle school. From then on, I had avoided passing by it on my way home. Now, I'm a senior at Lockholm High School and I'm being forced to face this place because of a stupid dare.

"Eve you don't have to do this." My best friend, Candice grabs ahold of my arm as if she needed to hold me back. Being my friend since 7th grade she knows my distaste for this place.

"Yeah Eve, you could forfeit." I glare at Diana as she's smiling evilly at me.

That snide little…

"Let go of me Candice, I'm fine." I patted her arm in reassurance.

I have to do this for my crippling reputation at high school. Diana knows a secret about me that I haven't told anyone, even my best friend. It would ruin me.

I can't believe I was so stupid to let, of all people, Diana find out. Diana is the typical royal queen bitch of high school; she steals boyfriends and gets "geeks" to do her schoolwork.

I used to be one of those geeks until I stuck up for Candice, one of Diana's friends, when a girl in middle school made her cry. Soon I was brought into the elite crowd in Lockholm. Diana certainly didn't enjoy losing Candice to me, and she has had it out for me ever since.

"All you have to do is survive until the morning." Diana's stupid voice slid through my ear. My phone glowed 2:01 a.m.

"That's ridiculous. What is she going to do for that long, Diana?" Another girl, Beth, defended.

"I don't know. Walk around, talk to ghosts, hangout with the undead…make out…with them." She smirks at me and I glare at her in return.

Why did she have to drag out that word?

The other girls laughed at her joke but I knew the underlying of her words. She was being so obvious. I'm glad that most of the Lockholm High elites' are too ignorant to understand there was actually a meaning there.

Diana walks up to me and whispers, "You would like that wouldn't you."

I ignore her teasing smile.

"If you don't want to do this I could just tell everyone your little secret instead."

"Forget about it, Diana. After I do this you had better fuck off." I grab the small flashlight out of Candice's hands and walk through gates of Lockholm cemetery.

My worst nightmare was now a reality all because I slipped up this morning.

I had gotten to school early, no one was in sight. The sun was still coming up. But I always showed up to school early and for one reason.

Hanson Levin.

Yes, that's right I wake up at the crack of dawn for a boy. He is the tall, dark and handsome that all girls dream about. But much, much darker. And by darker I mean he's Goth. Before you go off thinking that I have this totally hot, secret romance going on with this guy, I'll have you know he hates me.

I have a crush on some guy that hates me? I know what you may be thinking. Though, I've tried to get myself to stop thinking about him, but every time I look at him…

Like right now. He is leaning up against the bike rakes of our school, a cigarette hanging between his lips. Hanson Levin wasn't like most of the guys at our school. I admired him for his differences, the long black hair and pale skin. Most of other guys here were jocks. And if you weren't a jock, you were a fake badass. But he was a real one. There was always a tough aura about him. His strong jaw and mean glare ensured that people would always keep their distance. Another put-off is that he has a huge record for beating the shit out of people. I've never seen him in action, so I just assume- or hope- that those are rumors. There are a lot of rumors about him. One of my favorites is that Hanson is a vampire… yeah, ridiculous.

His eyes are what scared everyone, but they are what drew me in. I could stare at them all day. They are such a light shade of blue, almost silver, that if you're not close enough they would appear to be white.

"We have a test today!?" The huge cry coming from an exasperated freshman walking passed me catches Hanson's attention, leading him to catch me blankly staring at him from around the corner.


I couldn't move, like a deer caught in headlights. Right when he met my gaze a huge zing went from my toes all the way to the top of my head, and settled back down in my stomach. I'm stuck. To embarrassed to move. Butterflies were in my stomach and in a matter of seconds my face started to flush, making it more obvious to him that I was totally peeping.

Why can't the ground swallow me whole?

Hanson didn't look mad, but he didn't look happy either. Maybe… a little surprised? I couldn't tell. How long had we been looking at each other like this? It had to be less than a minute. His eyes flicked behind me and his demeanor changed. Hanson's face showed disgust. He quickly stomped his cigarette out, picked up his black leather jacket and walked away.

"What was that I just saw?" My heart stopped at that whiny, annoying voice of Diana Wittleton.

No no no no no.

"What are you talking about?" I easily brushed off her accusing glare.

"Don't try playing cool and coy with me. I saw the whole thing, little Eve."

The whole thing? No, she couldn't have.

"I..um.." Geez, I couldn't make this any worse for myself. Usually I'm really good at handling what Diana dished at me, but being caught like this- I wasn't expecting it. As I was stuttering Diana's smile got brighter and brighter.

"Poor thing has a crush on.."

"Shut it." I looked around at the people walking into the school. Eyes were on us as they walked pass, and her big mouth was just about to give up my secret to the whole campus.

"You really know how to pick 'em, Eve. I am confused, though. Was it his eyeliner or his satanic worshiping that got you hooked?" She looked pleased with herself that she had finally found something against me.

"You don't actually believe that do you?" The kids in our town really worried me with the stories they came up with about people they didn't even know. Granted, I didn't know Hanson any more than the next person, but really? Satanic worshiping?

"Well, the whole school knows he's a freak. Wait until they hear that poor, innocent Eve is in love with Hanson Levin!" She let out a bark of evil laughter.

"You wouldn't!"

"Ha! So you don't deny it. More and more interesting… Okay. I won't tell anyone. But at Candice's annual Truth or Dare girl's night, you choose me to dare you."

It had to be at least 20 degrees colder in the cemetery than it was on the street. I pulled my jacket closer to my body and kept my eyes on where I was stepping. It would be my luck to fall into an open grave, and by the way this day was going- anything could happen.

After a long night of running around the town to complete outrageous dares, I just wanted to rest. Opting out of sitting on some dead guy, I huddled on the steps of a mausoleum for a bit while I looked around the graveyard- making certain no zombies would come crawling out of their graves to eat my brains.

I heard the tapping of shoes on marble and I immediately shined my flashlight at the door. After I assured myself that nothing was there, I felt a shiver run down my spine.

"It's so creepy..." I whined and reached for my cell to check the time.

"You not supposed to be here." A deep voice came from behind me.

Screaming, I threw my flashlight at the frightening voice and ran down the mausoleum steps. The voice cursed as the flashlight made contact. Managing to escape, I pressed my back up against the side of the building and tried to slow down my heart rate.

Wait a minute. I slowly peeked my head around the corner. Ghosts don't get hit with flashlights.

"What the fuck?" Hanson slowly leans down to pick up my ghost repellent. He quickly scans the grounds of the graveyards in front of him, barely catching me by the beam of light. With my heart pounding, I duck behind the wall again.

Oh, shit. Shit. Shit.

I turn off my inner monologue as I hear footsteps coming closer. I hold my breath and shimmy my way around the backside of the building. As soon as I see him walking away I push off in a sprint toward the front gate. But, I remember the dare… I can't leave yet.

Ducking behind a tombstone, I check my phone 2:34 a.m. I have only been here for half an hour? I stare in disbelief at the numbers. Lying back against the grave, I catch my breath and think about what I just saw.

What was Hanson doing walking around a cemetery? There was absolutely no reason for him to be out here. Maybe he was what all those rumors said. Vampire? Well, he was walking around in the darkbefore I threw my… Ah god, he has my flashlight. The realization that I was in complete darkness suddenly crept up on me. Trees didn't look like trees anymore to me but horrifically shaped hands and limbs. Screw it I'm getting out of here.

I turned around to peek over the tombstone.

"You can't be here, Ma'am. I'm going to have to escort you out."

I held back my scream and stare at Hanson's pissed off face. Wait, escort me? I can't let him do that! What if my girlfriends are waiting outside for me to chicken out? I was fine with high tailing it out of here by myself; but if they saw me with Hanson, they would freak!

"Sorry, I was just visiting a close relative of mine." I gestured to the tombstone in front of me. He shines my flashlight on the tombstone's name.

"Lin Takimashiri?" He stayed quite for a while, just staring at the name. Eh, I'm so busted.

"Well please continue, sorry I interrupted." He stepped back to give me some room. He can't be serious! I hear him clear his voice, "Is something wrong?"

"No, of course not. Um.." I kneel down and put my hands together, bowing my head. "Kon… nichi wa, sake-san, uh wasabi-san …" I was quickly running out of words, "uh sushi an a tofu isa… bueno…" I'll admit, this wasn't my best improvisation, but I went with it.

Chuckling from my right made me pause.

That asshole was intentionally making me look like an idiot for his amusement.

I stand up to glare at him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't actually think you would go and do that." He gestures to me in front of the grave and then goes into a chuckling fest. It's weird seeing him smile so much- let alone laugh. Usually he has this badass smirk or the 'I'm-so-mad-that-it's-cool' look on his face.

He quickly calmed down, "You're going to have to leave though. Come on, Eve, it's time to go home." He reached out to get a hold of my arm and started walking.

"Wait a minute. You know my name?" I let him lead me away from the tombstone.

"Who doesn't?" He stated simply.

"I'm not that popular… but you knowing my name? I thought that you didn't give a crap about anyone."

"I don't." Ugh! What's with these two word answers?

I noticed that we were getting close to the front gates. Shit. I dug my heels into the ground, but he still pulled me along with an annoyed sigh.

"I can't… wait. Wait! I can't leave yet." I whispered to him frantically.

Then I did possibly the most stupid move ever. I became a muscle-less rag doll, dead-weighting in his grasp. Landing me flat on my face and eating dead people grass. Ugh, so gross.

"Shit, Eve, are you okay?" He looks so sweet, "What the fuck did you do that for?" and his sweetness was gone just as quickly as it had shown up.

I sit up from my awkward position on the ground.

"I can't leave." I look at him desperately, willing him to cooperate and not ask any questions.

He seats himself on the ground next to me.

"Well, why the hell not?" I just can't have things my way can I? I tried to think up a quick lie but nothing seems to make sense.

"I was dared to." I state simply.

"You were dared to?" His eyebrow arched up in disbelief. It looks like I wasn't being as convincing as I intended.

"Yes… Please, I have to stay here until morning or Diana will tell everyone that I …" I stuck in a deep breath to stop myself from finishing that sentence.

"Tell everyone what?"

"Um.. uh.." Come on. Think of something, brain. "I…uh…stuff my…bra?" Wow, good job brain. I slowly smile at him, but he's not looking at my face. His eyes were on my chest, probably contemplating how many tissues were lodged in there.

"Hey!" I cover up with my hands. "I'm not now! Diana is going to tell everyone I used to do that. Yeah… that's what I meant." This sounded pretty decent to me.

He gives me that your-crazy-look but then goes to stare at the ground. The awkward silence was dragging on for way too long.

"So what are you doing here?" I cross my arms and look around at the many of tombstones surrounding us.

"Oh, you know calling upon the dead. Here's a little secret for you…you can't tell anyone" He got in real close and whispered, "I'm a… vampire." I look at him, and he doesn't look to be joking.

"Aha, ha." Dear god…did that nervous laugh come from me?

"I had you there, didn't I?" He laughed but looked a tad disappointed. "So you believe those rumors too?"

"Of course not…" I immediately responded. "I just… you looked so serious… and I…"

"I'm here covering for my older brother." He interrupted my mumbling. "He's the one usually working the graveyard shift." He gives me a smile, trying to make me forget my guiltiness. But I was not over it.

"Wait. Why are you so nonchalant about those rumors?" I ask ruefully. It couldn't have been easy having people make up ridiculous stuff about you.

"Who do you think starts all of them?"

"Really?" I raised my eyebrows. Who would start rumors about themselves? Maybe he really was a freak. But that couldn't be... So far he's been normal.

"No." He smirks at me. "I'm pretty sure Diana started most of them. She's one troublemaker, isn't she?" He smiles at me.

"You act as if you don't care."

"I don't." He shrugs and goes back to staring at the ground.

Ah, the two word answers again.

Hanson suddenly stands up. "Well, I have to get back to work. Want to walk around with me?" He reaches out his hand for me to take.

"Uh." I stare blankly at his hand. He wants… me… to put my… hand in his?... I curse at my brain for analyzing the situation so slowly. I was missing the chance to touch him.

He put his hand back into his pocket and he turned to walk away from me, "Or you can stay here and have the ghosts…get you." God, he said that so creepily.

I quickly stood up, "I'm not going with you... um... because I'm afraid. No, no. I was thinking about walking this way and you just happen to be going the same way." I said quickly.

"I'm glad you decided to go this way, I didn't want to walk around by myself. You can protect me now." He hands me my flashlight, "Here, you have better aim than I do."

I smiled at that little tease and took it from him.

After walking around aimlessly with Hanson, I was beat. Yawning, I sat down on the ground, leaning up against a tree.

Hanson sits down next to me. "What time is it?" He seemed to be pretty tired, too.

I check my phone again, 5:08. Wow, this night is going by faster than I had thought. There was also a text message on the screen, from Candice. When did I get this?

'Hey. U ok? U won't believe wat Diana had 2 do 4 her dare!'

I didn't really care about the Truth and Dare night anymore. I sighed.

"It's 5:08." I looked at the horizon. I could already see the sky begin to lighten.

"Only an hour until the sunrises" he smiles at me. "You're going finish this damn dare and stick it to that Diana." He jabbed his fist out in front of him and I smiled at him.

"Hanson, you are such a cool guy. Why do you let people be scared of you?" I shook my head at him. If he would just act normal, he would probably be a part of my crowd.

"I don't really care how other people think of me." He pulled out a cigarette pack from his pocket. "Do you mind if I…"

"No…" I was still staring at this great guy, almost feeling special that I was possibly the only one who knew how easy he was to like.

"You were staring at me yesterday, I thought it might be because of the 'cancer stick' I was holding." He smirks and lights up said 'cancer stick'.

"That was definitely not the reason why." I chuckled a bit, mostly to myself. Oh damn, why did I have to say it like that?

He gave a pointed stare at me. I'm so not confessing my love in a cemetery.

"You weren't who I expected." I squinted at him.

"What were you expecting?" He casually blew a puff of smoke out and I focused on the swirly patterns it made.

"Not vampire fangs or satanic worshiping books." I pulled my gaze away from the disappearing cloud and looked down at my feet. "You're actually quite funny and nice."

"You're not what I was expecting either." I glance up at his words to find him smiling down at me. "I thought you would be exactly like one of Diana's drones. But you're actually... human." I laughed at that, those other girls could be quiet scary how drone-y they are. "You impressed me tonight." He stated simply and took a drag from his cigarette.

"As much as I admire that whole don't-care-what-others-think-of-you that you've got going on, but maybe you'd find it easier in school if you didn't come off so…strong." I searched for the right word to describe him.

He chuckled at that, "Am I that scary?"

"Ah… little bit." He smiled at my hesitant answer.

"Hanson, you have a great smile. You should show it more often." My cheeks started to heat up from my confession and I quickly looked down at my feet.

"Maybe I should." He smirked and went back to quietly smoking but he continued to look at me from the corner of his eye.

The silence was making me realize how tired I was and my eyes started to get heavy.

Yawning, I closed my eyes and unintentionally slumped my head against Hanson's shoulder.

I started to mumble, "And your eyes are… so cool…" I paused to yawn, "… I always want to look at them..." I fell asleep just as the sun started peeking over the horizon.

"Eve, wake up" Hanson soft voice brought me back from my unconsciousness. I swatted at his hand.

"Get away…" I mumbled and heard him sigh. Then his hands were under me, lifting me off the ground. Enjoying the more comfortable position I snuggled into him and drifted off to sleep again.

A blur of questions woke me up from my slumber.

"Eve? Let go of her you freak!" That was most definitely Diana's voice.

"What did you do to her?" Candice's worriedly said.

"Is she dead?" Beth chimed in.

"She's not dead, just sleeping." He said calmly to my friends.

I stirred awake. I couldn't let Hanson handle this all alone.

"I'm alive." I squeak out to my friends and slowly nod to Hanson that it's ok to set me down.

Candice runs up to me hug me tightly. "Why didn't you answer my text? I was so worried."

"She was busy, of course." Diana smirks at Hanson.

"What are you talking about, Diana?" Candice gazes at her, genuinely curious, waiting for an answer.

Diana doesn't answer her question but only stares at me with that same smirk, "Let's go, I'm tired."

"Oh, I'll go get my car." Candice hurries down the street with Diana's drones following her.

This gives ample opportunity for Diana to boast about her dare on me.

"So how was it being alone with him the whole time?" She makes a kissy face. What is she five? I was thrown off by her comment for a moment, then I realized. She knew that he was working here tonight. Was this her way of tormenting me?

Candice pulled up next us in her car.

"You knew…" I began to ask her slowly.

Diana just winks at me then turns to look at Hanson, "Bye, freak."

I watch her in disbelief as she steps into the car and slams the passenger door.

Was she trying to set me up? If she did this on purpose… maybe, she wasn't so bad after all?

I look at Hanson with a small smile and shrug. "I guess I'll see you on Monday?"

He nodded, "See you on Monday."

With that I get into the car and give him a small wave as Candice drives off.

The weekend went by so slowly. All I could think about was when I would get to see him again. In all honesty, I had missed him- probably more than I should have.

I replayed that night in my head over and over. Remembering the way his smile would stand out in the darkness of the cemetery, and his chuckling fests at every ridiculous thing I did.

As Monday got closer, I began to get worried. Maybe he wasn't as affected by that night as I'd been. I never told my friends what happened that night, no matter how many times they asked.

It was a memory for just me and him.

It was finally Monday morning. As per usual I went to school early but when I rounded the corner to the bike racks, he wasn't there. I slowly walk over to it and lean against the cold iron.

Why does he always sit here before school? The scenery of empty parking lot concrete was quite boring.

"Ahem, I think you're in my spot." I smiled at Hanson's voice and scooted over.