Chrome Bumper and his girlfriend, Susie Platzner, were sitting in his living room watching an episode of an old teen sitcom called Aluminum Siding. The episode they were watching, called 'And We Came From The Sky' had just ended, and neither one of them seemed very amused. "I used to really like this show when I was in middle school," Susie said, "but it's gotten really bad lately."
"Like, yeah, dude," Chrome Bumper agreement, "show totally jumped the shark after season six."

After a commercial for a local roofing company, a movie preview, and the OBC Television bumper, another episode of Aluminum Siding came on. This one was from the first season, and was about the characters starting a band.

"Susie, what if we started a like, band?" Chrome Bumper asked his girlfriend spontaneously.

"What?" she asked, surprised.

"Wanna start a like, band?" Chrome Bumper once again asked his girlfriend.

"A band? Where would we get the members?" Susie asked.

"We can like, find 'em." Chrome insisted. And thus the saga began…

Susie, although reluctant to demonstrate it, proved to have an excellent singing voice, though she continued to deny it.

"I sound like crap." She insisted.

"You like, sound awesome, sweetheart!" Chrome Bumper retorted.

Chrome Bumper was able to play guitar okay, but they needed more than just a singer and guitar. So they recruited Chrome Bumper's friends Rusty Crantz and Gilbert Stern as bassist and drummer respectively. They also had a car—called the 'Dookie Mobile'—to get the band around in.

So the quartet met in Chrome Bumper's garage to practice and rehearse.

"So…" Susie began, somewhat nervously, "what song should we start with?"

"What about—" Gilbert said, calling out the name of a song, and Rusty, Chrome and Susie fortunately all knew the song. Chrome Bumper started the guitar riff, Gilbert kicked off the drums, and Rusty and Susie joined in on bass and vocals and the song kicked off.

The original version of the song was two second short of five minutes, but the newly-formed band stretched it to an epic 24 minute rocker that only ended that soon because Chrome Bumper's mom shut off the power in the garage, complaining about the noise. So they agreed practice at Rusty's house from now on, since his mom worked all day and his dad was spending the summer in jail for possession of marijuana.

They agreed to meet the next day to discuss what to call their band.