Chrome Bumper joined Susie and Clarence's project, Peaceful War, and found a noticeably better creative climate than had existed in Chaotic Order. For the Summer's End Festival, they were planning to play only original songs. Susie was so happy to have her boyfriend back, and all three were happy to be without all the tension before.

They rehearsed several songs, written by all three of them, and gradually narrowed it down to the three very best: "End of the Tunnel", "Enduring Light", and "When Porkbellies Fall", a song Chrome Bumper wrote.

The Summer's End Festival was held on the last Saturday of August, which that year fell on the 25th. There would be seven bands performing at the show: 1) Rhonda Binfeldt, 2) The Re-Experience (a Jimi Hendrix tribute act), 3) Chlorinated Mouthwash, 4) Bill Weiss, 5) Chaotic Order, 6) Peaceful War, 7) Irish Twins.

Backstage, the members of the two bands met each other. Peaceful War was more than ready to perform, with three well-rehearsed and eager members who had their songs and their musical arrangements figured out. Chaotic Order, meanwhile, was in dismal shape. It was just Rusty and Gilbert, who with only a bass player and drummer, couldn't do much, and they lacked a singer.

"I see you're all ready to perform." Rusty said.

"Yup, we have our songs and arrangements all figured out, and we've rehearsed them all in preparation." Clarence said.

"What are you gonna like, do?" Chrome Bumper asked, noticing Chaotic Order's skeleton crew of a lineup and overall vibe of unpreparedness.

"Well, we think we're gonna perform a tune by Slayer, and maybe take a stab at 'Bohemian Rhapsody'." Gilbert said.

"How are you going to perform with just two instruments and no singer?" Clarence asked the pair.

"We're gonna bomb this show." Rusty said flatly. "Way I see it, Chaotic Order's about to end, so I'm just gonna have us go down in flames, Custer's-Last-Stand-style."

Chrome Bumper couldn't help but find Rusty and Gilbert's predicament pitiful. Even Clarence felt sorry for them.

"Well the way I see it, you get what you deserve." Susie said coldly.

"All I wanted to do was rock out, without all your stupid arty upper class bull taking over my band!" Rusty said.

"It wasn't your band! It was me and Chrome Bumper's band!" Susie rebutted.

"She's right you know." Gilbert said.

"What?" Rusty asked, surprised at this friend.

"It was originally their band." Gilbert said. "They invited us to join, bro. They were the founding members."

"Yeah, well Chaotic Order is still better off without all your dumbass caviar and pinky-finger-out stuff!" Rusty said defiantly.

"We don't eat caviar!" Clarence said. "Susie and I are middle class, just like Gilbert and Chrome Bumper. Upper middle class, but middle nonetheless."

"WHY CAN'T WE LIKE, JUST PLAY MUSIC DUDES!" Chrome Bumper yelled loud enough that people on the other side of the stage in the audience heard him. "When me and Susie started this band, we did it 'cause we wanted to like, play music and have fun. But then all this arguing stuff got in the way, and it lost the like, love, dude."

"You know, Chrome's got a point." Clarence said. "There is beauty in simplicity."

"And Rusty, it like, wasn't your band! It was all our band! And you should'a treated Susie better! And you do drive like a like, maniac!" Chrome Bumper said to Rusty, hammering his point home. Susie was impressed at just how forceful her boyfriend could be.

"I guess you're right." Clarence said. "Not just Rusty, but we all got caught up in personal spite and forgot the group's original point."

"But if Rusty's going to keep acting like he did, then I don't see how we could have not broken up." Susie pointed out.

"Maybe our musical tastes are simply too different." Clarence said.

"So what do you say?" asked Chrome Bumper, "Wanna like, give it one last show as Chaotic Order and go out with a like, bang?"

"I think we can do that." Gilbert said. "Can't we, Rusty?"

"I guess…" Rusty said grudgingly.

The others all agreed to put aside their differences just for this one show, and perform together one last time. So they went to inform the person in charge of the show of the change in plans. It was then quickly announced after Bill Weiss finished up that Peaceful War would not be performing, as the members had all decided to rejoin Chaotic Order.

They went out onto the stage, and saw what they knew would be their last audience, seated out in the green grass of that park, with vendors waking amongst them selling snacks, sodas and beers.

First they played "End of the Tunnel", then performed "Enduring Light", and were well-received, so they moved onto the song they had all hastily agreed would be their final tune backstage before going on.

Chrome Bumper started in on guitar, then Gilbert kicked in on drums, and Susie and Clarence shared vocals while Rusty pounded away on bass. Clarence announced "I Will Follow!" and Chaotic Order performed U2's first single with a level of energy that would make Bono's hair stand up.

It felt amazing. There was no tension. No anger. No creative disputes, just them, all playing music and loving every second, note and half-rest of it. When they had finished the song, they got a standing ovation. It felt absolutely amazing!

That night, after the festival was all over, and everyone was headed home, the members of Chaotic Order were getting ready to leave as well.

"Well," Chrome Bumper said, "pretty awesome, dudes!"

"It was!" Susie agreed.

"Dude," Rusty said, "I don't think I've ever rocked out that hard!"

"Same here, bro." Gilbert agreed.

"Thank you, U2." Clarence said.

"So I guess that's the like, end, huh?" Chrome Bumper asked.

"Naw," Rusty said. "I don't think we should let different taste get in the way o' such a good band!"

"For the first time," said Susie, "I agree with you, Rusty."

"Sorry for making up lies about you and nearly axing you and Chrome's relationship and calling you Sue so many times, Sue." Rusty said with a tone of dimwitted sincerity.

"Ah, it's all water under the bridge." Susie said, "Sorry for my insults."

"You insulted me?" Rusty asked.

"Don't you remember my remark about banging your guitar?" Susie asked.

"That was an insult?" Rusty said. "I didn't know what that meant! I thought you were trying to like, use reverse psychology to mess with my head or something!"

The group couldn't help but laugh at this.

"Come on, guys," said Susie, "let's get in the Dookie Mobile and go home!"

"Okay," said Rusty, "and I'll drive carefully this time. Promise."

So Rusty Crantz, Gilbert Stern, Chrome Bumper, Susie Platzner, and Clarence Roland climbed in Crantz and Stern's aging beater and drove off into the night, knowing neither their friendships, nor Chaotic Order, were over.

The End