August 2nd-3rd, 2012

A soul begotten by His Word...
To be treated thus- absurd!
More precious than the world its price
And for its loss naught will suffice

Without sin, are ye even yet?
Lie on lie, does lie beget
Truth alone will stand the tide
Which dost thou now take as guide?

A serpent even at thy breast
See if lies can stand the test
Of Holy Writ, the Righteous God
Declares it all in written Word

Over all is He, and ever was.
Knew He it, and all because
His eye sees all. Before Whom stands
Every soul from every land

My Judge is also thine- take heed!
Equal sinners. Equal need.
Equally guilty. If made whole
Who art thou to judge my soul?

Before my God - is He thine own?
I, one day, will stand alone
To answer, Truth, from deep within
The plea of Christ for every sin

I've learned to doubt humanity
For all that it has done to me
And yet I find withal I still
Have confidence in Father's will

That Eye sees all. To Him I cry
And make my pleas, before I die
That honour lost, might I regain
Through the Son Who once was slain

But honour give I, to my King
He Who judgeth everything
He graced me, giving life to dust
And in return, I gave my trust

Breathed He life into my soul
The night I gave Him full control
I have no fear. For I depend
On the honour of a Friend

He promised. I believed. T'is done
Sealed in blood by God's Own Son
Blood payment covers every price
Through His Holy Sacrifice

I err; Jesus mercy shows.
I sin; His grace He then bestows.
Throughout my way, He guides and leads
And when I'm guilty, intercedes.

I never earned it by an act
But He gave me all I lacked
And more besides. I overflow
With the glory I now know.

Priceless Gift of all is He
And He gave it unto me
I find His mercy still more sweet
When it makes my life complete

So thus unhindered by the world
And all the accusations hurled
Against me. Yet my Prize
Is untainted, despite lies.

No shame attends my suffering
If I am honouring my King.
My Truth, the Scriptures, Holy Word-
I bow to Jesus Christ the Lord.

The Truth! For Him! Although the lie
May cost my life, and I may die.
It matters naught! Truth stands alone
My God and King upon His Throne

Uncorrupted! Standing strong!
Dividing right from what is wrong
The Judge and Mighty Ruler He
Truth- my Life, my Liberty!