A broken heart upon a shelf

cries out to me.

I set it aside,

too much pain inside

to let it beat freely.

The heart is steady,

always ready

to remind me of what I lost.

Your picture remains

on my night stand,

and I still remember

the soft touch of your hand.

A made-up face

to hide emotion,

that is what I wear,

but haunted eyes

are the trace

to show what's really there.

A ghostly shell of a girl,

where once there was suchvibrance.

It's all gone now,

I don't know how

I'll get it back again.

Maybe someday I'll find another,

who'll be true to me,

but will that lover

disappapte my pain?

The pain's too much

for a simple girl like me.

I still love you,

can't you see?