The silence comes, then it breaks

You try to do what it takes,

but everytime it is near,

that is when you start to fear.

The shield falls; a barracade.

Is your life just a charade?

Why can you not focus now?

Is there something to show you how?

You struggle against the confusion it brings,

as all the while your mind sings.

You try to escape the enchanting song,

but still, something is wrong.

Emotions whirl inside of you,

and throughts fight to break through.

Even your very soul screams,

as you dredge up forgotten dreams.

Chaos threatens to take control;

you feel the battle taking its toll.

A physical chill seizes your hand,

and you find that you can barely stand.

Still your will struggles valiently.

You strive to know, you long to see.

Black and white, colours clash,

as pain creates a weeping gash.