Hi! So this is one of the one-shots I had written for the "100 Theme Challenge". I wrote this awhile ago, so please tell me how I can make it better :) It's number 43, Dying. I didn't write that much, about 300 words or so, because I mainly focused on showing descriptive sentences. Hope you enjoy :D

43. Dying


The concerned faces of doctors and nurses begin to fade, like a photo that has become out of focus. They are slowly washed away by a hungry shadow, nibbling at the edges of my vision. I try to blink it away, but the darkness only grows in size. I start to shiver uncontrollably, and I know that none of the drugs the doctors put me through can save me.

The darkness is heavy now, and accompanied by a flurry of stars that dance across my eyes. My breathing slows, becoming more intense and sending a wave of tremors down my body.

"Stay with us, come on, stay with us…"

I don't want to. I want to give up, allow the shadows to swallow me, and fall into an endless sleep. A nurse prods me with a needle, injecting something cold into my arm. A warm feeling spreads across my body, and I become still. Out of the darkness comes a shimmer of light, pure and clean. It glows brighter until I am completely blinded by the shine.

My breathing slows to a calm stop as I watch a kindly hand appear out of the light and flood me with a feeling of warmth, love, and peace. The dismal single note of the hospital monitor transforms into a beautiful melody, luring me into the welcoming arms that wait above me. Suddenly, I am floating, being lifted out of the darkness and into the world of peace and love above the clouds. All I can see is light.