Caro heard the shots ringing out, a sound that could only be described as deafening. He watched in horror as soldiers fell, wounded and dead. He stood, paralyzed with fear.

The commanding officer screamed, "Retreat! Retreat!"

He turned to run. As soon as he turned his back, he fell. He cried out in pain, but he stayed down, hoping that whatever fate he would have, it would be better than death. He waited in fear for the battle to finally be over.

After a while, the shots died down. Enemy soldiers began scouting out the battlefield for survivors. Caro closed his eyes and hoped desperately that they wouldn't find him. As the seconds passed, he understood that his injury was getting worse. He was growing weaker. He realized that this was his last battle. He would not survive.

Then, to his horror, he heard footsteps. He froze as someone knelt down beside him and grabbed his hand. The mystery person gasped and let go.

"Chase! Get over here!" It was a girl's voice. A girl. That wasn't so bad.

"What's going on? Have you found another?" It was a boy's voice. Caro's heart sank as he recognized that it was one of the soldiers.

"Yes, I have," the girl said. "But look at him."

"What about him?" the boy asked.

"Look at his wrists."

Caro tried not to flinch as he felt the girl grab his wrist again.

"I was checking for a pulse, to see if he was still alive. But look at these markings. I think that it's him."

The soldier gasped. "You really think so?"

"There's no other explanation for why he'd have those markings."

Caro bit his lip to keep himself from whimpering as the girl picked him up.

"Chase, help me," she said. She turned to Caro. "It's ok. We won't hurt you."

Heart pounding, he stumbled along until his injuries got the best of him. He collapsed, hoping desperately that they would treat his injuries and let him live.