Sophia is a lovely woman who makes herself known in the middle of every city and town, giving advice to those who pay attention to her, and especially to those who seek her out. Men and woman who refuse to heed her warnings and make fools of themselves are those she ridicules. Many started to seek her out when they were proven wrong, but she made herself hidden from them. Instead, she allows them to suffer the consequences of paying her no mind. Those who seek her avidly do not regret it. They treasure her more than silver or gold, and those who invite her into their homes treat her as a sister. She also invites them out of the cold night and into her home, where she provides an abundant feast of water, meat, milk, honey, bread, and wine. She loves and protects those who love her, but those who despise her are despised.

She was the companion of a man named Nicolaus, and when she was on his mind, he could see past the sweet visage of a person to any warped or twisted features beneath, as though the aforementioned beauty was a mere hologram shadowing the truth. Anyone could speak a lie with appealing lips, and he could discern the truth separately, as Sophia could shed light on any situation and expose the darkness. She sheltered him from thieves and advised him when to escape and when to confront them. And when the time came to confront them, she advised him in every move he made until victory was his.

She admonished a man named Christopher against a woman he realized was married to prevent infidelity and hatred. Christopher loved Sophia more than the rubies in his possession, and he would have surrendered them without reserve if that was the condition to keep her close. She was, actually, the reason he was enabled to purchase said rubies after she encouraged him to start plowing his fields early in the season and not stop until they were prepared to yield a crop. She advised him when to harvest and encouraged him with the assurance of an abundant crop until the effort was completed.

Those who love her most, she looks after most. They are generally the most respected in their communities, and trusted much and praised often. To them, she says "Always love me, and I will always love you. Do not abandon me." To them, she is lovely and her voice is welcomed. To her enemies, she is appalling and her shouts seem shrill and angry. These enemies often attempt to entice those she loves into abandoning her, and only those who refuse continue in their fortune (although some have made mistakes and repented when rebuked, and she may return when asked if it is not too late).

Anyone who abandons her in the street, at the bar, in his home, or anywhere else suddenly discovers himself lost without her. Anyone who resolves to not seek her help again is often met with his demise.

Parrish was a man who entered the shadowed abode of a twisted woman with a beautiful mask. Her kiss tasted sweet as honey, but he was poisoned to death before he could escape. Darius buried her advice to tend his fields diligently and stole to obtain his wealth, but after some time of apparent success, it was lost suddenly and left him impoverished. Ulysses erased her from his mind long enough to lose his temper and murder a man in his wrath, thus losing his own life in return. Demetrius loved the earth so much that he became a part of it while those around him lived on. Against her prompting to love people, Narcissus only loved himself until he was the only one who cared about his own wellbeing, then eventually became blind and accidentally slipped from a path's steep ledge. Dione extinguished the words of hope she gave him and sipped wine until he was overpowered by the alcohol and died. The ruler Tyrone banned her from his kingdom so that she could not advise him against attempting to conquer the neighboring kingdom of Basil, who readily protected his people and shamed Tyrone by destroying his kingdom because he welcomed her advice. After all, his people were already blessed by the results of her advice, as were his abundant olive trees.

Thaddeus and Leo were two of the soldiers protecting the kingdom of Basil, and Sophia provided them the strategy that empowered and encouraged them in battle. She instructed Jason as he treated the wounds of the soldiers in battle. She even showed Phillip that the war horses were most useful when they were healthy and happy, and showed Justin who the guilty king was. When the dust settled after the attack, she pointed out the lady Milos would be proud to marry. She advised Adrian to discipline himself to save his money until he was as wealthy as an heir. She nurtured the humility in Deacon until he was worthy of praise. Philemon learned to love the One who gave her to him as well as the people around him and was blessed with abundance as readily as he blessed others. Even his enemies tasted the fruits of his harvest.

Sophia takes great joy in leading those she loves out of the crisp night and into the sunrise before they are ensnared by the thorns that lay tangled on the more open path. She leads them up the steep and sometimes exhausting path until the sun is in clear view. There, the ones she loves will live in paradise upon meeting her sister Victoria.