I know that this is a really short intro, but I feel like I still need to revise some of this. I actually took a short story that I wrote for english way back when( by short, I mean 15 pages doublespaced. The teacher was not excited to have wade through that) and am tweaking it and revising it to fit what I have on mind. I hope you all like it. I will probably update it so I can continue with the rest of the story and have it make sense!


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To Ailea

The night was pierced with flashes of light and rent with strangled screams. Clashes of metal on metal tore the air in half. The fighting was getting closer. A little girl ran, screaming for her mother and father, being dragged away by a boy who slashed down any who got in their way. Blood soaked the earth, staining the ground with the gore of thousands of souls. Her papa had told her to run, but she hadn't wanted to leave them. She had struggled to get back to them, fighting the boy, Davir, the whole way. Their faces full of fear infusing her with terror at the sight, she reached for them and Mother took hold of her hand for a moment before she was torn away. Blood, she was covered in the blood of the enemy.

Davir pushed her forward, causing her to stumble. He stepped in front of her, blocking the path back to her parents. He was shouting at her, but his words were ripped away from him by the raging fire and tormented screams. Instead he motioned wildly at her, his message clear.


He turned back to the battle that raged around them and was swallowed up by the writhing mass of soldiers. And so, she turned and ran. As fast as she could, she ran, terror nipping at her heals, never realizing that her life was changed and unaware she would never see her parents again.

She never knew how long she ran; with only the sound of her ragged breathing. A bright light appeared before her and then she was falling, deep into a dark abyss. And, in the early morning hours, when she awoke in the woods, silent tears falling, she had no recollection of what had happened the night before. The flash of light, the booming thunder, the screams, the run, none of it could she remember. Faces blending into the night, swimming together in an amalgamation of confusion until that, too, vanished. And in the early morning hours, Oppa found her lying in the bushes, shivering from the cold. She looked up at him, thinking of how silly he looked to her, he was so small, not much taller than her. She let him lift her in his arms his voice soothing her, lulling her back into a dreamless sleep.

"Oppa, my good man, how is it you came across this little maiden?" I felt someone touch my face softly. "Dear god, she is covered in blood!" I flinched at his raised voice.

"Shhhhhh! Grindl! She is sleeping. I found her in the woods by the stream, half froze to death! The battle of the elves of Ailea has descended upon us, my friend. I fear that the forest has become as perilous as the outlying lands outside our little haven."

"What will you do, Pa. She is only a little girl, nay more than ten years. What, thinks you, happened to her?"

"She must have fled the battle, how she got this far, that I do not know. For now, I will take her and raise her as I would my own." Oppa, the man that spoke had a gravelly voice that resonated deep in his chest, soothing me further into sleep. As my mind fled consciousness I heard him whisper, "I will keep her safe. The king's soldiers swarm the forest like ants, causing destruction. Keep you an eye on the missus and the boys. Keep the children close to home. Perhaps, like most things, this will pass over and be forgotten. Until then, none may be safe." And as he laid me down, a name came to me that I soon forgot, that Oppa had not understood.

"Davir…." And then all thought fled and I sank down to the world of weightless dreams.

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