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Chapter 4: Of the Mind

I dragged the man up the bank of the small stream and laid him down gently on the soft grass there. Puffing, slightly out of breath. I looked down at him; he looked so pale and he was barely breathing. I hefted him a few more feet before laying him back on the soft grass. I had to get this heavy armor off of him or it was going to be a very longtrek home if I didn't. I could drag him more easily. It is a wonder this man hadn't drowned, with all this armor weighing him down, I thought to myself as I proceeded to pull off his armor, surprised that it had remained in such good condition aside from the mud.

It took a moment, but I was finally able to detach his breast plate from the plate on his back and lift it off, just to encounter chain mail and a leather hauberk beneath. I started with the gloves and wrist guards that tucked up under his forearm guards, then proceeded to remove those as well. I moved on to his chest protection. I tried to lever him up so I could lift the chain off and the hauberk and failed. I would have to prop him up against me so I could lift the armor over his head. I situated myself behind him and he groaned as I pulled his right arm at an awkward angle. I looked down and winced as I saw red stain my hand. I slowly lifted the gear up over his head, careful of his injury below his right arm.

A massive blood stain covered the whole right side of his tunic. I ripped the fabric away and inspected the abrasion. I grimaced at the sight of the gaping hole in his side. It looked as if the soldiers had found a way up underneath his armor. They must have nicked his lung. I began to panic as this realization struck me. Suddenly, the blood in his mouth made sense. I tore his shirt into strips and began to wrap the wound to stop the bleeding, using the whiter strips as bandages and winding long strips around his torso. Tightening them with the laces from the front of his tunic. Creating small holes in the fabric to thread the string through, synching them tight. His breath hitched, but nothing more.

I lifted his torso off of the ground and started to drag him towards the Cottage again, his sword dragging on the ground, rasping against the dead leaves. I prayed a silent prayer to the gods above that Oppa knew what to do. From what he had taught me, I knew this was bad. His lung had collapsed and if it could not be inflated, this hunted soldier would die. He groaned in pain again and I stopped when I saw that his eyes had opened a little. I carefully laid him back and came around so he could see me more clearly. Blood stained his lips and beneath the grime, his face was pale, his eyes distant. He focused on me, trying to take a breath. He grabbed my hand and I felt his mind clash with mine through his weak grasp. Understanding crashed into me. I set his hand gently to the side, my own trembling. He made to speak, but I shushed him.

"Don't speak. I-I-I am going to get someone. He can help. J-Just hold on, alright. Hold on." I took off, the trees blurring together as I raced to the Cottage, branches whipping me in the face.

Soldiers POV

I swung my sword at the nearest soldier; the sound of metal on metal rang in the late morning air. Then I felt a blade slide into my side, between my ribs. I shouted in pain and swung blindly at the person behind me, missing. My chest constricted with each breath along with the feeling that I could not get enough air. Horror ran through me as I took ragged breaths, backing away from the fight that I had incited. I felt the balustrade at my back and climbed over it, sheathing my sword. This would be the second stupid thing that I would do this morning, and most likely my last. With one last prayer, I let myself fall backwards, right into the fast moving river below and let the current carry me away.

I floundered in the rapids, barely keeping my head above the water, barely able to breathe even when I was above the water. Minutes of torture tuned to hours before I felt the river slow and was able to keep my head up easier and by doing so, I saw that the river branched off, away from the main. I gathered all my remaining strength and struck out for the fork in the river, my side burning in agony, barely breathing. I felt myself being dragged under and just gave in, too tired to do anything else as water rose up and over my head.

I woke in the early hours of the morning, before dawn, half submerged in a small stream. Blearily, I looked around me and saw a small cave, hidden in the fen, covered in vines. I pulled myself all the way out of the water and into the niche, dragging in ragged breaths, each one a sharp stab, each one leaving me wanting of more. And through the pain, I heard the forest awaken, coming to life all around me as I felt that same life drain out of me, slowly, bringing with it blessed oblivion.

Something in the air shifted, waking me. I heard footsteps, quietly approaching. I felt a hand on my face and with a burst of what little energy I had left, I grabbed the hand descending upon me causing me to gasp in pain and blood to fill my mouth. She looked startled, her eyes growing wide at my sudden, violent movement. I stared at her for a moment.

"You will kill me, girl." I could not muster the strength to make that a question, my voice was barely even there.

"No, no I won't kill you." She seemed so earnest, innocent. I couldn't stand it, wouldn't listen to it. Just seeing me was putting her in danger. She was better off leaving me here to die. I measured the look on her face before my energy ran out, forcing me to collapse into the mud. Her face was so beautiful, it hurt, made it all the worse. My vision started to darken around the edges.

"You should…" I closed my eyes, falling back into nothingness.

Until I felt her once again, this time, yanking on me. She was dragging me across the ground by the chest. She gently put me down and came to face me. She looked so frightened. For me. I grasped for her hand and she took it. As our hands met, I felt a jolt in my mind and she was there. Her mind so new and foreign that I cringed away from it. Unyielding and unbidden, I saw before me the battle I had waged for my freedom. I felt her pull back from me, her hand trembling in mine as she laid it next to me. I tried to say something, but she shushed me and told me to hold on. That she would bring someone to help. I felt the dark blanket of unconsciousness approaching again and I found that I no longer cared, praying this time that it would take me for good as I vaguely heard her race away into the forest.

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