Truth or Dare?

Everyone glances at each other nervously as Trouble also known as Catherine Lee eyed everyone, each and everyone one of us, with her mischievous narrowed amber eyes while laughing evilly.

She had fiery long straight hair, an amber set eyes and fair skin with a splash of freckles across her face. Personally, the hair completely matched her feisty and stubborn personality she has.

I squirmed on my cold chair as Trouble's intimidating eyes stopped on me.

Unfortunately, she grinned like that cat in Alice in Wonderland to my shock and asked, "Truth or Dare, Miyuki?"

Eyes stared expectantly at me while I twitch uncomfortably. Out of all the people here, she just had to choose me, Miyuki Hideki? What should I choose, oh what should I choose?

Ms. Trouble continued to smile at my obvious uncomfortable position she forced me in.

"You have one minute to answer or I'll have the pleasure of choosing your answer." Trouble smirked and I could see her mentally counting seconds.

If I chose Truth, I'm 100% sure she'll ask a very embarrassing question that would definitely cause my death of humiliation. My entire reputation would be ruined for life?

But, if I chose Dare, Trouble will most probably dare me to do something that I would greatly regret or commit a crime that would make me in trouble.

Knowing the troublesome, sly, difficult Catherine, she wouldn't hesitate to make me die of utter humiliation. In my opinion, Dare was better in the long run. What should I do?

"10…9…8…7…6…5…" Catherine starts to chant and before I knew it, everyone started to follow her and pressured me even more about my decision.

Talk about peer pressure! She smirked wickedly with an evil facial expression towards my direction.

"Dare! I choose dare." I declare reluctantly while hiding my terrified eyes behind my black hair.

I had shoulder length black wavy hair that could be so stubborn sometimes. When I wake up, my hair is a poufy, frizzy, fuzz ball. Maybe that's because I'm too lazy to blow dry my hair after taking a shower, so I end up sleeping on my wet hair. Don't ask why because that's just how I am and it's genetic.

Seriously, my brother is a couch potato and my dad's always typing away on the computer.

An evil cackle escaped her lips which made me want to run back home, grab a pillow, and hide under my bed silently while cowering silently in fear.

Many people were giving me pitying looks and one brunette girl even mouthed, "Good luck, you'll need it."

Yes, I definitely need luck on my side in this case and maybe little ole hope too.

Once Ms. Trouble finally stopped laughing hysterically, she eyed me and said to my terror, "So many things I could make Miyuki do, yet only one dare…"

My violet-blue eyes glanced anxiously at my shoes at my skater shoes (high tops) as Catherine thoughtfully stroked her imaginary beard.

Hm, did I step in mud today? My black shoes had a mysterious, tiny, and microscopic brown spot on the tip of my shoe. Come to think of it, I did play 'Capture the Flag' with my friends during afternoon.

You're thinking off topic, Miyuki!

"Miyuki, I've got the dare." I could just sense evil bounce towards my direction.

Ravishing rice, mouthwatering ramen, scrumptious sushi, or delicious dumplings won't be able to cheer me up this time. I slowly looked up and found Trouble's intimidating amber eyes seeing right through me.

"I dare you…" Trouble raised her tone and I could just imagine her with bloody red eyes that meant death, Medusa-like hair slithering dangerously, and finally a snake tongue slithering in a sinister way outside her crooked smiling lips.

"I dare Miyuki Hideki to befriend that creepy, weird newbie kid and…" Trouble announced dramatically which received puzzled glances, confused stares, and, last but not least, a speechless me.

Trouble clasped her hands in realization for effect and continued onwards to my terror, "And make him ask you out or else you have to purposefully fail the final exams!"

My eyes widened and I think my mouth literally just dropped open on top of the grass. Did I carelessly forget to say we're outside on a hot summer day in mid July? I can't allow my straight A's to possible drop to straight F's because of a pointless dare!

I'm determined to make my dream come true about becoming a lawyer or a doctor by getting accepted into an outstanding university.

I won't allow a pathetic excuse of a simple dare ruin that goal of my lifetime!

I glared fiercely at Trouble and resisted the strong urge to strangle her with my bare fists that were currently trembling in anger and stiffly nodded my head in acceptance to a certain death sentence a certain someone got me stuck in.

Bet you can guess who within thirty seconds! Befriending a newbie can't be that bad can it? Well, if it's a boy and if he happens to act creepy, weird, and odd… then Houston we have a problem.

I don't know why, but the new kid strangely reminds me of a particular sugar addicted fictional character named L. Lawliet who stars in an awesome anime called Death Note. After the tragic episode 25 where Rem, Misa Amane's Shinigami, wrote L. Lawliet in her Death Note and L sadly died.

Unfortunately, L's butler Watari happened to die as well. After that heart breaking scene, I stopped watching Death Note… for a while.

However, my curiosity got the best of me. Out of curiosity, I watched Light Yagami's death on the internet. Compared to L's death, Light died much more dramatically (in my opinion). He definitely was corrupted by the wickedness of the terrible Death Note. Before Light died, he even indirectly admitted he missed L.

"It's not as fun without L anymore." I quote.

Honestly, I still don't know that much about those other characters such as Mello, Matt, Near, and BB aka Beyond Birthday. I'm such an anime addict… I admit!

Ever since I watched the epic anime movie called Princess Mononoke which is about a girl who is raised by wolves when her parents abandoned her. Sadly, most of my friends don't like anime that much and call animated people 'creepy'.

I sighed deeply and started to trudge away from the circle of people. What more could possible go wrong in my now miserable, ruined life?

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