Chapter 2: Attempts Fail

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How in the world can I be able to befriend Earth's creepiest, supernatural, genius, filthy rich? Well, at least I figured out his name. Apparently, it's… drum roll please… Ryouga Chi! That's funny 'cause the first name is part of the alias L used to investigate on Light Yagami. Did you know that Yagami spelled backwards turns into the hilarious sentence, "I'm a gay."? I laughed out loud so hard when I found that out on a comment from a person who obviously has a strong dislike for Light. Poor Light…

I'm getting way off topic. Hmm… maybe I could act as a genius creeper as the anime suggests. Or I could act like how I normally act. Personally, I prefer the latter. Still, that doesn't solve anything at all. How would that help anything on how to get L-look-alike to ask me out? I wonder why he looks so much like L from Death Note… Could it all be a coincidence? Or maybe when L died he actually came to reality and just 'died' from the anime dimension!

He has spiky, messy jet black hair, sickly pale skin, and blackish-grey hollow eyes with dark shadows lingering below his eyes. It looks almost like he hasn't slept for ages. Also, it looks as if he applied thick dark eye liner on purpose to look like that. Exactly how L looks like in the anime except his look-alike, I'll name it Lawliet, isn't animated. It would be cool if I lived in an anime world.

It would be less problematic than reality. My reasons are…

1. Have non-blemish skin, practically perfect.

2. At least one person will have romantic feelings for you.

3. Can create anime sweat drop, rage sign, puppy eyes… and so on.

4. YUMMY ASIAN FOOD! (sushi, ramen, chow mein, rice, dumplings)

5. Get to wear a cute school uniform to school which would be a short pleated mini skirt, dress T-shirt/long sleeved shirt with formal tie, knee high or knee cap white socks, and flats.

6. Don't have to go to the washroom. When have you seen an anime character doing their business in an anime show?

Now, I'm thinking really off topic! Come on brain, think, you can do it! You were made to do it! I thought as I walked to my desk with my supplies and homework. My fingers rested on my temples for a more…. Physic effect. I think I was giving off a powerful-deep-in-though aura 'cause in my peripheral vision, I saw people giving me weird and strange looks…

I've got it!

I sighed to myself. Can my brain now talk mentally to me or have I officially gone cuckoo?!

It's actually really simple. Just get Lawliet to develop feelings for you and eventually he'll ask you out! Problem solved.

Brain, have you gone cuckoo too?! It's okay, we still have each other, and we'll be strong together. But, what you just said, could possibly work. Any other ideas? So, I can have a backup plan if the first plan fails.

Well, couldn't you (or should I say I) just tell the newbie the truth? Maybe, he'll understand and pretend to ask you out and your 'friends' will be satisfied and you get dare Ms. Trouble herself!

I stopped banging my head on the desk. Brain, I love you so much! Now that is just bloody genius!

Thanks, but technically you're just thinking of the ideas. By 'you're', I mean the intellectual you found deep inside your brain.

I'll admit you're right. Or I'm right…? But, what if he DOESN'T understand and just ignores me? That would make the dare even more difficult than it already is!

There are ups and downs in everything. Now, why don't you eat some sugar for lil' ole me as a thank you present, eh?

I grinned brightly as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar. Then, I started to nibble on it and savored each bite. If chocolate wasn't invented, my life would get a whole lot worse. Not even kidding!

My eyes scanned the entire classroom until I spotted Lawliet! These are one of the 'speak of the devil' moments for me. Speak of the devil! I observed that he was wearing a baggy white long sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans. That's exactly what anime sugar addict L wears every day! Does he never wash his clothes or does he have copies of that specific outfit? I think the second because L doesn't seem like the type to wear dirty clothing. More like the greatest-dective-in-the-world-who-eats-sugar-every-day-with-panda-eyes.

What're are you waiting for, girl? Or what am I waiting for, but whatever. Now's your chance! Seize the opportunity! Remember what I said/though before.

That's convenient, Lawliet just happens to be sitting quite strangely beside me. Now's my chance to shine! Not literally though like the sun… I hesitantly turned to face Lawliet and greeted shyly, "Hi. I'm Miyuki Hideki."

For a few seconds, Lawliet just turned and stared at me with panda eyes and says, "Ryuzaki, Hideki. Nice, to meet you, Miyuki."

I grinned at him while sighing in relief when he wasn't looking. Actually, when I think he wasn't looking. I cleared my throat and asked with a slight blush, "M-may I call you Ryu for short? It's just easier and short to say and remember to." Lawliet nods and stands up. He walks, who am I kidding? He walks with unbelievably bad posture, so he's basically trudging! Anyway, Lawliet trudges to retrieve his eraser that apparently fell off his desk without me realizing it. Then, he 'walks' back and sat on the seat next to me with L fashion. By 'L fashion', I mean knees brought up to chest, barefoot, and arms tucked around his waist in a crossed position. Kind of like the position the fetus is like in the tummy. Except, picture the fetus on a chair and… Voila… you have just created L. Lawliet!

I twirled my hair nervously as I questioned, "Can I ask a favor from you, Ryu?"

Ryu nodded and says with a monotone tone, "Sure."

"Uh… can you pretend to ask me out? I know it's a huge favor to ask but I got dared while playing that cursed game 'Truth or Dare' and you're my only hope, Ryu…" I plead with puppy eyes.

Ryu smirked and said, "Okay, like right now?"

I blushed tomato red and said, "No, I was thinking more at lunch time. How does that sound?"

Ryu nodded and asks, "Do I pretend to 'love' you now then?"

I blushed even more as he asked that and slightly nodded my head. Immediately I felt a hand gently push my head to Ryu's shoulder and a pale arm wrap around my waist. "R-Ryu…?" I ask nervously.

"I'm acting like I 'love' you, right?" Ryu questioned as he tightened his hold on me…

I didn't expect him to agree and act like he 'loves' me… For once, fate is a good thing, for now.