Chapter Playlist:

- I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift (you see, haha, trouble? Okay, I know, I make lame jokes, don't rub it in my face)

- Curiosity by Carly Rae Jepsen

CHAPTER 1: Shopping Weekend

I groaned as bright sunlight glared through my window to my weakened eyes. If it wasn't the weekend, I would've been really late for school. Thank goodness it's Saturday! Lazily, I turned over to my alarm clock and saw it was 9:57 AM. Suddenly, my iPhone started to vibrate. Either my Textoholic friend is texted me once again or someone is calling me. I picked it up and realized I received yet another text from the Textoholic AKA Brianna Lee.

Bri the Textoholic texted me, 'going 2 da mall meet me at da food court 12:00 ciao!'

Wait a second, did she say to meet at the Food Court at 12:00? That means I'm eating at the mall which means spending money for lunch which equals poorer me. Well, right now, I currently have $155 in my wallet. I'll probably work at White Spot for my part time job for 6-7 hours which means I'll earn $60-$70. I'll be richer! Yeah.

"You're richer than you think. Scotia Bank." I randomly said out loud to myself with an idiotic grin plastered on my face.

So, I can spend $60-$70, $85 maximum. Bri is also a shoppoholic, so I predict we're gonna shop till we drop. Which also means sore feet... As for transportation, I'll just take the bus. Problem solved. I drowsily trudged down to stairs quite slowly like a zombie and saw a note on the bulletin from my parents.

'Ali, your dad and I are going grocery shopping and we'll be back around lunch time. A plate of pancakes are in the ref for breakfast. Please text me if you have any plans such as shopping or going to the library. Love, Mom'

I smiled and shook my head. Typical mom always worrying where I am. I don't know why, but my mom always writes and talks so formally. Even to my dad and me! Technically, he's my step dad, but if I call him that, my mom and 'dad' gets sad.

Sometimes I think, 'Geez, we aren't royalty so speak informal.'

I opened the ref and was greeted with a breeze of cold air. I got the pancakes while shivering and microwaved them. Before I knew it, I was hungrily shoving mouthfuls of pancakes down my throat. What can I say? I'm a growing (and hungry) teenage girl! I ran upstairs enjoying the rare silent atmosphere and searched through my closet. Hm... What should I wear to the mall? After a few minutes of searching through racks of clothes, I chose denim shorts and a black T-shirt with a hot pink rose in the middle. I liked this shirt because the petals were falling of the hot pink rose like in Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite childhood Disney movies.

I think it's amazing that someone as kind-hearted as Belle would save her father and agree to stay with the Beast. It seems impossible for someone as beautiful as Belle to fall in love with Beast. If such people were in reality, the world would be a better world!

Quickly, I grabbed my Reebok gym strip and shoved my iPhone, wallet, house keys and bus tickets. While I was walking downstairs, I fixed my jet black hair into a messy bun and finally put on my cap with sunglasses that covered my chocolate brown eyes. Taking one last look at the mirror, I slip on sandals and locked the door as I left. While leisurely walking, I started listening to music from my iPhone. As I squinted through the intense sunlight, I made out the bus stop, Brunette Dr.

After a few (quite boring) minutes of waiting, listening to music, and constantly checking for the bus, B37 finally arrived!


I casually pulled out my ticket and put it in the validator (the bus ticket eater machine or whatever it's called) and quickly looked for a seat. Luckily, there was one empty seat left. Am I a lucky duck or what? As I walked over to the vacant seat, I noticed there was a guy with black hair who was looking the other way. He was wearing ripped dark blue jeans and a baggy grey sweater with diagonal black stripes.

"Um... Can I sit here?" I ask Mr. Stranger.

I observe him look at me with a startled expression widened stormy blue eyes. He doesn't say anything but I swear he just nodded.

As I sat down on the right seat, I gratefully smiled and said, "Thanks."

Unfortunately, the bus seats were pretty small so our shoulders were slightly touching. Mr. Stranger doesn't seem much like a talker to me. Once I sat beside a girl that appeared shy but revealed her true colors as she started chatting nonstop to me rapidly. I just nodded and pretended to understand when I was actually thinking, 'Shut up, I have my earphones.'

That was such an annoying bus ride. I guess appearances can be deceiving in reality and not just stories...

Suddenly, the bus lurched to the left as it raced the red light.

A/N: So, what to you guys think? ^-^ Think Alicia's gonna be involved in a car-BUS accident? Or something even more worse? *laughs evilly* And yes, I am actually Canadian in reality. ;) Go Team Canada~!