Chapter 15: Jealousy

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"Was that jealousy I hear? Not only are you in love, but you're jealous too!" Uncle Peter happily commented to a glaring Nathan.

"I am not." He coldly replied.

"I see you are still at the denial stage."

"Boss, please just change the subject. This is my personal life to worry about." Nathan sighed.

"Still, you should not ignore your feelings! Trust me, it's better to act now than regret it later..." Uncle Peter finished with a rare depressed tone.

I think Nathaniel nodded or something because Uncle Peter continued, "Believe it or not, I, too, was in love. But, being the stubborn boy I was, I foolishly decided to ignore my true feelings. Only later, did I realize that I made a grave mistake. The girl I loved soon started to date this guy and eventually they got married. With an awful pain in my throbbing heart, I attended that wedding with a forced smile. I... loved her so much... But I was too stupid back then. I still regret it today."

Peter loved someone? Now that is truly hard to believe. He sounded so pained and bitter when he said the last part. No wonder Uncle Peter is warning Nathan...

I heard Nathan nervously chuckle. "Boss, you didn't have to tell me that. It's obviously very personal to you."

"I felt like I had too, Raven. Pretty soon, Alicia will be living her life normally in Canada and you will be on missions I assigned you. Think about it. Could you live without her?" The blonde stated seriously.

Rathan hesitated. "I..."

I heard footsteps walk away and Nathan was unusually quiet. Whoa, Nathan not smirking is one thing, but him being silent for a few minutes is ultra rare! Unless he lost his voice, but that's besides the point.

I quickly stood up and unfortunately tripped on my high heels and was about to falli into edible is why I do not wear high heels to school! While shutting my eyes tight, I waited for the moment that chocolate would smear my skin and stain my pricey dress.

Suddenly, something ice cold stopped my fall. Guess the moment never actually came, eh? As I gasped in surprise, cold pale gray eyes were darkly glaring at me. C'mon, I actually didn't do anything this time! I swear I might have dipped my finger in the chocolate fountain but that's it!

A glaring Alexander Matsuda is not good at all...

"Please don't fall again. Or were you intentionally trying to take a swim in the chocolate fountain?" He raised an eyebrow at me while removing his hold on me.

"Yes. Of course. Swimming in chocolate fountains is absolutely normal." I dryly reply with thick sarcasm applied to my tone.

"That is definitely a first."

I looked at him innocently. "Is swimming in chocolate fountains strange?"

"Very strange. Why were you hiding behind the chocolate fountain in the first place?"

I countered while taking a step forward, "Why were you stalking me, eh?"

"Excuse me? I was not stalking you."

"Uh huh. Yeah right!"

"I was simply observed you eavesdropping Nate-Nate Daniels." Alexander argued monotonously.

In a millisecond, I burst out laughing. Tears were actually coming out of my eyes as I continued to laugh out loud.

"I really like you, Alex! You should seriously consider being a comedian." I breathlessly commented as I calmed down from my recent laugh attack.

"You do?" His gray eyes widened and his cheeks slightly reddened.

I can't believe it. Mr. Emo Guy is blushing. Right now. Ohmisushi. "You blushed, Alex! I guess you do have emotion hidden somewhere deep inside you." I gushed with my hands clasped together.

His midnight bangs covered his eyes as he muttered, "Shut up."

I gasped dramatically. "Behold, on this day, Alexander Emo Matsuda has blushed and spoken informally!"

In a matter of seconds, he recovered and answered, "My middle name is most definitely not 'Emo'."

On the outside I was grinning, but deep inside I was really confused. Why would Alexander blush when I complimented him? Most people would smile or grin but he just happened to blush...

"Hey, why did you blush in the first place?" The words came out of my mouth as I covered my mouth with my right hand.

Me and my big mouth. Is it possible for mouths to have a mind of their own? I think mine does. Alexander remained silent and just glared at me.

"I don't know why!" I exclaim while glaring back with equal intensity.

I frowned when he kept his mouth shut. I admit, I'm actually telling the truth! Seriously, I don't know why! Stupid brain farts...

He rustled his midnight hair and muttered quickly, "You said, 'I really like you, Alex.'"

I shrugged my shoulders and questioned casually, "So?"

As he crossed his arms, he responded, "It's not usual for me for a person to confess to me out of the blue."

Confess? What the heck?! That was a compliment, not a love confession! "Dude, I was complimenting you not confessing my 'undying love' for you." My cheeks reddened slightly at the mention of love.

"That makes so much more sense now."

I giggled and asked out of pure curiosity, "You actually thought I 'really liked' you? In your dreams, Alex."

He sighed. "For the seventh time, it is Alexander."

"You actually counted? Wow, Alexs these days..."

"This is the last time. I am named Alexander not Alex."

I made a puppy face. "But, Alex suits you so much better than that boring name, Alexander."

"You basically just insulted my birth name."

"Soo?" I casually ask while grinning.

He sighed again and just started to walk away. Yeah, just go and ditch someone when you want to leave and not say bye like a nice person.

"Sayonara, Alex-chan!" I called out with a smirk plastered on my face.

"I'm not Alex-chan! That honorific is normally used for girls!" He exploded while expressing his rare emotion of rage.

I stuck two thumbs up and yelled, "Keep doing that and you'll be normal in no time, ALEX-CHAN."

He directed a dark death glare at me and got two thumbs up back. I'm so proud, Alex-chan expressed his genuine emotions! I sound like a parent... Eh, whatever. I spotted messy raven hair and drew closer to my unsuspecting victim.

Silently, I tip-toed and pounced on his back.

"Peekaboo! Did you miss me?" I smile as I slyly snatch the cookie in his palm.

Yay, a free cookie! All for me... "Actually, not really." He smirked at me.

I pouted. "Man, you're so nice, you're just killing me."


"Since when did you speak Japanese, eh?" I rudely point my finger at him.

He shrugged his shoulders. "On average, most people know the Japanese word 'arigatou'."

Dramatically, I flung my hands in the air. "Am I supposed to know that, Mr. Smart Guy?"

"Yes, you're supposed to know alright." His smirk grew wider.

I made a tsk-tsk sound. "Don't expect so much from this Alicia because I guarantee you will be disappointed."

His face contorted to a 'what the heck is she talking about' face. "I warned you." I say mysteriously as I swiftly retreat to the mini chocolates. I grinned to myself as I replayed a raging Alexander in my head. Guess masquerade balls aren't as boring as I thought they were...

Man, that sounded so wrong in my head.

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