Chapter 16: Alex-chan and Confessions

Chapter Playlist:

- When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars (does dancing with another man sound familiar to you?)

Before I knew it, the infamous masquerade ball came to an end. Guess time does fly fast, eh? Many interesting things happened tonight... Some that are memorable in a good or bad way.

Especially that CPR moment.

Did he actually want to- No, I gotta put that thought aside in the part of my brain that I will never use. Like never ever ever think about again. But, I didn't exactly hate it- My inner thoughts seriously need to shut up!

There's no way I like Nathan or Nathan likes me, right?

I caught sight of Alexander and grinned evilly to myself. As I tapped on his right shoulder, I moved to the left of him. Naturally, he fell for it and looked behind him on the right side as another laugh attack hit me. Even though I felt his penetrating glare target on me, I still had the nerve to laugh my butt off.

"Nice meeting you, ALEX-CHAN. You should really consider having your band called 'A Kira' tour around Canada!" I exclaim cheerfully to a frowning Alexander.

"It is Alexander, not Alex-chan. For your information, my band is called 'ikiru'. Perhaps you are suffering from short term memory?" He responded coldly with crossed arms.

I pouted and playfully pinched his cheeks. "And do loosen up a bit, Alex-chan. Catch you in Canada!"

I wave farewell as a certain and glaring Alexander Matsuda massaged his now red cheeks.

When no one was looking, I snuck five more chocolates into my mouth. It's free food! A hobo could even eat it too if he or she was invited to the ball.

"Ali! We're leaving!"

My ears detected Uncle Peter happily sing before he stepped into the shiny limo. There's no way I am running in these heels.

I carefully entered the limo and observed my happy-go-lucky father and uncle, a smiling Josh staring off in space, and a strangely frowning Nathan. What in the world? Please don't let the reason he's mad is me... There was a long awkward silence between the two of us as Uncle Peter and my father were happily chatting while Josh was daydreaming.

Aww... I bet you a million bucks he's thinking of Victoria! I can already picture the two saying 'I do.'. Better be invited to the wedding or else I am gonna show my true colours.

I couldn't stand the tension! "Hey, Nate-Nate, are you mad at me?"

Unfortunately, he simply remained quiet as I pouted directly at him. "Seriously, why so mad...?"

Hmm... Giving me the silent treatment, eh? That's not gonna work on me! "Something tells me that you're jealous!" I sang happily while innocently smiling.

Nathan suddenly glared at me and argued, "I am not jealous. I don't care about the guys that talk to you like that pale gray eyed boy with black hair. Especially him."

"Out of all the people you choose to be jealous, you chose Alexander, eh?" I smiled genuinely.

He said through gritted teeth, "I don't care if you know the names of guys you dance with."

Sounds to me like he's trying to convince himself that he doesn't care... I smirked mentally as I lovingly grinned and replied sweetly, "Oh, are you talking about Alex-chan? He's the whole package with his drop dead gorgeous looks and musical talent! Alex-chan even plays the electric guitar! That is just plain perfect. Did I forget to mention he has mesmerizing gray eyes and flawless midnight hair? And his unique voice is so-"

Let's see if Nathaniel is actually jealous... Hehe.

Nathan's eyes transformed to hurricanes as he angrily raged, "What makes this Alex guy so special, huh?! You even call him nicknames?! What exactly is your relationship with this guy?! WHAT THE (an inappropriate word that is found in firetruck) DO YOU SEE IN ALEXANDER?!"

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

When did the silent treatment turn into a rage contest? Everyone abruptedly stopped talking while I was frozen exactly like a statue. Guess that proves that Nathan is jealous.

I broke the awkward silence by saying, "Calm down, eat sushi, and chillax, Nathaniel. There's nothing wrong with dancing and talking with the opposite gender."

Nathan looked like he was about to explode.

"Nothing wrong, huh?! Well, what if a stupid guy like Alexander is in love with you?! And what if you loved him back?! Can you even imagine how it would feel if I was invited to your wedding?! Every second, you are always in my head and I can't force you out! I don't know what's happening to me, but I do know that you triggered these strange feelings!" He shouted madly and I knew he was secretly pained inside.

In exactly two and a half seconds, Uncle Peter and my father happily sang in sync, "HE LOVES YOU! L-O-V-E-S!"

We both yelled, "Shut up!"

Weirdly, Josh was too busy daydreaming or nightdreaming to notice.

What has the world come to?

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