Chapter 17: What in The World?!

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There's no way. It's impossible. 0% of being true. Nathaniel Raven Daniels can't have any feelings for me, right? I mean, what's the chance of someone in this world liking me in that way?

This has to be a dream.

I repeatedly hit my forehead with a blank expression while muttering, "It's not possible... It's not possible... It's not possible... Ali, wake up..."

Uncle Peter and my father were still arguing with Nate-Nate as I deeply (and mentally) argued with myself. Josh was actually snoring with a small smile on his face. At least he doesn't snore loudly or else I would wake him up by kicking him. What? He could be a heavy sleeper!

I closed my brown eyes shut and tried to think of happy thoughts.

Sushi, anime, manga, swivel chairs, ice cream, ice skating, snow, and home. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I do feel homesick. I miss chatting with Bri, having Mom yell at me to wake up instead of alarm clocks, and sleeping in my own comfy bed. Even though the guest bedroom bed was comfortable, nothing beats my bed.

Once I lay down on my bed with a blanket covering me, I instantly fall asleep.

I even miss going to school to talk with my fellow classmates and prank the annoying ones. Once there was this guy that I hated and he ordered, "Tell me what's for homework."

Of course, I lied with a smile and answered, "Fine, I'll tell you. There was nothing, absolutely nothing. Okay?"

Little did he know that there was a math exam and a science exam the next day. I still can't believe how stupid he was to ask me! Those were the first two exams he didn't get perfect on it. I know I'm cruel... to him. I'm not a mean person or anything!

He is!

"Hey, Ali, you there?"

Uncle Peter was waving his hand repetitively in front of my face. Oh, oops. Guess I zoned out for a moment.

I forced a smile and replied, "I'm alright."

My brain screamed at me otherwise.

But, I don't want to draw more attention to myself since someone decided to indirectly confess his feelings to me! Okay, I'm just gonna pretend like nothing happened and everything will be rainbows and unicorns again tomorrow.

And if that fails - like I'm expecting it to - I'll just refer to Plan B that I haven't exactly though of yet. Yeah, sounds like a pretty good plan to moi!

Before I realized it, we have arrived at my father's apartment. I avoided eye contact with Rathan on the whole way to the room. In other words, the walk through the lobby to the elevators to the hallway and finally to the door! Fortunately, there was not much people in the elevator like the last time. Like the time I was squished against random people and, uh, Nathaniel...

Well, that was some awkward thinking I just thought there.

Strangely, everyone was dead silent so I simply watched the numbers of the floor increase until the number thirty-seven. Rice people these days owning these sixty-five storey apartments... Oh oops, I mean rich people not 'rice people'.

This is a bad sign guys.

This means that I need to sleep now or I haven't watched anime or ate sushi for a long period of time! That's a very bad sign indeed. Anime and sushi is like water and oxygen to me.

Without them I'd die a very painful death. I actually don't know what I'd do without those two precious items.

Once I stumbled into my bed, I lazily fell asleep with my dress and makeup on. Sleep is more important at this moment. I can always remove my makeup and dress next morning...

A loud boom erupted from outside the window and I screamed in horror.

Thunder was always my number one fear, but I'd never admit that to anyone. That would be like confessing my weakness to the whole world. I sprinted outside into the main room and huddled in the corner.

"Calm down, Ali, it's gonna be alright-" I whispered to myself.

Another loud boom came and I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming. It's funny really. Horror movies don't really scare me, but thunder does. Ironic, eh?

I heard footsteps slowly approach me but I stayed in the same position and forced my eyes to close.

"Are you okay?"

I looked up and saw Nate-Nate looking down at me with a worried expression. I was about to reply that it was nothing but another loud crash came and I screamed again.

Dang it, I hate this fear.

Then, arms tightly embraced me and I flinched at the sudden movement. I felt Nathaniel's head rest on top of my head as he chuckled softly.

"Who knew out of everything in the world to be afraid of, you happen to fear thunder?" Nathan asked jokingly.

I answered by stomping on his foot. "Shut up-"

The thunder cut me off and I buried my head into his chest.

Stupid thunder, stupid fear of mine... A yellow flash lighted the room for a brief second.

There's no way I'm gonna be able to sleep in this condition. Slowly, Rathan sat down and I begrudgingly mimicked him. His hand forced my head to rest on his shoulder. Another loud boom arrived and I flinched with shut eyes. Raven started to gently caress my dark hair.

"Sh... It's gonna be alright, Ali. Just try to sleep." He reassured as I rolled my eyes.

Okay, now this seems like one of those really cliche moments in movies where they confess they're love for each other in the darkness. They call that romantic when you can't even see the person you're confessing to? Sounds like non-sense to me.

Nathan started to stand up, but I tugged at his shirt. "No... Stay. Nathan, please..." I whimpered as I flinched at the next explosion of thunder.

The lightning made it possible to see the warm smile stuck on his face as he picked me up - bridal style - and carefully, placed me under the covers of my bed. Nathan stayed as I requested and watched me with softened stormy blue eyes.

He mumbled something softly that I couldn't hear. His hand played with my black strands delicately like they would break any second. Without even realizing it, a smile graced my face and I yawned.

After a few minutes of deep thought, I finally snoozed off into deep slumber.

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