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"Matthew! It's time to take a bath!"

The tiny toddler stared defiantly at his mom with stormy blue eyes. "Mummy, I don't wanna!"

"Matty, listen to your mother. You don't want to see her mad side. Trust me, " his father advised wisely while patting his soft black wavy hair.

Matthew pouted. "Daddy, I hate baths!"

Mr. Daniels smiled and said, "When you're an adult, you can do anything you want. Matty,you're still a kid so go take a bath. Now."

Matthew puffed his chest out while kneeling. "I wish I can grow up now!"

"All wishes don't come true, honey. Do you want your bubble bath to get cold?" Mrs. Daniels asked slyly.

The toddler's blue eyes widened and he instantly ran into the bathroom. Both of them laughed and his mom followed him.

Matthew had already removed his clothes and was wadding in the bath tub. "Mummy," he stared at her with puppy eyes, "Mr. Ducky gone."

""I'm pretty sure he's around here somewhere. Aha!" Mrs. Daniels pulled out the rubber duck hidden within the soap bubbles.

His frown broke out into a huge grin. "You found it Mummy!"

She smiled but a knock rapped against the bathroom door. "Ali, someone on the phone is asking for you. Hope it's not another bank commercial. Last time, it took two hours to get that annoying moron to stop calling here." A muffled voice stated.

"I'll be right back."

I quickly took the phone from Nathan and said, "Hello, this is Alicia Daniels speaking."

"Hello. This is your boss."

I tilted to the right in confusion. Today's Saturday isn't it? "I would like to tell you that our company has decided to promote you from Defense Lawyer to Crime Lawyer. Because of your hard work and dedication to every case you successfully take on, we recognized your work ethics and found you worthy of replacing the retiring Tom Swarzt. Congratulations, Alicia."

I blinked my chocolate brown eyes in shock. "But, Mr. Smith, wasn't Mr. Swarzt a legendary lawyer for not losing a single case?"

Mr. Smith chuckled. "You have not lost a single case either. Alicia, you obtain the abilities to become a legendary lawyer like Mr. Swarzt. Besides, the option of consulting advice from Mr. Swarzt will be available."

I smiled and answered graciously, "Thank you so much, Mr. Smith. I will not disappoint you."

"I sure hope so. I look forward working with you in the crime department on Monday."

Nathan arched an eyebrow, "So, who was it?"

"My boss."

"Well, what happened? And don't try lying to me, Ali."

"I got promoted!" I squealed in excitement as my husband hugged me.

"I'll be working as a Crime Lawyer and replacing Tom Swartz."

"Isn't he," Nate pondered on his thought, "that famous Canadian lawyer?"

I grinned widely. "The one and only. Who else could it be? Tom from the State Farm commercial?"

Nathan smiled and kissed me briefly. "I'm so proud of my beautiful wife. Oh and I believe it's Jake from the State Farm."

"Please just shut up and do the whole family a favor, Nate-Nate."

"Ewwwww! Mummy and Daddy are kissing again!" The stark naked toddler exclaimed while covering his eyes in horror.

We both smiled and I said, "Matty, put on your clothes please. You might get a cold."

He sprinted back into the bathroom to retrieve his forgotten clothes. I sighed happily. If I hadn't met Nathan on that fateful bus ride, I would have not gone to Japan or gave birth to my son or more importantly, experience true love.

It's like one of those rare moments when you finally realize that maybe getting kidnapped does have benefits. And then a few seconds later, you think, 'Okay, did I seriously just think about that and waste brain memory?"

Mark my words, this is only the beginning of my blossoming life story with my beautiful son and 'kidnapper' Nathaniel Raven Daniels.

THE END. (for real now)

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