I wanted to go away

And I wanted to do it fast

But now here comes that day

The days so quickly passed

We all still fight and scream

Not a single thing has changed

But now it's a sickening routine

And we're ten times more deranged

But still I think I'll miss you

Each and every one

Miss how we would admire each bruise

And the adrenaline of the punch

I'll miss the little fun we had

And dream that we had more

Dream my hate wasn't so bad

And that I loved you to the core

It's not the truth, and we know it

Not even close

And these days, I show it

Show you the anger I feel the most

But, unfortunately, you are my family

My sisters, dad, and mom

And of course, me

Together we're all a bomb

A bomb of destruction

Bringing nothing but suffering and one too many a tear

I thought leaving would be nothing

But it's harder then it looks to appear

I hate you guys so very much

And love you more then I wish

We've been through so much sorrow

But somehow could always click

But barely

Barely could we show love

And it's scary

That I count the days I can go

But could you hold me tight?

Make me think it's okay

Hold me close, just once

Hold me close tonight

Because once I'm gone

I know I'll be glad

The times between our visits will be long

And I probably won't feel as bad

We fought and cried

Man we fought

And hugged and lied

But saying goodbye is harder then I thought