Author's Note: Hello everyone! So this is the beginning of the Xaphan Chronicles. They are all pretty much just a collection of random scenarios from a story I failed to put into a decent, chronological storyline. So they are just going to be thrown in here as I think of them haha. I will try to make them sort of chronological, and have a story that adds up to everything, but I can't make any promises haha. It is also probably going to mainly be plotless smut hahaha uhm.. yeah.

Also, the only thing this has in relation to my dream I wrote about and the other Xaphan one shot is the character Xaphan. But that is about it. Xaphan is my favorite OC, so he gets thrown into a lot of my stuff.

I hope you all enjoy! I have a ton of stuff to write and put here, so updates shouldn't be too sparse.

The worst night of my life had just gone down. June 17th, 2011 to be exact. I spent a lovely movie then dinner date with my now ex-boyfriend Darren, only to have him harshly dump me, then leave me at the mall. Ride-less at 9pm.

After walking home, my mood had dropped even more. But the tears I had held at bay, were ready to fall the second I hit the safety of my bedroom. The lack of lights in the house made me aware of my parents being asleep. That only made my mourning in silence time seem a great deal better.

Through my dark kitchen I went to the creaky stairs. My fat sphinx cat Rose, sat at the bottom of the stairs, meowing in protest when I trip on her in my quest to my room.

"Oh Shut up Rose, you were just asking for it, sitting at the bottom of the stairs like that." I spoke to the hairless ball of fat before making my way up the stairs, walking lightly in my attempt to make it to my room unnoticed.

Right as my hand hit the cold brass door handle, my mom opened her bedroom door. I noticed she was wearing curlers and a cleansing face mask. Friday night was Mom's pamper night.

"Honey you're home!" She almost sounded surprised, "How was your date?"

"It was great, dinner was good." I turned the door knob.

"What are some of the juicy details?"

"Mom, I would really like to sleep." I slipped my body into my room.

"Oh come on, just tell me one detail sweetie." Was she hell-bent on embarrassing me in front of a non-existent audience?

"Okay Mom, goodnight now!" I shut the door in front of me, staring at it for a few moments. It was now that I felt very lonely.

I turned to go to my bed, and gasped at what I saw; pressing myself against the shut door. Laid out on my bed was the most gorgeous boy- no man, I had ever seen. But he wasn't any normal guy, oh no. Coming from under him on either side of his body, were a pair of huge, glossy, black, feathered wings. His wings were relaxed, the tips touching the floor. They took up a lot of space. He himself was gorgeous too. He had black hair also, that was very choppy and on the verge of taking over his ice blue mesmerizing eyes. His lips looked soft and full, almost beckoning me to press my lips against them. He made the band T-shirt and wrinkled jeans he was wearing look exquisite.

As I took this in, my sadness went away. A feeling of safety and calmness overcame me. Even though a stranger lay in my bed, just looking at me, taking in the site he was seeing as well. He was first to speak.

"Someone seems to be down and lonely hmm?" His voice was heavenly. I watched as he sat up on the bed.

"Uh, w-who are y-you?" I managed to stammer out.

"I am, or was your Guardian Angel, Fawn. That is, until I fell." I wasn't going to ask what he did to fall from heaven.

"Why, are you uh, here?"

"I noticed you had had a hard time, so I decided to come and comfort you."

"That's sweet, I guess?" I felt that wave of tears return, I wanted to burst out sobbing. I guess my angel sensed this, as he opened his arms and simply said,

"Come here."

Much to my surprise, I quickly gave into his offer of a shoulder to cry on. I climbed on the bed and into his comforting arms. He even smelled amazing. As I sobbed into his chest, he said nothing. I slowly felt his wings protectively wrap around us, giving me a better feel of safety.

After a few minutes of me pouring my sadness out on his shirt, he laid back, gently pulling me onto his chest. I sniffled out my last tear; allowing embarrassment to take over.

"Oh, sorry, I don't know what came over me." I pushed myself up, intending to get off of him. He gently pulled me back down.

"No, don't worry about it. I came here to comfort you."

"Thank you, in that case." I still didn't know his name, "You know my name, why don't I know yours?"

"People don't usually meet their Guardian Angels, let alone know their names. Since you met me, my name is Xaphan." Xaphan smiled at me. That smile brought away any sadness I had waiting for me. I smiled back before resting my head on his firm chest.

Another few minutes of silence pass by us. Looking at Xaphan's wings, their soft appearance tempted me to reach out and touch them. Slowly, I moved my hand from under me, and placed it on the wing I was facing. I felt him flinch under me, but he didn't stop me when I began stroking his wings. They were softer than anything I had ever felt in my life. They felt as though they truly had touch the winds of heaven.

"Fawn." Xaphan saying my name made shivers run through me, I looked to him.


He pressed his lips softly to mine, stealing my breath from me.

I had to remind myself to breath and to kiss back. For a moment I was convinced that I was kissing his wings, Xaphan's lips were surprisingly soft. I sat up so I was straddling him and upon doing this I felt his hands slide up on my hips; he had lifted my shirt to place his hands on my bare skin. I moaned lightly against his mouth, in return I felt him smile, then run his tongue along my lips. I complied, allowing him to explore every inch of my mouth, his tongue went back into his mouth, coaxing me to explore his mouth, and I did.

My shirt was slipped up and over my head by Xaphan's willing hands. It was about this time I gained a hunch as to why he fell. I didn't care though. I was overtaken by how much I wanted his touch. He sat up to get his shirt off, bringing his wings in momentarily so he could get his shirt completely off. Impulsively I slid my hands down his chest, bringing a soft sigh from him.

Once Xaphan had me on my back, and was over me, his hands went to the zipper of my black skinny jeans, he unzipped them slowly, leaning back so he could slid them down my legs. Once my jeans were off, he slid his hands back up my legs, sending a violent shiver through my body.

"Xaphan stop." I moaned. His brow furrowed.

"What's wrong?" He brushed some hair out of my eyes.

"Won't my parents hear us?"

"No, don't worry. I promise you they won't." He slipped my bra straps down my shoulders, then slid his hands under my back and unclasped my bra. I allowed him to take it off my body before I responded.

"You sound so sure."

"Because I am. Just trust me." He took my breast into his mouth, gently flicking my nipple with his tongue. I let out a low moan. He continued to pleasure my chest with his mouth, while he slid his hands down my side, hooking my black lace panties with his fingers, pulling them down slowly. My cheeks burned a deep red. I felt so exposed; no guy had ever seen this much of me, and now I am trusting this angel I just met, with everything? Impulsively my hand slid down and I covered myself in a shy gesture. Xaphan brought his face up from my chest and looked me straight in the eyes with his piercing gaze, his emotions impassive. His lips brushed against mine as he reached down. His large hand encased my wrist and he gently moved my hand away so that I was exposed once again.

Xaphan kissed me again, skimming his lips down my neck then back to my lips again. He let out a sexy chuckle.

"Are we a bit more than shy?" He laid another quick kiss on my lips.

"What? What did I do wrong?" I raised my eyebrows, trying to be confident. My blushing cheeks betrayed me.

"This isn't going to work if I am still wearing pants."

I gasped, and against what I thought was possible my cheeks burned hotter.

"Well, I just wasn't sure if you wanted me to take off your pants... or if you were going to take them off." My face stayed a deep shade of red and my heart began to race. He said nothing more, he just took my wrists in his hands and brought them to his jeans zipper. I took the zipper of his jeans and pulled it down, his hands still over mine. He let go of my hands to slip his jeans off his hips. He wasn't wearing anything under them. I shot a quick glance at his large member before I looked away nervously.

"I can't believe I am taking this from you." He mumbled.

"What, how did you know?"

"For one it's really obvious, and I have been watching over you your whole life, I would know." the soft back of his hand stroked my cheek. "Are you still sure you want this?"

I looked away from his strong eye contact; pondering the options. I had no guarantee that he would stay with me after this, but he wasn't human. I couldn't get pregnant, right? Also if he isn't human, STDs wouldn't affect him . . . right? Deep down I want this. Yes. I nod my head,

"Yes.. yes I am."

Despite how gentle he was, it still stung when Xaphan pushed his full length into me. I tried hard not to show my pain, but Xaphan noticed anyways.

"Shh. It's okay, that pain won't last forever."

He slowed his pace, only quickening when I let out a soft sound of content.

"Oh Xaphan." I sighed, tilting my head back and closing my eyes; reveling in the feeling of him inside me.

"Open your eyes. I want to see your eyes, I want you to see me."

My eyes popped open, and the first thing I saw was his own.

"Good girl." He smiled. One of his hands tangled in my hair, his arm resting on the bed next to me. Somewhere far off I felt his other hand slide down my stomach. I gasped. Now not only was he moving inside me, but his finger was massaging my swollen nub. I dug my fingernails into his back, whimpering his name softly. Euphoria overtook me. As I rode each wave of ecstasy, I could see Xaphan's face contort and I could hear him groaning. The grip he held on my hair tightened, his hand originally massaging me down below was now tightly holding my hip.

Xaphan pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed next to me. My heart swelled when he pulled me into his arms. The embrace slowly voided any impending regret I could be feeling. Instead I felt exhausted. I vaguely remember his soft cotton wings caressing my bare back before I fell into deep sleep.