She waves her hand

Covered with luxuries

She appears before her people

With a deceitful fa├žade


She speaks of peace and harmony

She speaks of much better times

Her words full of happiness and optimism

Hiding the sorrow of reality


She loves them all

And they love her back

And this was enough for her

For she has no one


A life of comfort

With satin gowns

And bejeweled crowns

An empty life


She's tired of it all

The life of indulgence

The life of appearances

And fraudulent smiles


So one day she decided

To leave it all behind

Her people

And her life


She left on the witching hour

And ran thither to the dark forest

With happy thoughts

And hopes for a better life


A rustle of trees

The howl of the wind

And the whispers of animals

Regret was in the air


She looks back

As reality hits her

She wonders

Where she would go


With no food nor water

Useless jewelry

And torn clothing

She moved on


A snap was heard

"A broken twig,"

She says to herself

With positive thoughts


A hungry growl

"My stomach,"

She says

Hoping this was true


Yellow eyes, grey fur

And pointed ears

"A rabbit,"

She says, staring at the shadow


And as the moon shone

To reveal the horrid creature

"A wolf,"

She whispers


Cold sweat

A pounce

A growl

A scream


"My life, though how void, was better

Than that of a pauper how fortunate am I

And how foolish for throwing it all away,"

Were her last thoughts



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