Warning: This story contains Slash, Violence, Penetrative sex, d/s, Master/Slave relationship, implied Pologamy

Chapter One


Such a love hate word. Jon loved it most of the time. When it came out of the mouth of his lover, breathless and begging for more. The dazed look of pleasure in his eyes. He loved it when his enemies begged for mercy at his feet. The thrill and power of holding a charged gun at someone's head while they cried for mercy, for another chance. Knowing that he was in complete control of there fate at that moment. It sent shivers down his spine. It was intoxicating.

The word was currently coming from his lover's mouth, but not in the lust filled tone he loved. But rather in a desperate begging tone. Not in the good way either. Then again maybe the term lover was to loving a word for what Chase was to Jon. Pet would be better. Possession would be the most accurate. Chase was his trophy. The only son of his late arch enemy. Proof he had destroyed the man and all his work. Proof he had taken everything dear from him and used at his own. Chase was his and his alone. And until recently he had thought Chase had understood that, understood that and accepted it. But it appeared that was not the case.

"You betrayed me with this filth!" Jon's tone was dangerous, the sort he usually reserved for his worse enemies. A tone which sounded every bit as dangerous as the gun in his hand, pointing down at the bloody and beaten body in front of him. The man was out cold, his body not able to withstand the beating Jon had given him when he had found out what had been going on behind his back.

The only reason he had stopped was because Chase had dived in front of the man, finally managing to escape the grasp of the men who had been forcing him to watch as Jon beat his lover to pieces. Chase was crouched over the body, as if trying to shield it from any more harm. The little good it would do. If Jon wanted too, he could easily smack Chase away and continue but he stopped. He wanted answers! His pet had been playing with another for god know how long. A simple house servant as well, someone employed to keep the house clean and in good shape. He wasn't sure if it was better or worse it wasn't one of his man picked men.

He narrowed his eyes, glaring down at the too, waiting for Chase to say something. Anything, but Chase remained silent. The man couldn't even look him in the eyes and deny it. They had been caught in the act. Jon knew had been, and if there was one thing Chase knew better then anything about Jon, it was that he hated liars. IF he wanted to live though this day, he was going to have to play his cards carefully. He could not lie to his owner. To the man who had controlled his life for a long time.

"How long?" Jon demanded, "How long have you been whoring yourself out to this... servant?" The tone of his voice now promising a very painful punishment if the answers were not given.

Gulping and keeping his eyes firmly on the floor, Chase replied, his voice barely above a whisper, "The first time was a year ago. But it wasn't until a few mouths ago we started" Chase trailed off, steeling himself to finish the answer, "Doing it regularly"

A year. All Jon could see was blind rage. His beloved pet had been cheating on him a year? Well he thought beloved. Wait, not all that time? A few months ago? What had changed a few months ago? Then it hit Jon. That's when he had gone away and left his pet on his lonesome for a month.

"Couldn't last without someone there to stick his dick up your hole Chase?" Jon yelled at the man, "Not able to last until I came back you little whore?"

"No! Master it wasn't ..." Jon slapped Chase around the face with the gun his hand, stopping his excuses.

"Liar"Roared Jon, before yanking on Chases hair and throwing him away from the man. Chase hit a mirror hanging on the wall and fell to the ground with a loud crash of glass. Sobbing, Chase force himself to his knees again. "Was I not good enough for you?" Jon said in a scarily calm tone. His eyes dark. "Did I not give you everything you needed. Everything you wanted?" He stomped over to Chase, who was shaking as the sobs ran though his body. Gripping his hair again, he pulled the man up to his feet and yelled into his face "Wasn't I?"

"Yes Master" cried Chase, blooding dripping from his mouth, and from a gash on his forehead, where the glass from the mirror had cut him. Sneering in disgust he dropped the man, letting him tumble back to the glass covered ground without care.

"If your so eager to be a whore, maybe I should start whoring you out after all. Since I'm not good enough of you. You'd like hat wouldn't you. Like having to service all my men. TO fall asleep at night full of cum" He was taunting his pet out. He'd never do it to him, but Chase didn't know that.

"please no master" begged Chase, wrapping himself around Jon's leg, sobbing into the material. "I'm sorry, but not that"

"get off me" Jon ordered coldly. "Just tell me this Chase. Why? Why betray me?" Chase didn't let go of his master's leg, sobbing harder as he realised he had no answer he could give to Jon. He could hardly say the truth and say he love the man. Seeing this only made the look in Jon's eyes colder. "I see" He gripped the back of Chases head and pulled him of him.

"Zack!" A man entered the room, bowing low, seemingly undisturbed by the scene in front of him. "Take Chase and hang him up in the cell. Twenty lashed will do it. No one is to touch him" growled Jon. Chase flinched at the number but bit his lip to stop himself saying anything. His fate had been decided and saying anything more would only make Jon angrier.

"And his injured?"

"Treat them afterwards"

Jon let go of Chase and then turned to where the man his pet had been cheating on him with was unconscious on the floor. A puddle of blood surrounding him. Just what was he going to do with this one? Killing him would be the obvious answer, but there may be a may he could get some pleasure out if this.

As Zack began to pull Chase away, Chase yelled out begging. "Master please promise me you won't kill him!" Zack continued to drag Chase out of the room, knowing it was unlikely Jon would give Chase an answer. But Jon put up his hand to signal Zack to pause for moment.

"You dare ask me to spare his live?" His tone was cold and unreadable

"Please" The word was a whimper. The last dash of hope in his pet's eyes.

"Who is your Master Chase?"

"You are master" Chases eyes moved to the floor, his posture completely submissive.

"Who makes the decisions?"

"You do master" Chases voice was still pleading but Jon could hear the hope in it draining away. For a few seconds it was deathly silence as Jon made up his mind with what he was going to do to the man.

"Know this Chase. I will not kill him. You may even see him again should he agreed to the offer I give him. However it is you who have brought this fate on him and should you fight at any point, you will not see him again for a long time" His tone was unreadable, giving no clue to what he was going to do to the man. Only that it would be more merciful to kill him.

"I understand master" Chase said, understanding completely what his master meant. Chase watch sorrowfully at his lover as he was dragged out, not knowing if he would ever see him again and knowing it was all his fault.

He wasn't bad looking, concluded Jon as he watched his captive sleep. He was trying to figure out what he had done to make his pet cheat on him. It wasn't like he abused Chase. He never hit him, never whored him out. He hadn't touched him before he was legal and had made sure he was ready for his first time. Even held off once or twice when Chase wasn't ready. He didn't call him names. Jon only occasionally slept with other people but only for business reasons, never for pleasure or any kind of feeling.

'Freedom perhaps?' wondered Jon, leaning back. Since he had claimed the boy at fifteen, he hadn't exactly given him a lot of freedom. He let him finish school, go out with his friends. Even take a girl to his school dance, though he had made sure that Chase hadn't done anything with her. But other then that, it was rare for Jon to let Chase out.

Was that it?

Did this happen because he hadn't let Chase make his own way in live. Because he had tied him to his bed side. Maybe, but Jon doubted it. Chase had always know that Jon would give him anything if he asked for it. Maybe not complete freedom, but he would have let the boy travel, go to university. Heck even get a job. Jon would have let him and understood why. So what other reason could there be?

Which led him to wondering if it had simply been out of fancy. Chase saw someone he thought was handsome and got a crush. He refused to consider the idea that Chase may have fallen in love with the man, but a crush he could understand. The man wasn't a bad looker, he was in many ways quite handsome. Admittedly he was looking at him while his skin was black and blue. Maybe under the bruises was something he was missing.

After Chase had been dragged out and to the torture room, Jon had carried the beaten man back to one of his special rooms. The bed was comfortable but had some extra additions to deal with unwilling captives. Not always to fuck them, but sometimes it was easier to tie them down to get answers from them. Even more so if they were going to be hanging around for a while. Occasionally they had a hostage and it was easy to tie them down then let them wander free as well.

The man, whose name was William Ingram according to one of his maids, was tied up. His arms above his head, his legs spread wide. None of them were tight bounds, giving the man some room to move as he slept. He was currently naked, Jon having ripped all his clothes off him, sending them to be burned. Ordering that all his know items were to be brought to that room, where he had put them on a chest of drawers by the door. So the man would be able to see them, but be unable to reach them. People got funny about there personal objects and knowing if they were okay or not.

Currently the only thing on the man's skin were bruises and a few bandages were he had potentially broken a rib. Other then his new marks, the man's skin was flawless. No scars, or blemishes. His hands were rough from hard work and he had strong leg muscles, suggesting he did a lot of running for exercise. There was no fat on him. The maid he had integrated into who this man was, had told him he biked to work everyday.

Jon sighed slightly. Studying his rival carefully. They were nothing alike, mused Jon. From personal, to appearance. William's hair was silvery blond, with natural highlights in from the hours he spent gardening on Jon's estate. His skin was tanned as well from the sun. Jon was taller and more muscled, but his features were a lot sharper then Williams, who still had a softness around his facial features which made him look young. Jon's hair was a dark brown, his skin pale.

Though Jon was very pleased and slightly smug too know he was bigger then the man in that area as well.

But still what was it that had drawn Chase to this man?

Then he was looking into blue eyes. Hazy with a mixture of sleepiness and pain, he blinked them a few times before realizing who he was looking at. For a moment, they were both silent, both caught unaware.

"you're alive" commented Jon, "Thought you'd be out a little longer to be honest"

The man growled at him, going to sit up, only to discover his current state of dress and binding. "The hell?" He snarled, struggling against the bounds, trying to pull them off. Jon only smirked, walking up to him an looming over him.

Grabbing the man's chin, he forced him to look up into his eyes. "I wouldn't fight Will, it's useless" He told the man firmly, an evil glint in his eyes, almost daring the man to talk back, to fight him. The more he fought, the more damage he could do after all.

Will snarled before spitting in his face. "You're a fucking bastard!"

Jon growled, wiping the spit from his face. "How pleasant. We haven't even gotten started and you have already resorted to cursing and insults. I had hoped Chase would have at least chosen someone respectable to cheat with" This comment was only met with another snarl. Chase had chosen a wildcat by the sounds of it.

Unwittingly, despite the reason he was doing this, something swelled up in Jon. A mixture of anticipation and of excitement. It had been a while since he had tamed someone. Suddenly Jon knew he was going to get a lot of pleasure out of this.