Chapter Three

Will felt any fight which was left in disappear as he was kissed deeply. Passionately, yet also softly. The kiss speaking volumes more then any words Jon would be able to say. The pillow was a nice touch too. His back no longer aching from the position it was forced into.

Hands moving over him. Massaging his muscles. Exploring him in his helpless state and then those words. 'Trust me'. Part of Will wanted to scream no at that statement, however the rest of him relaxed. Willing to see if he could really trust the man who was looming over him. The man who quite literally held Will's life in his hands. He closed his eyes and forced himself to relax.

"I trust you" Will whimpered. Lips pressed to his mouth and he was pulled into another kiss. Hands roaming over his body, before a blunt pressure was pressed to his entrance. He yelled into the kiss as he was entered, pain running though him.

He cried out, Jon's lips leaving his letting him breathe. Hands rubbed over his body, trying to get the muscles to relax around him. "Stop!" He begged. Jon paused his movements, hands massaging his hips. Jon was most of the way inside now, only an inch away from being to the hilt, but seeing tears made him hold off pushing the rest of the way.

"Hush, give it a moment" He murmured, not once stopping his hands form rubbing over his prize's body. Will sobbed but waited, feeling the muscles in his ass loosen as he relaxed slightly.

Jon reached up, shifting his hips and making Will cry out in pleasure as he brushed against something inside of him which felt like pure heaven. Jon resisted the urge to full on laugh as he saw the look of surprise on the gardeners face.

"I told you it would feel good" Jon grinned as he unfastened the handcuff. "Hold on to me" He ordered lightly as he began to slowly thrust in and out of the body below him. Will's arms wrapped around his neck, the new angle meaning Jon could go deeper without hurting the man.

Gripping onto Will's hips Jon sped up his thrusts, taking all advantage of the tight heat, moaning happily. Will was squirming at the pleasure he felt from the man, gripping onto his shoulders like if he let go Jon would disappear. Panting heavily.

"More" He demanded, moaning wantonly at Jon gave him just that. Pulling him up so he was sitting in his lap. Will bouncing back into his thrusts. Jon caught the man's lips into an almost bruising kiss. Will melted into him, in completely bliss as he felt the pleasure built up in him.

Will yelled out, arching his back against Jon. Jon reached down between them and curled his hand around Will's cock, pumping in time with his thrusts. Then time stood still, white filling his eyesight. The last thing he was aware of was of intense pleasure, Jon yelled his own pleasure and then of darkness.

Panting as he came down from his high, Jon smiled at the his newest pet. Kissing him on the forehead Jon pulled out of the now limp body. Will stired slightly, but stayed asleep. Jon's smile widened into a grin, tracing the man's collar bone with a finger. He could wait to have him collared. But until then he was going to have to stay caged away.

Gently so he didn't wake the man, Jon refastened the handcuffs, but this time the chain was loose so he would be able to move round move and stay comfortable. Dressing himself, Jon left the room, giving an order to one of the maids outside that Will was to be washed when he woke up.

He would have slept with the man, but for the moment, he had another pet to go and sort out. It was time he and Chase had a little heart to heart.

If there was one thing Jon could not stand it was the look on Chases face at the moment. His pet was hanging up, chains keeping his limps spread tightly. He still had boxers on, but everything else had been removed. However there were bandages wrapped around his torso, no doubt to keep the fresh whip wounds on the boy's back clean and to stop them from festering.

Chase was glaring at him at the moment. His eyes full of defiance and hurt. It was a look of a disobedience person and it was one Jon was not going to allow on his pets face much longer.

"Wipe that scowl off your face Chase, unless you want another round of the whip" Jon growled warnings, his hand reaching over to the whips.

The boy scowled deepened before he closed his eyes and looked away. Tears were swelling up in them and he didn't want the mobster to see him cry. He knew very well that this was his own fault, but still it hurt. Jon hummed lightly, not liking the response but accepting it.

"I take it Will is dead then" Chase whispered, his voice full of sadness and guilt.

Jon looked at the chained up man calmly, seeing true sorrow coming of him, as well as anger towards Jon. Anger which was growing and if Chase couldn't control it, Jon would. "No, he is not"

Chase looked at him, eyes watering but not quite yet crying. They still had defiant in them but now what dominated them was an almost morbid curiosity. With just a dash of hope. Hope for what? Jon wasn't entire sure, He wasn't really sure how his pet was going to react to everything which was going on anyway.

"You didn't kill him?"

"No, I found a suitable punishment for the man for sleeping with my pet without permission" Chase face paled slightly, his eyes widening with horror.

"you… I… What did you do to him?" Chase whispered, tears now falling. Jon chuckled darkly, only making Chase shiver in fear. His pet was guilty he had caused the man any pain. His pet was sad and scared for the man because Chase knew just what Jon was capable off and that while he was safe from the worst… His lover was not.

"Tell me Chase, what do you feel towards William?" Jon asked, deliberately not telling the pet. Depending on the answer he got depended on how he was going to play this out. Will quite obviously loved the boy. He was the type who would fight gods to protect the people he cared about. He would lose miserably, but he was the sort who would literally to anything to help someone he cared about. His mother, his brother, and now Chase.

"Please" Chase begged, "Don't do this!"

"Answer the question pet, I will not change the punishment now, regardless of your answer" Jon growled not liking how his pet was still trying to get out of punishment.

"I…I love him" Chase whimpered, "I care about him, he's good to me…"

"Because I'm not?" Jon growled darkly.

"You are. But you treat me as a pet. He treats as a human" Chase said, his voice low, but he knew better then to not answer, "He treats me as a human and not some toy! Went I'm upset, he's there to comfort me. When I'm happy, he there to laugh with me. He doesn't try and lock me away, but rather drags me out… I haven't had that in a long while"

Jon watched impassively at his pet let his true feeling pour out. Jon signed lightly. He had always known his pet would feel the need to be around other humans. But shame for him, as Jon had always made it clear, Chase was Jon's pet. His trophy. Proof he had defeated the boys family at there own game and taken of them as a bed warmer. Much as he cared about the boy, that's all he was in the end. Someone to come home to.

"Chase. You are mine." Jon's tone was harsh and firm, "You are my pet. Which is why I treat you are such" Chase let out a sob, his tears going down heavier, "You have no rights to tell me otherwise, nor do you have the right to have a lover. You are a trophy. Not a free human" Jon walked up the crying man and gently wiped some of the tear off his cheek, "You are and always will be mine. Understood?"

"Yes master" Chase sobbed out, knowing better then to deny the man.

"As for Will, his ass now also belongs to me. Depending on both of your behaviors, I may even let you two see each other again"

"You took Will as a pet?" Chase whispered in horror, realizing while he hadn't cost the man his life, he had cost him his freedom, "You can't, he has family! They need him…"

"Silence" Jon growled, "I can and will. He now belongs to be in the same way you do. As for his family they will still receive his wages. I am not so cruel as to deny them of that."

"Please no" Chase begged, he didn't want to be the reason Will lost his freedom.

"Shame, I already have. It's a shame really; I had hoped you would be happier. You'll likely get to see him again" Jon said calmly, watching the emotions running over his pet's face. He knew why his pet was so upset of course, but he couldn't help but taunt the boy.

"At the cost of him being as trapped as I am!" Chase cried,

"Its your own fault love. Now I have to go now. You will be staying here until I deem otherwise, so I suggest you make yourself comfortable" He reached up and unlocked the chain keeping the boy suspended in the air. Chase fell roughly to the ground, chains still on his legs. Jon reached down and grabbed his neck, pulling him up, "Goodnight love" He cooed before kissing Chase roughly.

Chase cried in the kiss but kissed back. Jon ripped his lips away from the young man before leaving the room. Chase tears and sobs echoing in the hallway as he walked after, giving sharp orders to his men on how to deal with Chase. His pet needed some time to think over his actions and also to remember who controlled his life.

The next week passed slowly for everyone. Jon's business picked up and he was forced to work long hours in order to keep his territory working correctly, leaving him no time to see either of his pets. Though he was given regular updates by his men, but much to his surprise and pleasure, both were behaving. It was good for him as he couldn't wait to have two warm bodies sleeping by him. The thought made the nights sleeping along worth it.

Will was being treated very well of course. He was chained to the bed, but was given enough chain to let him move around the room. Jon also allowed him a few hours a day to more around the mansion, conscious of not wanting to cage the gardener in too much. While he had yet to gain trust, he had none nothing to lose it yet either. Unlike his other pet, who was in disgrace as far as Jon was concerned. Jon ensured Will was given the best food, the best new clothes and the best entertainment money could buy. It did little to help Will, but it did distract him for now and that was the important thing. Jon had already been putting things in place for Will to be able to continue his gardening duties, if he wanted them. The man was the sort who needed something to do and lounging around the house all day was not good for him.

As for Chase... Jon had put him in a room after a night in the cell. It was a simple room which was similar an isolation cell. A bed, a sink and a toilet. Everything was white and sterile. The food he was given was simple and without any favouring. Everything carefully designed to teach the boy what his live could be if Jon decided it. Luckily for Chase, Jon would never do it to the boy for longer then a week. Not unless he was suitably pushed.

Which is why, now things had calmed down again, he was walking to the room instead of Will's first. He now had the collar for Will as well, it seemed only suitable that he placed it on the man in front of Chase. He rattled his knuckled against the door before opening it.

Chase looked up at him, his blue eyes widening in hope. "Master" Chase whimpered. Chase was sitting in a corner of the room, curled up in a ball. He really didn't like being on his own and the white walls gave him bad thoughts and dreams.

Jon looked at him before extending a hand in an offer of help to pull the man up to his feet. Chase latched onto it, pulling himself up before wrapping himself around the mobster boss. Sobbing lightly into Jon's shirt. Jon sighed and wrapped his arms around the younger man. Comforting the boy slightly. "You learned your lesson?"

"Yes master" sniffed Chase, pulling away from the hug and looking up at his master, "I won't betray you again"

"Good boy" Jon ruffled his hair lightly, before kissing him softly on the lips. Chase moaning lightly into the kiss. "come on, lets go see William, it is time I collared him" Chase froze momentarily at that, but wrapped himself round a side of Jon and followed him out of the dreaded room. As the metal door slammed shut, Chase shuddered.

"Master, about William. Can we... I mean will we be able...What are the rules now?" Chase wanted to ask about what he and Will were allowed to do and not, but was finding it hard to phase it right with out seeming like he only cared about having sex with the man. In all honestly all he really wanted to do at the moment was kiss the man and fall asleep in his arms. But if Jon decided they weren't to touch each other at all...

"I'll explain them in front of him pet, but don't worry you have permission to run up to him and kiss him when we get there" Jon said calmly, adding the bit at the end when he saw the look of disappointment on Chase's face. His two pets would have a lot to get used to now, and a lot of issues to deal with. But that was fine to him, after all, he loved Chase very much and was very much looking forward to feeling the same for Will. He already lusted after the man, it wouldn't take that much more to care about him. That was how it worked for Chase afterall.

Chase gave Jon a big grin of happiness at that, but going on his tip toes and giving his master a kiss on the cheek, "Love you master" He smiled, "Thank you so much"

"Anything for you sweetheart" Jon cooed, much preferring the look of happiness on his pet's face then the scared one. They were coming up to the room where Will was, so Jon paused, making Chase stop. "Now honey, I need you to stay outside for a moment. I haven't spoke to him since I got him to agree and fucked him. Likely he will be disagreeable at first. So I need to calm him, put him in his place and then you can come in. Understood?"

"yes master" Chase nodded, slightly disappointed and uneasy. "But what if he..."

"Doesn't matter, but I expect you and your best behaviour! If I say do something, you do it. Even if that is leaving. He needs to learn his place here boy. But for now, lets hope he had a more agreeable attitude then that"

"Understood master" Chase whispered. Jon kissed him on the forehead before turning and walking into the room were Will was supposed to be resting. As he did this, and every moment Chase had to wait to discover his and Will's future, Chase was praying to whatever gods there were out there to help him. To keep Will's temper down so there reunion would be a good one and not one marred with blood and pain. Jon was rarely a forgiving person after all, it was a small miracle that this was even taking place and Chase could not help but wonder just how thin the ice he was walking was. He could only hope he didn't break any rules and break the new found life he had.

"Chase" Jon yelled, his tone neutral, giving Chase no clues as to what had happened between the two men. Steeling himself, he entered. Taking the first step into a whole new life, one which he had caused and he could only imagine where it would led.

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