Chapter 7

Caspar felt himself relax as the buzz of the tattoo stop. It was done. Justin wiped the tattoo down with some ointment before placing a bandage over it. "All done" He murmured, patting Caspar's butt before shifting the boy slightly. The boy moved of his lap, kneeling on the bed, looking dishevelled. His face was red, his eyes looking sore as he wiped away any traces of tears. His hair was messy and all over the place. Both Justin and Kieran could feel themselves beginning to heat up at the sight. This young man was the very definition of temptation.

He yelped as he was pulled back into Justin's arms, this time so he was sitting on the demon's lap. Strong arms wrapped around him and a kiss was pressed to his forehead. "I'm sorry for all that has happened" Justin murmured, his hands moving over the boy, subtly exploring the young flesh which had been put in front of him, "I can tell you now Rocco will be punished for his actions. It is time he learned his place and perhaps that is no longer as a free being in this household. As for you, you will be treated with due care. If you are harmed by any one of us, you are to tell me. I refused to allow this household to be one which abuses a human who was forced into their lives unwillingly"

"I understand sir" Caspar's voice was quiet but not scared. If anything he felt slightly more reassured by the words. Justin smiled slightly, almost fondly at the boy before cupping his chin and kissing him on the lips. A chaste thing, barely a moment long and with no tongues. But it was a possessive gesture. A small taste of what to come.

"Sleep now. I have to deal with Kieran and Rocco" Justin murmured, before gently pushing Caspar back down on the bed.


"Hush" Kieran murmured as he pulled the covers up and over the human, "You are tired. Rest. Everything else can wait a little longer"

"Sleep well little one" Justin murmured, kissing Caspar again. He patted the boy on the head before moving off the bed, catching Kieran's hand into the process. He let Kieran give Caspar a kiss before pulling him off the bed. Kieran let himself be dragged from the room, biting him lip lightly. Justin was unreadable as he led Kieran to Rocco's room. Kieran didn't technically have his own room, due to the fact he slept with Rocco on the nights he hadn't slept with one of his other husbands. Jonathon and Marcus both had their rooms, both men liking their own space.

"Master" Kieran murmured, "Not here. Please. Any of the other rooms"

"No Kieran" Justin growled, tugged the man in the room. Justin pulled the man into a hug before starting. Kieran burying his face into Justin's chest, his body shaking. "Love, his decision was not your fault" Justin murmured into Kieran's hair.

"I should have noticed! Looking back I see things. He hasn't... We haven't had sex in all the time it would have been going on. He only hugged me when I was upset. I just didn't notice the change..." Kieran trailed off struggling to keep himself together.

"I'm going to give Caspar his own room. You are welcome to one too, or you can move in with Caspar. But I don't think it's a good idea to continue staying here for now. At least until it's sorted out" Justin said, his voice calm and gently, his arms tightening around his husband. He was not like Marcus, but even he could sense the Kieran was hurting at the moment.

Kieran nodded, pulling away from the hug. "I don't think it would be a good idea either to remain here" He murmured, "Too many memories"

"Now... As for your disobedience"

Kieran froze. He knew what that meant. The rules of the house forbade harming humans. Which he had done by attacking the boy when he had found Rocco and Caspar kissing, Caspar smelling of Rocco's seed. Not to mention the whole leaving the room thing.

Justin went to the closet and pulled out a belt. "Ten strikes for leaving the room, twenty for harming a human. So thirty all together" He moved over to the bed and patted his lap as he sat down. "Pants down" Kieran shuddered by nodded. Fighting would only make it worse.

It was almost an hour later when the final member of the household began moving. Jonathon wasn't sure how he felt about everything which was going on. He hadn't married into the family for love. He had been married to Justin to cement a marriage between their clans. He loved Justin now. He loved him very much, as much as he loved Marcus and Kieran as well. But he was always afraid his husbands only put up with him.

Watching the man you are bound to for the rest of your life, moon over the person he truly loved did that to someone. It was the happiest day of Justin's life when Jonathon had given permission for them to form a polygamist marriage. Happiest of Jonathon's when he had been included into their bed.

Marcus had pulled in him, fed up of the fact he barely interacted with them. Afterwards he had little doubts of the fact they at the very least cared for him. It had taken them a while to prove they loved him. When Kieran came, it had been easy to include the red haired man in his heart. Rocco, on the other hand. Jonathon could have been offended by the man's disregard for his feelings, if it wasn't for the fact Marcus was treated with the same disregard. The only reason Justin wasn't offended was because he refused to allow Rocco to treat him in such a way.

He looked up at he heard a door open, Justin coming out of a guest room. "Master?" He offered.

"Jonny" Justin smiled, opening his arms, drawing his first husband into a tight embrace. "Kieran's moving into his guest room, as will Caspar when I trust him out of my room" He murmured, "Can you do me a favour darling?"

"Of course Master"

After agreeing, Justin had told him what he needed doing. Which was why he was now outside of Justin's room. Justin had asked him to go and get some of Caspar's stuff from wherever he lived. The little information they had found on him let them know he, thankfully, lived on his own. Student accommodation. Marcus was apparently in charge of the paperwork to make Caspar disappear from world, including get his room packed up and in storage but there were some things which were needed.

Taking a breath Jonathon entered the room, his eyes locking onto to the small lump under Justin's bed covers. Steady breathing showed the boy as being asleep. Jonathon gave into the temptation, and slid over to the bed to catch a better glimpse of the boy. He smiled at the picture he made. Caspar looked so innocent sleeping peacefully, curled on his stomach, sucking his thumb.

Reaching out, he moved a strand of Caspar's hair before shaking his head and forcing himself back into the present. Caspar still fast asleep, Jonathon decided to let him sleep a little longer before asking him about anything sentimental that he would like. Moving into the bathroom, Jonathon picked up the rags which were once Caspar's clothes.

Shaking them, he pulled out some keys and a wallet. He also pulled out a flip phone. Opening it, he noted there were a few messages from friends say hey, but other than that no one was looking for him. He pocketed the phone, deciding to pass it on to Justin the next time he saw him. Looking through the wallet, he was relieved to find an address. Pocketing the wallet and keys, Jonathon walked back into the bedroom.

This time Caspar was awake. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He froze when he saw Jonathon. "Hello?" He offered hesitantly. He hadn't caught the man's name in all the commotion yesterday. Only knowing it had been Jonathon who had thrown him away from the fight.

"Morning Caspar" Jonathon smiled softly at him, moving over to the bed. Caspar shuffled backwards but stopped as the chain rattled. Jonathon sat on the edge and simply reached a hand over to Caspar, not touching but there. "I don't think we were introduced yesterday. I'm Jonathon"

"Morning" Caspar murmured, taking the hand in his and shaking it in greeting. Jonathon beamed at this. The human wasn't afraid of him, only nervous.

"I'm afraid you aren't going to like what I'm about to say" Jonathon warned before he started, ignoring Caspar's murmured 'how is that different to anything everyone else is saying at the moment?', "I'm heading over to your apartment to grab your stuff. Is there anything special which you really want to keep? A box hidden in a closet or something?"

Caspar's bit his lip, tears watering slightly at this, but managed to pull himself together to answer the question. "There's a pocket watch in my bedside table draw. It was my great great grandfathers. I'd like that. Other than that, there is not much else there I really care about. Photos, letters, the normal stuff"

"I'll make sure to get the watch" Jonathon murmured, patting Caspar's hand. "You sure that is it?"

"No... Well..." Caspar trailed off, "No, the watch is the most important thing" He answered, his voice certain.

Jonathon nodded before leaning forward and kissing Caspar on the cheek. "See you later, Caspar. I look forward to learning more about you" Caspar blushed and nodded.