Chapter One

It all started one quiet evening at the Forbes house-hold, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Juliet, come here," Elizabeth Forbes called, clutching her new boyfriend's hand excitedly, "Hurry!"

A younger, prettier, and more natural version of Eliza Forbes walked in, her hair was long and swung to her waist in brown curls, her skin was lightly tan and seemed to glow, she had thin arched eyebrows and cat-shaped ocean blue eyes, and a figure that her Eliza Forbes was secretly jealous of.

"Yes Mother?"

Juliet's voice was yet another thing Eliza desired, it was femine and husky, unlike her own high-pitched bell voice, "Me and Frank have something to tell you."

Frank nodded, " 'Sup."

"You're moving in with Your father!" Eliza continued happily.

"When?!" Juliet shrieked.

Eliza smiled, playing the Stanford wife to the max, "Well I already have your stuff being shipped down there so..." She paused and silently counted on her fingers, "Today is sunday, I signed the papers last Thursday so...TOMORROW!" Eliza clapped her hands together happily, "You get to ride a bus!"

"Oh joy."


Juliet's foot was going off like a jack-hammer as she waited for her dad's rolls-royce to appear and her heart was beating harder than the energizer buddy on speed.

She hated moving, she hated stupid Hank, she hated her stupid freaking Mom for shipping her off-"

"Bug! Daddy's here!"

Juliet's head jerked up and she stared mortified at her waving father, "BUG! COME TO YOUR DADDY!"

"Sugar Daddy, Huh?" The fake-blonde next to her giggled, "I got one too!"

I gagged and sprinted for the car, "Dad! Shut Up!"

He pouted and gunned it out of the pick-up\drop off zone.

"Since when did you stop callling me daddy, Bug?"

I looked at the sunny, bright blue sky and palm-tree lined road before looking over at the man-child next to me, "Dad...Your a freak."

"SUPAH FREAK!" My dad yelled drumming on the steering wheel while wiggling his suit clad shoulders, "SUPAH FREAKY!"


That resulted with my Dad gripping the steering-wheel and swerving around the small- punch buggy.

"Punch Buggy No punch Back," Dad called out evilly while he frogged me and ran a red light. Multi-tasking... who knew?

"So are you excited to be going to Palm-Tree High?"

"Oh My God, There's a high School seriously Named Palm Tree High?"

I knew my life would be hell from then on out. I just knew it...

"I'm so excited," Dad Smoothed his slicked back blonde hair and grinned at me, " I've missed you so much bug! I'VE BEEN SO OUT OF LOVE! SO LOST WITHOUT-"

Nows a good time my dad likes to sing. Wohoo Fun dad, Yah party! No. Your wrong and you suck and you deserve to die for assuming that. HE SUCKS AT SINGING. No matter what you say he thinks your either A. Jello (Jealous) B. Tone Deaf

I'll show you.

"Daddy, You suck at singing."

Dad turns to me and his face is serious (I know because it's a rare face on him), "Honey, we all know your tone deaf. I'm Adele and Justin Beiber's Sing-Baby."

"What the f-" At his looked I changed my word, "ire truck is a sing baby?"

"Obviously JC (Jesus) put Adele and JB in a Sing-Sex-Room and POOF out popped my voice."

Sad thing is, My dad actually believe's this.

"Anyway Bug, my friend Austin's son is a little older than you and he goes to Palm-Tree High and while me and Austin caught up on some work-crap we thought you and Dakota could hang out," Dad said, pulling me out of my flash-back.

"Yeah," I shrugged,"Sure."

"Are you going to wear that," My dad looked at my out-fit happily.

"Yeah why?" I said peering down at my grey-terry sweatpants that cinched at the ankle and had to be tolled up at the waste and my baggy red v-neck.

"Because Dakota is a player and he will find you completely unattractive while you are wearing that outfit," Dad shook his head and sighed, "Honestly Bug, Your so clueless sometimes."

"Pedestrian In the Street." Right. Me clue-less, coming from Captain road Rage that's a charm.

Of course I wouldn't say that out loud, I'm not a complete idiot...


The house was big and very bachelor, with a foot-ball den (off-limits) living room, bathroom (5) 7 bedrooms, huge kitchen, huge pool, huge pool house, huge cook-out area, and game room.

This was everyone , young or old's, dream house. The house it'self was a pale blue with a big wrap around porch, and those rectangler, cast-ironed fenced balconies.

A pretty swanky place, if I do say so myself.



I closed the glass door behind me and took off for the pool (in a bikinni of course) my feet slapped the dry pavement with a taping sound and finally I was air-borne and then I was surround by semi-cold water.

I didn't swim and tan like a normal teenager, I played on the super swirly slide and this snazzy pool trampoline I'd gotten two christmases ago and left at my dad's house and I jumped off the diving-board a dozen times.

I invented tis game where'd I'd run and jump of the diving board, hit the trampoline and bounch un-gracefully into the water.

This how THEY found me, right when I hit the trampalone with my but and soared through the air.

When I came up, I noticed my dad had changed into a pair of jeans, a button up and penny loafers. I looked like a bum. His friend was wearing slacks, a button up and some type of classy guy shoes.

Now his sounds, Dakota I think, Was h-a-w-t.

"Bug This Is Austin Whitlock and his son Dakota."

"Hi," I said cooly, like teenage girls jumped of diving boards and hit pool trapolines to but-flop into the water, "I'm Juliet."

"It's good to see you again, Juliet!" Austin said before him and Dad booked it back in the house.

Dakota just stood there, his hands shoved into the pocket of his Abercrombie cargo shorts and a bored look on his face.

He looked to be about 18 or maybe 19 (if he had a late birthday) and he had an althlete's build, his hair was short, black and aorable messy, he had pretty green-grey eyes and his was H-OT-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-uh.



We stared at each other for a long time, "Do you like to swim?"






"How about them Mets?"

"I don't watch Basketball."

"It's baseball."

"I still don't know anything about sports."



I pursed my lips and we continued our stare-down. He was cocky...or maybe just very confident?

"Your 17 right?" He asked demurely.


I raised an eyebrow, "Your 18 right?"

He nodded and tapped the toe of his NIKE against the pavement.

"Do you want a ride to school tomorrow?"

I shrugged, "Will it be this awkward?"

Dakota shrugged, "It's not like we'll see each other that often, just in the morning and the after noon's right?"

I pulled myself out of the pool and wrapped my towel around me, "True."