It was a peaceful night that a person had taken a walk on the beach. Behind the person were the pristine silver walls of the castle. The person had walked with purpose and an ocarina in hand. The person began to play the instrument but still continued walking.

From the windows of the castle people had looked out. They stared down at the lone figure in a black cloak as the melody drifted through the palace grounds. Each note was filled with solemn sentiments and light-hearted joy. The spectators longed to be closer to the musician but they daren't move from their places. They were too fearful of not hearing a note.

The musician smirked as the melody began to flow even more beautifully. The sea elicited a sound likened to a sigh and joined with the rhythm. Even the breeze slowed to follow the tempo. The melody danced with the kingdom and captured the people's hearts. They sighed luxuriantly and dreamily.

The musician pressed against the holes with more pressure. The sound of the notes changed as the musician's breathing shifted to accommodate the increased pressure. Behind him the people drifted closer to the edge of balconies and leaned further over open windows. Their longing was evident but overtaken by the Earth itself. Grass swayed and trees hummed.

The musician loosened his fingers from the holes. The musician's breathing changed again and the notes sang. The melody whispered through the castle and woke everyone nearby. The new audience members were enraptured instantly. They ran from their beds and resting places. A new-born excitement was brought to the world. The core could faintly recall the nursery melody.

The musician's smile continued though a new emotion filled the musician's heart. There is one person in the kingdom that slept soundly. The King lay sleeping and peacefully. The melody did not and could not reach him. Even the other spectators began to drift from the melody's grasp.

Before the audience could escape the clouds began their dance. A ray of piercing light shone upon the kingdom with a smile. The audience was captured once more by the melody. The light, pale and pure, illuminated the magnificent song. Seas and oceans the world over became docile. Not even a sorcerer's spell could disrupt the peace that shone even in the suns light.

The musician passed from the light into the shadow of a large boulder. After a few paces the melody changed once more. The influence of the song grew fainter. The furthest reaches of the kingdom was freed from its hypnotic spell. As the melody ceased to resonate as widely as before the moon's light retreated alongside it. Some of the seas and oceans regained their untamed edge but even they were still calm.

The musician ended the melody and the kingdom was freed. The wind remained docile and the grass ceased to sway. The trees still hummed quietly and the clouds continued to dance. The musician walked away in peace and the moon's light treaded in the musician's footsteps.

Author's Note: I first had this idea on the 30th day of the 6th month in 2012 at 16:06. Now that I've completed it it's the 1st of the 8th of 2012. I haven't used so much time on this though. I just stopped halfway through the third paragraph and picked it up again today. Truth be told I'd entirely forgotten about this!

I did do some quick research the last time. I'm don't think that singing doesn't have to be involved for it to be an aria. It was pretty quick and I was skimming through the pages. I could be wrong and if I was then please let me know.

Thank you for reading LunAria. I hope you enjoyed this tale. I apologise if this was not to your liking.