Life is constant, just set of rules,

instructions, directions, and lots of pulls.

Don´t, do, can´t, wrong and right,

words that are haunting all around,

and you just do it and don´t ask why.


Sit straight, smile big and just nod,

don't speak, be nice, hold your head up.

That´s not all, the list go on and on,

these are the rules you have to follow,

if you want to live in my world.


Wake up before sun, clean yourself nice,

you must look perfect – beautiful, happy, wise,

you can´t have flaws, you don´t slip-up,

every moment of your life you are adequate.


But sometimes you stop on the spot,

and you realised just how much you're lost,

in a moment shorter then single breath ,

you wish you could go back

to the second you decided to have

a life directed by list of rules set.

And maybe your decision is different now

and you lead a fifty years of thoughtless life

but then, just a blink of eye next, you breath out

your dream ends and you´re back to flawless time.