The glare from the screen dies
and my eyes burn at the blackness around
I've never been afraid of the dark
and the monsters it supposedly conceals
it has always been
warm and comforting
not cold and emotionless
but here in my bed

I feel alone.

And I miss your arms around me
and your breath though my hair
your lazy fingers down my spine
the rise and fall of your chest beside mine
and your toes tickling my legs.

My bed should feel much bigger
without you inside with me
but instead it has shrunk
and I feel tiny in the caverns of my room.

Because it's you
only you
who can make me feel
big and strong enough
to contend with the world
you who reassure me of myself
with each of your kisses
and make me grow taller
with every word you say.

I will miss you tonight
when I have only the blackness to embrace me
and the monsters to kiss me goodnight.