Chapter 13

How Things Change

Despite her best efforts Jackie couldn't prevent Bobby from being expelled. The principle didn't want to make the issues any worse and feared a lawsuit by Mr. Langley. Thus, Mrs. Langley was allowed to leave on his own and the boy expelled in return.

It was a hollow victory for Jackie, she got her class back minus one very important student. She feared losing him, her mind went back to Ralf during the German Blitz and how he sacrificed his own life to ensure her plane was protected. She swallowed hard, for it felt just like loosing Ralph all over again. Only this time it was Bobby.

The class returned after lunch, her father's tape recording ensured Langley would never be back but could not ensure Bobby's future. She sat before the five young teens and looked at them. Gathering her thoughts in the mornings events.

"They expelled Bobby for hitting Mr. Langley. I couldn't stop it."

"That's bull," Scooter huffed. "He was protecting you from Langley. The man was gonna hurt you, Mrs. G."

"If Mr. Langley had actually harmed me, hit me, then Bobby would have been justified. Though, I do agree with all of you, he was protecting me but the principle doesn't want to take any chances on the school getting sued by Mr. Langley. So Bobby was expelled in some attempt to prevent that."

Liz shook her head, "I don't get it. The guy had you right against the wall. He looked he was about to hit you to us. Bobby punched him to stop him. This just isn't fair."

"I agree," Jackie told her, "to be honest, I think he did assault me and my father thinks so too. But we spoke to the principle who basically made this deal. I get the class back, Langley leaves and Bobby got expelled. It's a crappy deal and well, sometimes things don't always turn out the way you want them too."

Liz looked at her gang, "You guys doing this?"

Scooter shook his head, "No way." The students all started to leave the room.

Jackie asked, "Where are you going?"

Liz shrugged, "They gonna expel Bobby then they might as well expel us too, Mrs. G. We're leaving school."

She snorted, "You're just gonna walk out and give up?"

"We stick together," she told her. "Were family, remember?"

Jackie nodded, "You are. I've got an idea, it's a long shot but we might get Bobby back to school."

"What?" asked Liz.

"You ever heard of the Robber Barron Age? When during the industrial age, the big corporations were taking advantage of poor workers. Paying them little and working long hours. They stuck together and did something called a strike. Unions were formed and the power of the workers brought today's labor laws."

Tess asked, "What that got to do with us?"

"Strike," she told them. "Make up signs, walk in front of the school and tell all the students that Bobby was expelled for protecting me. Tell everyone and ask them to join you."

The students started to filter back to their seats. The idea was intriguing to say the least.

"We can make signs," Lenny added.

"We can march before the school on the sidewalk," said Alice.

Tess mentioned, "Make up slogans."

"Right," Jackie agreed, "Bobby risked a lot to protecting me. Now, were gonna protect him. Let's get the art supplies and make signs. We'll make flyers and get them printed up. Rally the town behind this cause. I've seen what you kids can do. A bunch of town kids helped raise the money for Davy's surgery. We can help Bobby by standing up as one voice."

"Cool," Liz agreed, "let's make the signs and get Bobby back."


Fred stood in the doorway of Bobby's room. He watched as the boy packed his bags to leave. The general crossed his arms and leaned against the frame.

"Going someplace?" he asked.

Bobby shrugged, "Can't stay here."

"Why not?"

"I got expelled," he reminded him.

"You got railroaded but the game's not over yet," explained Fred. "You sill got an apprenticeship at the air academy to start."

"I have to be in school to get that," he replied.

Fred shook his head, "Only for the school to pay for it."

Bobby laughed, "I don't have that kind of money."

Fred shrugged, "Which is why you are enrolled as an employee of the school and you will also be needing to get your pilot's license. Kind of helps if you can fly the planes you fix."

Bobby stopped packing and looked upon him strangely, "You still want me here?"

"Obviously," replied Fred, "you stopped that jerk from harming my daughter. You think we want you to leave? You're family, remember? You call me 'Dad' now. Bobby, you know there is a war coming. They're calling it a 'military police action' but that's fancy talk for war. It's gonna be in Korea. Read the papers lately? It means there will be a draft and you're eighteen and a have no degree and no skills. You're gonna get drafted, kid. Now, you stay at the flight school, become a master mechanic and pilot you get a nice job in the air force. You run and become enlisted they will stick you in infantry and put your ass out of the front line to get shot off. Then, Jackie will get all worried about you, sneak her ass into the army as infantry and stick herself in the middle of the frontline just to keep an eye on you. So, do me favor and stay for a while, get certified and a pilot's license so Jackie won't go do something stupid. You and I both know she will. You saved her from Langley but now I need you to help save her from herself."

The boy blinked as his envisioned Jackie dressing up as a solider just to go make sure he would be alright in the middle of a war. He could actually envision it, just like her father described. He started to unpack.

Fred asked, "Unpacking now?"

Bobby shrugged, "You're right, she would do that." He paused a moment, "You really think they will send men to Korea? The papers said if they do it would only last weeks."

"They have it already planned out and weeks in military speak mean years, kid. It will last years. You know it's a new type of warfare they are doing. Gonna last decades too. It's war by proxy. Get some third world country, set it up or find some reason to send in troops, never really having a victory plan, just fighting. You know why?"

"Stop communist," he repeated the paper's reasoning.

Fred shook his head, "Money, war is a racket, kid. You're gonna drafted into it. Daniel and Frank, they already did their time. So did Ambrose. They will go after you. I want you to be able to work in an airport or better yet, flying people about. Ferry an air ambulance, fly one of those new choppers to medical units. When you go in, do me a favor. Know the real enemy, fight to save lives and not take them. War is a racket, remember that."

He sat on his bed, thinking about what was said, "Did my father die for a racket?"

Fred walked into the room and sat next to him, "Your father died because his county asked him to do a job that he felt needed to be done. Your father died protecting you. The reason I left the military is because of the military industrial complex getting rich. War is not good for an economy as a whole. It didn't bring us out of the depression, it covered up the hardship of the depression. What brought us out is ending the war. War is the only form of industry that actually gives you nothing on an investment. You buy a bullet, you fire the bullet and it hits the target. The money to buy the bullet is gone when it hit the target. So, you need more money to buy another bullet. That's how they make the money. Most people don't understand that, most just assume the money flows through the economy by paying workers. Your father, how did he die? You know what unit he was in?"

"He was Navy, South Pacific. On the sub, it was sunk."

Fred grimaced, "That's even tougher, kid. Never got his remains, huh?"

He shook his head, "Nothing. Mom, she started drinking and eventually left. She couldn't handle it."

"That war destroyed a lot of families, kid." Fred exhaled in thought, "But it also brought together families. I got two sons out of the war, you and Davy."

Bobby gave a funny look, "What about Daniel? He's your son-in-law."

Fred nodded, "Yep, he's my son-in-law. But not really my son. He's too old to be my son. Davy, he's older than Daniel but still a kid in a way. Daniel, he reminds me of Don. Like a brother. Someone I know I can trust with my daughter's life. Don't tell him I told you that, it would ruin my tormenting war game."

"Life a game to you, Dad?"

He shrugged, "Take it too seriously and you can drive yourself insane. What's the fun in being a grown-up if you can't act childish once in a while?"

Bobby chuckled, "I'll remember that."

Fred patted his back, "Good, come down to the flight school. I got new jackets in too."

Bobby looked down at his black leather jacket, "What's the matter with my jacket?"

"Nothing if you're gonna ride a bike. You gonna fly a plane, you need your new flight jacket. I got a new logo for the school too. It's a set of wings with the letters GCAA on it. Glendale Cove Air Academy, pretty cool. Made of horse hide, and these new caps too. Like baseball caps but all brown. I also order you a pair of sunglasses, pilot's goggles and new helmet and scarf for flying."

Bobby looked at him, "You didn't have to get me all that."

"I got you everything you need to fly, Bobby." Fred told him, "Next I'm gonna teach you how to dogfight."

"Why?" he wondered.

Fred pointed above their heads, "Air shows. I'm getting bi-wings and tri-wings. Were gonna do mock dogfighting at air shows to raise money for the school. I'm the Red Barron though."

"Oh," Bobby grinned, "you want me to learn to fly to put on mock World War One air shows? Why do you get to be the Red Barron though?"

"I actually fought him," announced Fred. "I get to be the Red Barron. Matter of fact, you think your friends might be interested in summer employment at the field? I'll need ground crews. The Civil Air Patrol will help but I want my own as well."

Bobby's bad day was getting much better. School didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. With the support his new family he could over come the loss.

"I'm sure they will," he told them.

Kara's Office

Jackie had enough foresight to contact Kara about the situation. Kara agreed the Langley had indeed assaulted her and pointed out that her own undercover stunt constituted identity theft. She used another person's identification as her own and that was also a crime, something Jackie had not considered prior.

Without police powers to investigate the school and be admitted as a student with the intent to vet a teacher, she had no legal rights in what she had done. If she had been sent undercover by the police department, it would be a whole other story.

However, Mr. Langley did indeed assault her when he shoved her up against the blackboard and Bobby had come to her aid. She also heard of the evidence that Fred had recorded and started to conjure up a plan.

Sitting at her desk in her law firm office, Kara went over the written report that Jackie had typed up. The tape recorder wheel lay in a box for her to listen too as well. Kara glanced up at Jackie then let out a sigh.

"Jackie, did you have permission from Becky to use her identification?"

She shrugged, "Liz had the card. Becky left it when she was visiting. I think she got a new card because she thought she lost it. Liz found it but by then Becky had a new one. Is that a big deal?"

"Did Becky tell Liz to keep it?"

She nodded, "Incase she were to lose her new card."

"You know, you really do get in a lot of trouble for one person," stated Kara.

"I try not too," whined Jackie, "it just seems to end up that way."

"Okay, I'm going to do something a bit unorthodox. I have a private investigator's license that I use for tracking down relatives of clients. What I am going to do is say that I was hired to find out if Mr. Langley was abusive towards the kids and I had hired you to go into the school, with a identification card we had permission to use and vet out Mr. Langley. That way it won't look like a substitute teacher is trying to get her replacement fired for spite."

"Sounds good to me," she told her. "The kids are planning on striking if Bobby's not let beck in. They made up picket signs."

Kara made a note of the strike, "We could use that as leverage to get the principle to avoid a media circus."

"Okay," Jackie agreed, "they are planning on picketing tomorrow morning in front of the school building."

"Make sure they stay on the sidewalk and don't touch anyone," instructed Kara. "After they start picketing, your father and I will be on hand to meet with the principle. We'll use the kids as added pressure. Your father and I both will negotiate a solution for Bobby. In the mean time, try not to do anything like that again."

"Oh, I'll try," she promised. "Thank you, Kara. You're a live saver."

She couldn't help but laugh, "You're welcome. You know Jackie, you just become a spy. You proved you can."

Though Kara was joking, Jackie's mind went back to the CIA and the briefcases she had been ferrying. Jackie's face went blank, turning slightly pale.

"You okay?" asked Kara.

"Fine," she replied still in thought, "just the CIA asked me to deliver something for them and never told me what it was."

Kara gasped, "You're kidding?"

She shook her head, "It was when they were transitioning from OSS to CIA. They wore black suits all the time...Looked ridiculous."

"The Men In Black?" asked Kara, "It's CIA?"

Jackie gave a funny look, "What? What Men In Black? What are you talking about?"

"Don't you read the papers, Jackie?"

She shook her head, "I try no too. Too depressing."

"Roswell?" asked Kara, "Ever heard of the crash down there? The funny guys running around where black suits asking people if they have seen UFO's."

"You mean Foo Fighters? I saw them during the war. Never did figure out what the heck it was."

"Yes, Foo fighters and Jackie there is a big UFO phenomenon going on and you are connected to the CIA. You know the CIA were wearing black suits." She started to laugh, "Oh, god…You're in the middle of something and you have no clue what you are doing, do you?"

"I had no idea that I was in the middle of something," she admitted.

Bambi's House

Under Kara's instructions Jackie had removed herself from the facility of the striking students. Kara feared Jackie would be connected to the issue, and that would be seen as a conflict by the principle, which could cost the new teacher her job.

Thus, Jackie was ordered away from the school while her father his girlfriend took control of the matter. She went to visit Bambi instead, figuring she could help her friend if need be.

Bambi's morning sickness now passed she found she had developed a craving for the most unusual concoctions of food. Jackie's nose wrinkled as her friend sat at the table during lunch thoroughly enjoying a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

"This taste so good, Jackie." Bambi licked her lips of the peanut butter, "You should try it."

She shook her head, "I think I will stick with peanut butter and jam," she stated. "What else are you eating?"

"Pickles," replied Bambi, "on everything. Pickles and ice cream, pickles on toast, pickles on peanut butter, pickles on mayo, pickles on mustard, pickles on salads." She looked upon Jackie's disgusted face, "What? It's good."

"It's disgusting," she replied, "really gross and totally disgusting."

Bambi pointed her finger, "You already said disgusting."

"It's disgusting," she repeated.

Bambi miffed, "Can't wait till you're pregnant and see what you eat."

She rolled her eyes, "I'm not getting pregnant."

Bambi snickered, "According to Ambrose you are."

"Am not," she assured. "I would know if I was pregnant and I'm not."

She teased, "As long as you are having sex with Daniel, you can get pregnant. What are ya gonna do, shut hubby off?"

Jackie shook her head, "No, we're just very careful."

"Ah-ha," snickered Bambi. "I still can't wait for you to get pregnant. Can't wait to sit back and laugh at you eating weird stuff."

"That's not going to happen to me," assured Jackie. "I have different taste in food than you anyways. So, how's the baby's room coming?"

"Oh, great," replied Bambi, "I painted it pink."

"And if it's a boy?"

"Then he better like pink," replied Bambi.


Principle Johnson couldn't believe what was happening. A handful of students stood outside his school marching back and forth with picket signs. Shouting slogans and demanding Bobby be let back to finish his senior year.

His secretary informed him that retired General Jackson and local legal eagle, Kara Roberts were waiting to see him. As he peered through the blinds out the window to the students marching in the cold, Kara and Fred entered his office. Carrying the tape recorder in his arms, Fred placed the device on his desk and plugged it into the wall.

"What's the meaning of this?" asked Johnson.

Kara smiled, "Proof of assault against one of your teachers, Mrs. Jackie Garrett."

He scoffed, "Mrs. Garrett was lucky I didn't smack her after that little stunt she pulled. She had no right doing that. I let her keep her job and finish teaching the remainder of the class." He pointed to the window, "Who are now outside picketing. Did she put them up to that?"

Fred shook his head, "Those kids did that on their own. Jackie just gave them the art supplies to use. This is a tape recording of what happened that morning between my daughter and Langley. It proves she was assaulted by what Bobby said…"Get your hands off Mrs. G'…And if you don't let that boy back in her, were taking it to the newspapers."

His eyes narrowed, "That's blackmail."

Kara corrected, "It's a negotiation. Bobby was wrongfully expelled for protecting his teacher from a threat. Langley had his hands directly on Mrs. Garrett and he pushed her back against the wall. That's assault."

Johnson huffed, "Robert hit Langley in the nose. That's assault."

"He was protecting Mrs. Garrett and this tape proves it," replied Kara. She nodded for Fred to turn on the tape.

After listening to the tape the principle had to concede that Langley was not doing his job and Jackie had called him on the fact. He also had to acknowledge that Langley did indeed physically touch Jackie, though he wasn't sure if assault was the proper term.

"He did touch her but he never harmed her. That's not assault," the principle replied.

Kara shook her head, "It is assault, he grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. He even forced her back into her seat. That is assault by definition. An assault can even be verbal, can be a threat and can be unwarranted contact, such as in this case. Now, unless the school wishes to face a lawsuit, which I am prepared to bring about, I suggest you let Bobby back in and never hire Mr. Langley again."

"You're suite will never stand up in court. She had no right sneaking in here as a student."

Kara took a gamble, "She was working under my supervision as a private investigator. I have a license and we became aware of verbal abuse being leveled at the class by Mr. Langley. She had permission from Becky Ford, Liz's cousin to use her identification for this matter. She was working as a private investigator for my firm."

Johnson really didn't believe the claim, "Was she? They why was her husband unaware she was even here?"

Fred miffed, "Because he's Daniel…Boring history teacher."

Kara covered, "To protect Jackie's cover we decided it was best he didn't know and that she was instructed to avoid him." Kara bluffed her way through, "What she did was perfectly legal. This case is not about Mrs. Garrett's job as an undercover investigator but rather about an abusive teacher who threatened her and a boy who protected her. Or would rather Mr. Langley had actually harmed Mrs. Garrett?"

"Obviously not," Johnson replied. He made an offer, "I will let Robert back in the school and keep Mrs. Garrett for the rest of the year. You don't sue the school and tell those damn kids to stop picketing. This also never goes to the press. And I want that in writing."

Fred added, "Jackie also gets reimbursed for the school supplies she bought and a budget to take the kids on field trips. She should also get a raise."

Johnson sneered, "I'll reimburse her for the supplies and get a small budget for trips but she stays at the same pay rate as any entry level teacher."

Fred was about to pickup the tape recorder and tell the man to shove his offer someplace unethical but Kara stopped him. Placing her hand on his arm as he went for the recorder.

"That would be fine, Mr. Johnson." She looked at Fred, "It's more than fair."

He huffed, "She should get raise. You see what they pay her. Peanuts!"

Kara smiled, "Teachers are not in it for the money. They don't get paid a lot. They never have."

"It's peanuts," he repeated.

"It is," Johnson agreed. "I could be an administrator in any facility and make twice as much myself. We work for less to keep your taxes down, General Jackson."

"Fine," he huffed after being torpedoed. He knew he could get more for her.

Kara gave a nod, "I know you could, Mr. Johnson. My firm will draw up the agreement and have sent here. I will tell the students to stop picketing and come back for classes starting tomorrow under Mrs. Garrett's supervision. And Mrs. Garrett can plan the rest of the year with her class and ready them for graduation."

"You have a deal," the principle replied. He didn't want any more trouble. Just finish out the year and then get rid of the troubled class. He wasn't sure if he would hire Mrs. Garrett ever again and that moment his mentality was to avoid bringing the teacher back in the future. They shook hands and left with the agreement intact along with Jackie's class.

Fred huffed on the way out, "We could have gotten far more for her. Raise, guaranteed job after the class graduates. Far more stuff."

"We could have," she agreed, "but Jackie isn't the type to be tied down by a teaching job. I think she should take the civil service exam and become a cop. She has a talent for investigations. That or, become an actress."

"Percy Quill," laughed Fred. "He was bugging her to become an actress too."

"I'm still waiting to meet him," she grinned, "he's coming to the states in a Broadway play next year. Can't wait to see him. Jackie is excited too. She promised me I could get his autograph."

Fred scoffed, "Why you want his autograph?"

"He's a gorgeous actor," she replied. "What woman wouldn't?"

He rolled his eyes, "Never understand all this screaming fandom stuff. You see those newfangled televisions?"

She grinned, "I ordered one."

"What the hell for?"

"They are going to have programs one them. Like news broadcasting and stuff. Kind of like a radio but with pictures as well. I think TV will be the wave of the future."

Fred shook his head, "If ask me there is something wrong about those things. I saw them in the stores. It's too…Captivating. Wonder what they are up too?"

"Who is up to?"

"The CIA," he replied. "They have to be behind this big push to put these very expensive boxes into each home. Wonder why?"

"Fred, love you dearly but your beginning to sound like a conspiracy nut."

He shrugged, "I know how they work, conspiracies is all they do. Believe me, they are up to something with those damn TV's."

She put her arm through his and held on tight, "Love ya anyways, Fred."

"Love ya too," he replied.

Graduation Party

They finished out the rest of the school year without much ado. Jackie took the small class on field trips to museums and such. The troubled teens found a new direction in life as they were welcomed at the flight school. Fred purchased them all new A-2 style leather jackets in an effort to steer them towards aviation and the emerging industries associated with the new technology.

It wasn't long before the troubled teens gave up the Greaser style and attitudes and embraced a new aviation geared club. Suddenly they went from being the 'town trouble makers' to being far more cool than could ever imagined. Wearing flight jackets with the new Glendale Cove Flight Academy logo over the left breast of the jacket. The logo made up by Fred himself, a set of wings with a shield in the center. The initials GCFA equally spaced in the center of the shield. Each jacket also was given a shoulder patch, a different patch for each job. Bobby received a mechanics patch on the shoulder, while rest received a patch that indicated ground crews.

Suddenly the teens weren't just some gang but working, employable and no longer the kids from the wrong side of town. But rather kids who belonged to the flight school and worked there for good pay and opportunities. The small gang went from being troublemakers to 'the town pillars' in the eyes of many people. Shining examples of what hard work and dedication can accomplish.

Jackie's troubled class, that no one wanted to teach, had become one of the top classes in the school. Bobby's grade shot up to land an graduating grade of 100 percent upon passing every test with high accuracy confirming Jackie's claim that he was extremely intelligent.

She proudly watched the graduation ceremony and the principles acknowledgement of the accomplishments of the class. The man was touched by the turn around the class portrayed and gave a speech in their honor. He assured that Bobby would never had graduated with honors if the boy wasn't given the levels of respect and care that Jackie had given him. Intervention was now a subject worth looking into for Principle Johnson knew there would be more troubled kids to follow in the years ahead.

At the flight school her father hosted a graduation part for Jackie's special class. Not only from school graduation but also for Bobby's aviation mechanics course.

The man took it one step further, enrolling the three boys into pilot's courses so they will all be licensed pilots before the draft could hit. It was a tactical maneuver on Fred's part. Making sure the boys were all pilots would prevent them from being infantry on the front lines and give them a right step towards a better career.

Bobby understood the draft was coming and why Fred insisted they become pilots but Lenny and Scooter assumed they were gonna be part of some barn storming show in the summer.

The young men received their draft notices the very day of the party. Scooter and Lenny were flabbergasted by the notice while Bobby took the news in stride.

Scooter held up the paper to Jackie after arriving at the school, "I've been drafted," his voice crackled.

"Dad told me it was coming," she put her arms around him. "That is why he gave you, Lenny and Bobby free flight courses. The school didn't pay for you to be a pilot. My father did so when you got your notice, you wouldn't be frontline. When you go in, bring your pilot's license and tell them you are a pilot and need to be in aviation. I don't know where you will be placed in Korea but you will not be infantry."

He looked at her, "Your father paid for my pilot's license?"

"Yes, he loves you guys and wanted you to have a better chance than infantry men." She gave him an assuring embrace, "My father has been a few steps ahead of the draft department."

He hugged her back, "Thank you. You did too."

Bobby walked up, hand in his pockets, "Hey teach."

She turned, "Got your notice, huh?"

"We all did," he confirmed. "Dad told me it was coming. Ya know, he's a pretty smart guy. Don't quiet get why he told me never to buy a TV though."

She gave a funny look, "Not sure about that one myself, Bobby. You guys better write me all the time and let me know how you are and if you need anything."

"We will," he promised.

As party continued a call came for her in her father's office. Jackie retrieved the phone in the midst of the celebration. Sipping a glass of wine she picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" she asked.

A woman's voice came over the phone, "Mrs. Garrett?"


"This is nurse Kathy from the doctor's office."

Jackie nodded in her recent physical, "Yes, I just had a physical. Anything wrong?"

The nurse beamed, "No Mrs. Garrett. As part of the physical we ran a pregnancy test. It came back positive. Congratulations, Mrs. Garrett."

Jackie went pale for she didn't have anything to signal she was pregnant, "I'm pregnant?"

"Yes, you are,' the nurse replied. "We're you not expecting that?"

Jackie shook her head, "I have no idea. Wouldn't I be throwing up or something? I feel fine."

"Not all women get morning sickness, Mrs. Garrett."

"I just had my period," she told her, "it has to be a mistake."

The nurse shook her head, "It was probably spotting and it normal for some women. Can I schedule you to come in for a prenatal visit?"

"Yes, of course."

"How about Monday at ten in the morning?"

"That's fine, thank you."

"I got you scheduled and again, congratulations Mrs. Garrett."

"Thank you," she hung up the phone. Took a deep breath and looked down at her own flat stomach. "Jackie has the boy," she recalled Ambrose's prediction. She started to grin, "Jackie has the boy. Bambi has the girl and Jackie has the boy. Oh, wow, Ambrose was right."

Her father walked into his office but only caught the last bit, "Ambrose was right about what?" He searched for a paper for the graduating kids.

She looked at him, "That was my doctor's office. I'm pregnant, Dad?"

His eyebrow lifted, "Daniel?"

"Who else?' she laughed.

"I'm gonna kill him," he started to march out.

"Dad, Ambrose predicted I would have a boy six months ago."

Fred nodded, "Good, I'm still gonna kill him."

She tugged his arm, "You are not gonna kill my husband. We've been married going on six years now."

He stopped and pleaded pitifully, "Let punch him, just once…Please?"

"No," she replied, wrapping her arms around him. "You're gonna be a grandpa."

He stood held her, "Grandpa?" He smiled at the idea and then assured, "You'll always be my little girl, no matter how old we get."

The End.