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"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."


Six. That's always been their number. Of course, it's the six of them. Or the five. But yeah, six, if you count the dead one buried between Two's apple and peach trees at Two's old house. They were all inseperatable. Until, again, Six died. Then One and Five moved across the country together with their families, Four moved back home(China), Three cut off all connections so that she was about as good as the equivalant of dead as well. Two was basically abandoned by his friends in an empty house, a ghost neighborhood devoid of their old lives, left to his life in solitude with only the phantom of a girl that mocked him with her eyes and her smile and all. That. Blood. It was her fault they all split, anyways.

They weren't adults, they weren't quite teens(they were children, really, because thirteen isn't really a teen age yet) when she died. Or rather, committed suicide. She took the knife and drew on the side of her neck, opposite of the dragon tattoo her sibling had given her when she was six. Funny, isn't it. Six.

The carving was mostly a circle, with two slightly curved spikes jutting out at the top and bottom in opposite directions. Top went right, bottom went left.* She had drawn it on a character once. Said it was the 'Heart of the Doll'. Whatever that meant. They had asked. She had smiled and shaken her head.

"You guys will have to figure that one out on your own. I prefer it to be soon."

It was cruel, the way they found her. In the bathroom, laying in the bathtub, naked, the hand holding the razor dripping with blood limp, the blade's handle just barely balancing on the tips of her cold, pale fingers. Words in Japanese were writting up and down her arms, and legs, and three words written over and over across her shoulders and chest. There was a small heart burned in the hollow of her clavicle. A twisted, deranged smile stretched around a black lighter with red flames, aviator glasses pushed up her nose. Red streaks fell from behind the shades. No one was willing to take them off.

Dark crimson water filled the tub, black and red rose petals floating in the stillness. Vermillion liquid slowly overflowed out onto the once pristinely white linoleum.

One had fallen into Five's arms and cried while Five held back sobs in vain. Three had attacked one of the walls in the hallway, yelling what she knew in Latin(which were really just curses). Four was reading the Japanese/Chinese characters written on the wall with black marker and wailing.

Two, the bravest, the toughest, of their lot, boldly stepped forward, trailed the fingers of both his hands down her face, his own expression blank. He studied her. Leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. Then, with one last deep breath...

Slipped the glasses off Six's face.

Two screamed loudly, continuously, as his hands, still on Six's face, tensed and clawed, digging into the cold flesh. He hadn't realized he'd taken her empty hand and bitten down on it, or that at the same time, he'd been smashing her slack skull against the back of the wall and edge of the bathtub until Five was trying to yell at him above the screaming, ripping him away from their friend.

Six's older brother and sister, twins, had slipped the glasses back on and had wrapped her in a towel, lifting her out of the water. Six's brother looked on the verge of a breakdown, while his twin's condition matched One's.

Five had pinned Two to a chair using his body and straddling him until Three had calmed(somewhat) enough to tie Two down and ductape the chair to the wall.

Two kept screaming. Pleading for someone to believe him. Even now, when all has past, they still don't believe him. But he knows what he saw.

Irises had turned blood red, pupils vertical slits like a demon's. Then she blinked, her fucking corpse blinked, and her eyes returned to glassy, dark brown with black pinpoints for pupils.

Three, in all her mood-swing-iness, kneeled by Two's side, stroking his cheek with one of her hands and speaking in low, soothing tones. Two couldn't hear a thing. He was too busy going into silent shock and emtpy, black thoughts.

One and Five were in the kitchen, speaking in hushed tones before they were replaced by sniffling and choked cries. Four was still in the bathroom, reading the words over and over in Chinese, even though Six's intention of writing was in Japanese, since Six didn't know Chinese.

"She-She - " Two couldn't get words out.

"I know, love, I know," Three whispered.

Four emerged from the bathroom and went to sit down by Three and Six, eyes puffy and nose red. One couldn't have been doing much better, if at all.

By the time Six's siblings had decided to take her out of the bedroom they'd layed her in, everyone had gone to sleep. Except for Two.

When the Twins had carried out their sister, Two was still wide awake and alert. He didn't say anything but choked on a breath when he saw her eyes open, the same ones from before but glowing this time, and that smile, still wrapped around the lighter, grew even more. Subtly, though, very little by little that the Twins didn't notice. Her pearly white teeth were a stark contrast to her blood stained body.

Two was silent, inwardly panicking.

They all split the month after Six's burial.

One and Five, even though they all were just barely starting highschool, were making plans for college and even tying the knot afterwards. Four went back to his boarding school in China and only emailed them once in a while when he could. Three moved around between the US and other places, and wouldn't allow them to find her. Two was left behind with the rest of the horrible scene. The Twins allowed him to move in with them, since Six and her siblings were orphans.

They all changed. They grew up, survived, but changed.

It's the year 2024, right now. The five of them. They're not villains, they're not heroes. They're whatever pleases them at the moment. They'll even turn on each other and then team up the day after to gang on another one of their own. They change, rearrange, dissolve, solidify, and then they start the cycle all over again. But at the end of the day, there's always a hero left.

"Ammo, already lost, I wonder if what was once here will be returned."

-Unhappy Refrain

Rin and Len Kagamine)

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