A/N: heyy. So… this is just a very short, fluffy one-shot. It's all true. I just modified it slightly.

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We're in the car, heading back home from the library. My books sit in between my little brother and I. He's playing with a toy plane and bobbing his head to the crappy, pop music coming from the radio. I smile. He's so innocent. I sigh, wishing I could go back to the days when I was like him. When I was "Just a kid". I turn to the window, resting my forehead against the cool glass. I stare at the passing houses until my eyelids feel heavy and I close them for the briefest of moments.

"Who's Bloody Mary?" My little brother asks.

My eyes open instantly. I turn around to face him.

"Bloody Mary? You don't know who Bloody Mary is?" I ask incredulously.

He shakes his head side to side in response.

Wow. What are they teaching kids at school nowadays?

I lean closer and say in a low voice, "Bloody Mary is a ghost. She comes out of a mirror when you lock yourself in a dark bathroom, flush the toilet three times and say her name repeatedly."

"What happens then?" He asks in a whisper.

"Then she kills you," I answer nonchalantly with a shrug.

He shudders.

"I did it once," I tell him with a chuckle.

He gasps and asks, "Did she… Did she kill you?"

I roll my eyes and give him a look. Then I realize he is serious. I decide to troll him.

"No… I kicked her butt," I answer with a smirk.

He looks at me in awe and admiration. "My hero…" He whispers.

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