Till death do us part...


Just My Luck When Patrick told me,I didn't know what to think.I mean... What can you think? I do know I did end it badly when I found out. How can you NOT know something like that? I feel oh so bad for slapping him and running away like a little girl. Just my luck,right? The one boy in my ENTIRE school who isn't a moron/idiot/pervert,and come to find out he's dead..

Chapter 1: Inseparable

"Hey there,beautiful." I hear Patrick's playfully sleethy voice behind me.
"Why hello to you as well." I answer back in the same playfully sleethy tone,he grabs my waist and pulls me in slowly for a kiss,his oddly cold touch making me shiver. I feel his lips curl up into a smile. "What?" I laugh,pulling away.
"Oh,nothing.I'm just really happy." He replies,hugging me close. I remember when I first met him,not 4 weeks ago. My first day in Springfield High,It was 3rd period,Chemistry,I turned around and asked for a pencil.
"You can see me?" He had asked surprised.
"Um...yeah,it's not that dark in here." I answered back,giggling a little bit at his weirdness. "About that pencil..?"
"Sorry...I'm..all out." He shrugged,still looking at me with big bulging eyes.
"Ok...no prob." I turned back around,still giggling. Later that day at lunch he asked if we could talk,I replied sure.
"I'm Patrick by the way."
"Lieda.." I blushed.
"What do I look like?"
"Well..Short brown curls,big brown eyes,and adorably cute dimples on your dark round face." I exclaimed, "what do I look like?"
"Long flowing fiery locks,deep emerald eyes,and glossy fusia lips." He smiled.
"Sounds about right to me." We both gave a laugh,then,ever since then,we've been inseparable.
"So listen..." Patrick's every so soft voice knocks me back to reality, "Later,lets meet up behind the track..There's something I've been meaning to tell you." I pull away from his hug and glance at his face,distorted into sadness.
"Are you a women?" I ask,serious as a heart attack.
"No" He laughs,kissing me before walking away backwards,his eyes lookin deep into mine. "Eight?" I nod,he blows me a kiss then disapears down the deserted hallway,that's when I realize I'm late for class.