In the arms of darkness

She opened her eyes, but she could not see. Her hands reached out, but all she could feel was nothing. She braved a step, and fell.

Darkness surrounded her, eliminating the last glimpse of light in her soul. She screamed, but her voice went unheard. As she fell, memories from her past life slipped soundlessly away, leaving her in a daze, and she drifted into a deep slumber.

A bright light crept into her lids, and her eyes fluttered open. She knew not where she was, she knew not who she was. A heavy metallic smell overwhelmed her and she cried.

Then there she saw, a woman of no more than thirty, holding her tightly with a weary smile on her face. A strange sense of comfort and warmth ran over her, and feeling safe as ever in the woman's hands, she closed her eyes, and once again fell into the arms of the darkness.