Dear Readers,

I introduce you to part of my Fan Works project. The Fan Works project is about a bunch of imaginary fanfic writers I've created to parody and satire the fanfiction community. This project uses the concept of "story within a story". I started off having them write fanfiction for one of my works on this site. In that work, I wasn't the writer of my own work, other people were. That is gone as the work it was based off of has been removed to be improved. The other work is over on my fanfiction account, where the writers write fanfiction for a fandom and then get criticized for their writing by other people I've created, and eventually the canon characters from the fandom joined in. This project is a collection of one-shots dealing with each writer, both badfic and goodfic writers alike as their personalities have slowly become more and more fleshed out.

Sincerely, Yemi Hikari

Fan Works: The Writers Corner
Christina Love: Essay for School

I'm tired of writing introductory essays every time I get back from summer break. They are always the same and very boring! I mean, can't the teachers come up with something new for us to do with our time? Couldn't they come up with some new questions? And why can't we simply answer a questionnaire? I don't like writing essays, there are so many rules. Fanfiction doesn't have any rules.

I think I'll start off with what fanfiction is because I doubt the teacher knows. I know I'm answering the questions out of order, but I honestly don't care. It is my essay and I'll write it how I feel. My hobby is writing fanfiction. My OC is Christina Love, she's actually myself rather obviously, except her last name has been changed from Lewis. So there, you have my name too.

My OC is paired with my favorite characters. She gets to have them as her boyfriend and she gets to eventually marry them and have a family with them. She is also supper amazing in the fact she can do anything she wants. She doesn't let people hold her back because she is a female. She is a major feminist too.

I was born is San Deigo, California before I moved here to Fandeir, New York. I guess being in a city near New York, New York can still help me launch my acting career. That is what I want to be when I grow up. Well, I believe I've written enough so I'll go and turn my paper in to the teacher. It isn't as if we're getting a grade on this, so I'm not going to be bothered to answer the other questions.


The teacher sat at her desk looking at the first few essays that had been handed in to her. One of the girls with blue eyes and blond hair stepped up and handed her essay in. At first glance she thought nothing about it, but upon a second skimming she realized that there was information missing. "Ms. Lewis, can I speak to you please?"

The girl got back up from her seat and walked over to the teacher. "Is something the matter?"

"Do you remember how I suggested following the question sheet in order to answer all the questions I asked?" The teacher looked the girl straight in the eye.

"I don't like conforming to writing standards." Christina pulled on the sleeve of her pink blouse.

"I don't mind the fact you didn't follow the order, but I told you that I did want certain information included." The woman looked down at her paper. "You've only answered what your name is, where you were born, what your hobby is and what you want to eventually be. You forgot to add in what you did this summer. You didn't answer what you favorite subject is or your least favorite. You also forgot when you were born."

"I wrote fanfiction over the summer, I went shopping for new clothes. I went to a Justin Beiber concert, I went to a bunch of the new romance movies and I read the new romance novels. Not to mention I've read Twilight many times over. I was born the twenty-first of this month. I don't see the point in listing my favorite and least favorite subject as I don't like school."

"I'm also going to note that while I did say I wouldn't be grading for technical issues, turning it in does constitute a grade as it will help your average for the year. It is based on completing the material though, and you only have answered half the questions. Normally, this would constitute a fifty, but I made it clear this was an all or nothing grade."

"It's not fair to make us work the first day of school." Christina let out a deep sigh.

"School isn't a game."

"We're Freshman though, so we're supposed to be getting used to how the school works, not having us stressed out on the first day."

"It is still a zero Ms. Lewis."