Chapter 1

A New School Year!

Hi I'm Abby! I'm 16 years old and starting my junior year at South High Academy. After I've been having trouble at my old school I transferred to South High! My little sister Lori is also going to South High as a freshman and my friends Jessica, Lauren, and Angi also transferred from different schools to come here. I'm really good at sports and I have a 4.0 can you believe that?! I actually have a bad temper so I get angry easily. I have really REALLY long auburn hair and green eyes unlike my sister but tons of guys adore me. Actually I hope to make new friends and even meet a few cute boys along the way but who knows! A new school year equals a new life for me!

I'm Lori. I just turned 14 and here I am starting my first year at South High Academy. My older sister transferred from her old horrible school to this place in hopes of making new friends and protecting me. Although I seem a little mean at first I really truly try to be nice. I just hate lots of people. My best friend Gabby is my sidekick and your 411 for gossip but really she thinks Abby is her all time hero. My blond hair and blue eyes can't be mistaken in a crowd and since I have amazing looks guys will love me! I have a boyfriend named Mark who is also a freshmen but he's kind of a ditz to be honest. For me this is the start of a better future.

I'm Gabby! Like my bff, Lori, I'm 14 and starting my first year at South High Academy! I'm known for getting the latest gossip around the school so if you want the scoop then then I'm your girl! I can admit I'm a little dumb but my looks cover it all. I came out of Jr high being the prettiest girl in school! I have an older brother named Harry who also has amazing looks (like me) and girls adore him but really he's just a stuck up popular boy. Let's just hope I pass my first year here!

I'm Jessica! I'm 16 years old and a good friend to Abby. Like many other girls I fall prey to the cute senior boys at South High but this year my real goal is to pass all my classes! Even gym (Yes my athletic skills are very poor)! I transferred from a catholic school since they tried stuffing Jesus in my brain so many times I became an Atheist. This red hair beauty captures men hearts but honestly I've never found Mr. Perfect yet… Well a new school means new people to meet!

"Welcome to South High Academy! Would you like a map?" A teacher asked Lori and Abby.

"No thanks I think we can manage." Abby said smiling. Lori was silent and watching the older classmen stare at her sister. Oh hop off will you? Just because she's prettier than you bitches stop gossiping about her. Low lives.

"ABBY! Oh and little Lori too!" Jessica shouted and hugged both girls.

"Nice to see you, Jess." Lori said when Jessica let go of both of them.

"Nice summer in the UK right? I want all the details and even the gossip about the cute UK boys." Jessica snickered.

This is South High Academy. An American school located in the country of Japan for students who want to learn overseas. Although all students wear a uniform like the rest of the Japanese schools this school is strictly for transfer students from America.

"UK boys are not hot at all. My Markie is still the cutest." Lori said giggling.

"Well your Markie poo is over by his locker with Babble Gabby on the second floor." Jessica said. Lori gasped and took off down the hall.

"Well how was your summer, Jess?" Abby asked as they walked down the hallway.

"Pretty crappy if you ask me. I only got to spend time with Asou at the firework show."

"Oh Asou is that new delivery guy at you work right?"

"Yeah and boy he sure is one hottie! He can even speak perfect English and listens to the same music as me! I can't believe I'm this lucky, Abby!"

"Do you like him enough to date him?"

"Well yea… no… I don't know. I have a feeling our relationship won't last long anyway. He's a senior at that fancy Japanese school down the block."

"Hmm I see you point but still you never know." Abby said as they made their way to their lockers.

"So any summer romances?" Jessica asked Abby.

"No… I was too busy practicing archery and reading but I have to tell you the UK boys didn't seem to interest me. I'll take an American boy any day." Abby said smiling as she put books into her shoulder book bag

"Then this year I vow to get you one amazing boyfriend!" Jessica said jumping causing everyone to turn and look at the pair of girls.

"Hey Jess if you keep on jumping some pervy guys are going to come over here." Angi said fixing her glasses.

"Angi! Hey it's not my fault this uniform is too big!" Jessica said fixing her skirt.

"What up ladies?" A boy said behind Angi.

"Oh this is my boyfriend, Daniel. I met him at the fourth of July parade in LA and he told me he's going here too so we… hooked up." Angi said blushing.

"Oh right Angi! You caught yourself a cute one." Jessica said giving her a thumbs up. Angi was a skinny girl with short dyed purple hair who wore glasses since she hated contacts. Her boyfriend, Daniel, was an Irish boy with short messy red hair and bright green eyes.

"I like your friends already." Daniel said hugging Angi.

"Daniel… this is Jessica and Abby. They both came from Montgomery high back in LA. That's the rich snotty place." Angi said.

"Ew rich people but hey I'm Daniel. I came from Dublin but my parents have a villa in LA so that's how I met Angi." Daniel said showing his beautiful white teeth.

"Wow even his teeth are white." Abby whispered.

"Hey where is Lori, Abby?" Angi asked.

"Upstairs with her beau and Gabby." Abby said.

"Mark is here too?!"

"Yep he got in at the last minute and so did Gabby."

"Of course Gabby did. Her super sexy brother goes here too." Jessica said dreamily.

"Super sexy brother?" Angi asked.

"His name is Harry! He's the popular senior and every girl here likes him deep down inside cause his looks are compared to a god but I hear he's snotty and stuck up."

"Never heard of him." Abby and Angi both replied.

"Hey GUYS! Come on how could you not! Abby your little sister is his little sister's best friend and you've never heard or seen him before?!" Jessica whined.

"Gabby never talks about him. She doesn't like him much. Also he was traveling with his friends all summer around Europe so I never saw him." Abby said.

"Bummer! I saw him yesterday and his eyes are to die for! The prettiest baby blue eyes I've ever seen and his hair is black as night and just sooooo sexy." Jessica babbled.

"We don't really care." Abby, Angi and Daniel replied and turned their backs toward Jessica.


"Seems like Jessica is chatty today." Lauren said behind Jessica making her jump.

"LAUREN!" Jessica screamed.

"Oh yes my summer was just great. I blew up many things and rode my motorcycle the whole time." Lauren said ignoring Jessica.

"Lauren… you must still scare people." Angi said. Lauren was tall, skinny and pale. In the group she was considered the murder because all the other girls believe she killed someone once. Lauren has short cut black hair and red eyes (their contacts so chill) which gives you the impression she's evil.

"Hmm. Be careful. The hungry bottom feeder boys are on the lookout." Lauren said and she glared down the hall at a group of a boys watching the three girls.

"Well they can't touch Angi. I'll beat them to a pulp." Daniel said cracking his knuckles.

"Angi I'm jealous." Jessica said.

"Maybe your Asou will protect you!" Abby said.

"Fat chance." Jessica said crossing her arms. Soon as Lauren finished grabbing her books the group headed upstairs to their classrooms.

"This is the freshmen and senior hallway?" Lauren asked.

"Yep and across the bridge is the sophomore hallway." Angi said looking at her map.

"HEY GUYS!" A girl from behind them screamed. The group turned to see a bouncy Gabby and a ticked off Lori and Mark.

"Oh hey Gabby, Lori, Markie poo." Jessica said snickering with Abby.

"Abby tell your sister to stop kissing Mark. It's gross." Gabby whined and gave the puppy eyes to Abby.

"When you get a boyfriend I bet you a hundred bucks you'll be making out with him in the hallway too." Abby replied.

"Hmm you're probably right." Gabby said giving Abby her thinking look.

"See any cute boys lately, Gabby?" Jessica asked winking at her.

"No but my brother's friend, Andrew, is going off about being the strongest senior here because he's from Texas. You can ever hear him from here and he's all the way at the end of the hall." Gabby said sighing.

"She's right. Andrew is also shouting about how we Americans so always do our homework and never lose pride about where we came from. What a douche." Mark said.

"Well he's friends with my brother so that's probably the reason." Gabby said.

"WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER?!" Jessica screamed at Gabby.
"Chill, creepy. He's down there with Andrew." Mark said pointing down the hall.

"Don't even make eye contact with him." Gabby pouted.

"Why?! He's the sexiest guy in school!" Jessica gasped.

"That's offensive." Mark and Daniel said quietly.

"He was dubbed a sex god by the senior girls and he uses girls for his own pleasure." Gabby snapped.

"Now that's a very good reason to ignore him." Angi said.

"No kidding! This is why I never liked him." Gabby said coldly

"Sex god or not he's still the hottest thing here." Jessica said.

"Ew." The rest of the group said. The first bell rang and many of the freshmen students quickly rushed down the stairs to their first class.

"Let's all sit together for lunch alright?" Abby asked. They all nodded and the freshmen left the group and made their way downstairs.

"Good thing we all have first class together." Angi said.

"Still… I hate math." Jessica grumbled and her mouth dropped and she grabbed ahold of Lauren.

"Look it's the sex god." Daniel teased and snickered. Coming down the hall was the ever so famous Harry Woods along with his gang of other cute seniors.

"He looks so… calm." Angi said looking at Harry. As the seniors walked past them, Abby looked quickly at Harry and their eyes met for a brief second before Abby turned her head and looked back at her group of friends. He looks nothing like Gabby. Jessica is right though. He's pretty cute but after I hear what Gabby said I'm not making any contact towards him.

"Abby! He totally saw you! Lucky duck!" Jessica said wrapping her arm around Abby's neck.

"Whatever I'm not making any moves towards that pervert." Abby said quietly as they walked into the classroom. A few guys looked up and watched Jessica and Abby take their seats in the back.

"Hi I'm Jordan." The boy sitting in front of Abby said, turning around and winked.

"I'm Abby and this is Jessica." Abby said.

"Hmm LA girls right?" Jordan asked.

"Wow we got a smarty here!" Jessica said giving Jordan a flirty smile.

"Nah I just know my girls." Jordan said blushing.

"STUDENTS. Take your seat." The teacher said walking into the classroom.

"Lunch! I'm starving!" Gabby said taking out her box lunch and juice box from her book bag.

"I like how the dining hall is big enough for all students to eat here at once." Daniel said taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"Well only 50 kids are in each grade so it's simple to just let them eat all at once." Angi explained.

"Ugh they ran out of cherry sodas. Stupid senior boys snagging them all." Jessica said slamming her tray down.

"Just go to the store tonight and buy some." Abby said taking the last empty seat at the table.

"Well how was everyone's day so far?" Gabby asked.

"Hmm well… I hate all my teachers but the homework they give us is easy." Jessica said.

"Dull. Nothing exciting happened yet." Angi said yawning.

"Awesome." Mark said.

"It's cause you make out with Lori in the hallway." The group said all together glaring at Mark and Lori.

"Oh stop it!" Lori shouted.

"Too much PDA if you ask me." Daniel said.

"Hey if that's how they show their love for each other then I think it's cute." Angi said.

"WHAT?! When I tried kissing you today you slapped me with your notebook though!" Daniel said.

"I'm not a PDA girl."

"LIES." The girls said.

"See? Your friends are smart." Daniel said smirking.

"Hey sis can I borrow a dollar?" Harry asked standing behind Gabby. Gabby turned and gave her brother a death glare.

"Why should I?" Gabby said icily.

"Why dear Gabby! Americans may be penny pinchers but our generation is going to change that! This year I Andrew McCartney, Senior President and future governor of Texas will shape this generation into the caring group!" Andrew said clutching his hand. The table looked at him with blank faces.

"I already hate him." Lori said and went back to eating her lunch. Harry looked at Andrew and shook his heads.

"I need money for water now can I borrow a dollar?" Harry asked.

"Fine but you better pay me back." Gabby glared.

"Well Harry your sister's friends are all juniors?" Andrew asked holding Harry's shoulder.


"That's Lori." Harry said rolling his eyes at her.

"I'm sorry Lori. Well who are you all? If you're asking where my accent went, I lost it when I started school here so pardon my amazing south accent for not being here." Andrew said giving a sexy smile to the Junior girls.

"I'm Daniel and this is MY girlfriend Angi." Daniel said narrowing his eyes at Andrew.

"I'm Jessica! This is Lauren and Abby." Jessica said pointing at the other girls and gave her flirty smile to Harry.

"I'm Andrew and this is Harry. What a nice group. Won't mind much if we hang sometime?" Andrew asked looking directly at Abby.

"Oh um sure we won't mind." Abby said.

"Excellent! Well onward Harry! The water awaits you!" Andrew said and pulled Harry away from the table towards the soda machine. Around the dining hall the other girls glared at the group and started whispering to their friends. Gabby sighed and stood up.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! HE'S MY OLDER BROTHER SO ZIP THE LIP." Gabby said glaring at all the girls before sitting back down. "Jealous bitches."

"OHH but Andrew has the hots for Abby here!" Jessica said giggling.

"She's on a roll today." Daniel said smirking at Abby.

"Guys stop! I wouldn't dare want to even look at those two. Andrew the blabbermouth and Harry the sex god is not my type at all." Abby said. For some reason this is going to be one strange school year and honestly it'll be worse if we have to hang with those two.