Chapter 2

Cloud Nine

I'm Harry Woods, the seventeen year old senior at South High Academy. You probably already know this but I'm Gabby's older brother and the senior "hottie" as girls call me. I'll admit my looks are pretty dashing but I have a couple of dark secrets that willl keep the girl I really want…. away. I have a 4.0 and I already got a scholarship to Princeton for field hockey. Surprise right? I like being clean cut. My black hair is only messy on Mondays but the thing all the girls adore is my eyes. This year though I'm changing because I don't want any more short term relationships. I'm going for the gold not the silver or bronze.

I'm Andrew McCartney, the Texan hunk at South High Academy. Although I'm only 17 years old and I have big plans for my future. (Blah blah blah)



"Well if it isn't Harry Woods." Andrew said slapping Harry on the back.

"Hello Andrew." Harry said walking down the hallway at slow speed. No matter how hard they try, Harry can still hear the girl's reaction to his beauty.

"That's Harry Woods. Hottest guy here!"

"Aww he's so cute!"

"I think I've fallen in love!"

Harry sighed and trudged upstairs to his locker ignoring Andrew as he went on about a Karate session he had yesterday. Another year, different crowd of girls and new hearts to break and yet here I am a god but I'm heartless.

"Harry? You listening?" Andrew said grabbing Harry's shoulder.

"Sorry no… I've just had a bad morning." Harry whispered.

"Well please spill the beans. We Americans-"

"Don't start the American speech. I have a really bad headache." Harry said holding his head.

"Um hi Harry…" Someone said next to him. He looked over and saw Monica standing there shaking.

"Oh hey Monica. What's up?" Harry asked looking back at his schoolbooks.

"Well…. Um… you see…" Monica stopped and looked down at her shoes. Harry sighed and closed his locker.

"Monica I'm going to admit it. I'm not dating anyone this year. I've had enough relationships for now and I want to be a lone wolf like Mr. Blabs a lot here." Harry said looking over at Andrew who was bragging about his "Texas" muscles to a couple of senior boys.

"I understand Harry… I hope you find that one girl you really want one day." Monica said smiling weakly and walked away slowly. Harry looked down at his notebook and saw that a bunch of girls already signed their names on it. Angry, he tossed the notebook in the garbage and went into Andrew's locker for a clean one. For once I wished I wasn't the popular guy.

"Morning Harry!" A group of giggling girls said walking past him. Harry ignored them and quickly took out a pen and opened the notebook to the first clean sheet.

Harry Woods

17 years old

Senior at South High Academy

22 ex-girlfriends

Longest relationship: A month

Shortest relationship: Two days

GPA: 4.0

Sports: Field Hockey

Best Subject: Math

Worst Subject: History

Pets: Dog named Sonny

Best Friend: Andrew McCartney

Harry looked down at his write up and ripped it out of his notebook and crumpled it up.

"Stupid. I'm a womanizer." Harry whispered to himself. Harry couldn't help himself though. His first year here was pretty much the best one he had. All the older girls melted when he smiled at them and the whole school watched him when he practiced Field Hockey. His second year he fell downward when Andrew introduced him to the popular crowd and he started going to the crazy parties, dating the popular girls, and even drinking all the time. Before Harry knew it he had many ex-girlfriends, was laid multiple times, the most popular guy in school but had a nickname he couldn't stand. The Sex God. Harry cringed when he even thought of it. To him it was a horrible name. A god with looks so beautiful that even Zeus himself couldn't beat but like the god he seduced girls like no tomorrow. Come to think of it Harry never cried over a breakup. He moved on the day after and found someone else.

Why can't the right one just come on by already? Come on God I'm sick and tired of playing sexy bachelor. I just want to meet the one soon.

"Hey Harry you alright?" His other friend Yuki asked. Harry shook his head and looked at Yuki.

"Sorry man I must still be in summer mode." Harry said.

"Hey no sweat. By the way isn't your little sister here this year?" Yuki asked as his glasses fell to the tip of his nose.

"Oh yeah Gabby is here this year. She's staying at the dorms here though not my place." Harry said. He forgot completely that his little sister was a freshman here. What was worse that he never asked her if she wanted to stay at his own apartment instead of a dorm so their parents could save a few extra thousand dollars.

"Hey man so how about a Back to School party tonight at your place? It'll be just the boys." Yuki asked.

"I have work tonight maybe tomorrow." Harry said.

"You still work at that restaurant?"

"Yeah I need to pay my bills."

"Why not work at the diner Andrew is working at?"

"Please the restaurant is the only place I get peace AWAY from him."

"Hey isn't bad. He just needs to tone down the American speech." Yuki said.

"Not trying to be mean or anything Yuki but can we talk later? I'm not in the mood to talk." Harry said.

"No problem, Harry! I'll see you at lunch." Yuki said walking away leaving Harry back into his thoughts.

Gabby… He hasn't talked to her in ages. Gabby was the type Harry could never understand. It was like she didn't have an off button when it came to talking but she gave out good advice. He remember when she came to one of his games and cheered him on even though she was only eight and didn't have the slightest clue to what was going on. Harry smiled at the thought and watched Andrew impress a group of girls by flexing his biceps.

Now to Harry, Andrew was a different story. He was the annoying friend everyone has but really Harry's only friend. He could tell Andrew anything and he wouldn't tell a soul because that was the "American" way. He met Andrew the first day of school freshmen year when Andrew challenged him to a dodge ball match in gym. Of course Harry won because he was quick on his feet but he knew if Andrew challenged him to an arm wrestle match he was toast. Harry didn't have the muscles like Andrew possessed nor did he ever want them but still. From that challenged until today Andrew and Harry were best friends. Harry was so deep in thought that he didn't hear the first bell ring until Andrew pushed him against the lockers.

"The girls await you, Prince Harry." Andrew joked.

"That's last year's nickname. Remember this year it's Sex God." Harry said and shook when he said the name.

"Suits you." Andrew said and howled with laughter. Ahead was a group of juniors. A jumpy red hair girl was staring right at him. Harry smirked trying to keep his anger inside. Keep your cool, Harry. It's just another admire of yours.

"What a beauty that one is." Andrew said nudging him.

"You better not be talking about the red hair one." Harry said.

"No the brown hair one. The short one in front." Andrew said. Harry looked and saw her eyes were the brightest green he ever seen. She looked at him for a second and then quickly looked away. Harry's heart fell. She wasn't affected by my looks? Harry looked back and noticed none of them were looking back.

"What a beauty that one was." Andrew said.

"Is she a transferred? I've never seen her before…" Harry said. They walked down to the first floor and saw a couple of lost freshmen running around.

"Must be. Strange she didn't stare at us like most girls do." Andrew said. Ahead Harry saw his little sister with a blonde hair girl and some boy. They were laughing until Gabby's eyes met his.

"Well if it isn't older brother." Gabby said glaring at him.

"Hello, Gabby." Harry cooed.

"Well if it isn't Gabriella Woods! Pleasure is all mine!" Andrew said.

"It's Gabby first off and second off go away." Gabby crossed her arms.

"With pleasure." Harry said and started to walk away.

"That's your brother?" The blonde girl asked Gabby as Harry walked away slowly.

"Yeah don't get fooled by his charms he's a bastard in disguise." Gabby said sourly. Anger built up inside Harry as his sister babbled on about him.

"Man I better warn my sis about him." The girl said.

"No kidding! He'll seduce her in a second and walk away with her heart." Gabby said.

"Gabby cut that out! I don't do that shit." Harry said turning around and walking back up to his sister.

"Please I hear the gossip about you here. Just because you have the looks of DiCaprio doesn't mean your heart is pure gold too. Last time I checked you have no heart."

"Gabby!" The boy said.

"No she's right Mark. He'll captured my sister's heart and just rip it up like it was some ad in the paper." The blonde said.

"Who is your sister?" Andrew asked her. The blonde was stunned by Andrew's random kindness in his voice.

"Abby Hughes. She's a junior here." The girl said. Harry's eyes lit up at once. This girl must be Lori the girl Gabby talked nonstop about to my parents.

"That means you're Lori Hughes huh?" Harry asked.

"Yeah so what?" Lori asked.

"My parents told me Gabby is found of you."

"Don't get off subject about my sister! I don't care if you date her friend Jessica Miller though. She's stupid like you." Lori said.

"Jessica Miller?"

"She's a red head and talks nonstop." Lori said rolling her eyes. Harry's heart skipped a beat. That jumpy girl was Jessica… does that mean….

"Does your sister have long brown hair and green eyes?" Harry asked.

"Yeah… why you saw her?" Lori asked looking puzzled.

"I got a glimpse of her." Harry said looking away.

"Uh guys we're going to be late…" Mark said quickly.

"Whatever. Later losers!" Gabby said and stuck her tongue out at Harry before walking away.

"Wow what manners she has." Andrew said.

"That's Gabby for you." Harry replied as they made their way into the classroom. That girl was Abby Hughes… That girl was Lori's sister…

Harry took a seat in the back away from his admires and opened up his notebook and took out a pen.

"So now we know who the cute girl was huh, Harry?" Andrew said taking a seat next to him. Yuki turned.

"Which cute girl?" Yuki asked fixing his glasses.

"Abby Hughes. She's a junior here." Andrew said.

"Hey I met her once! She's really pretty actually and she plays softball." Yuki said.

"You met her! What's she like?" Harry asked quickly.

"Whoa Harry is on to his next victim." Andrew joked.

"Well she's really nice and sweet. She isn't like these popular brats but I can tell you a ton of guys like her. She gives off that omen that she is the good girl type." Yuki recalled.

Harry uncapped his pen and started writing his thoughts while Andrew and Harry talked about her. Harry was getting a weird feeling inside. Abby wasn't like the girls he met let alone date and certainly not the ones he took back to his place. Who was this Abby Hughes?

Harry thought nonstop about Abby during the first half of his day that he forgot what the homework was for his classes. At least it was finally time for some lunch. Harry sat down at his lunch table with Andrew, Yuki and a couple of other friends of his and they went about talking about school, sports, and girls. Harry looked up and saw that red head girl slam her tray on the table and scream about not having a cherry soda. That girl is really messed up. Next to her was the mystery Abby who tried to calm the girl down. Her eyes were even bright from far away and Harry's heart dropped. How can someone like her do this to me? I only date the whores not girls like her…

"Hey Harry aren't you getting a drink or something?" Andrew asked. Harry came to and reached into his pants pocket. His wallet was missing.

"Shit I must have left my wallet at home. Hold on I'll ask Gabby." Harry said getting up.

"You can borrow a dollar from me." Yuki said but Harry glared at him.

"He just wants to get a good look at Hughes. I'll come with buddy." Andrew said and pulled Harry towards Gabby's table.

"Hey sis can I borrow a dollar?" Harry asked and the table stared at him. Gabby turned and gave him a glare so evil he thought the Reaper was hidden within it. He took a step back from her.

"Why should I?" Gabby said. At once Andrew stepped in and started an American speech but Harry tuned him out and stared at Abby. She was staring blankly at Andrew while he was blabbing on and on. Her eyes were a soft bright green, skin tan from vacation maybe but her face was flawless and so beautiful.

"I already hate him." Lori said bringing Harry back into reality.

"Can I just borrow a dollar?" Harry asked Gabby again trying to not make eye contact with Abby.

"Fine but you better pay me back." Gabby said handing him a dollar. Andrew grabbed his shoulder and called Gabby's friends juniors. At once Lori burst into flames and screamed at him. Is Abby like her? A short temper witch? He looked at Lori and cringed. Lori short cut beach blonde hair and ice blue eyes. How could those two be sisters? They don't even look alike….

"I'm Jessica and this is Lauren and Abby." Jessica said grabbing ahold of her two friends and gave Harry a flirty smile. His anger bubbled inside. After Andrew babbled some more they left the table and went to the soda machine. Harry's heart was still beating fast. No girl ever did this to him. For the first time ever Harry was thinking he was going crazy.

"Well see you tomorrow, buddy." Andrew said as Harry walked off of school grounds to his job. For the second half of the day Harry learned so much more about Abby Hughes that it made him feel a little better. According to Gabby, Abby was her hero and all time greatest short stop player in softball history but she was quiet and read a lot. He wasn't worried about that at all actually. What he was worried about was what Abby thought about him…

He played back the memory of seeing her at lunch and sighed. Well at least she knew who he was. For now Harry had to worry about work and Gabby. Poor Gabby didn't accept his offer to stay at his place. Instead she rather stay in the dorms with her friends. Abby was there though when he told Gabby about his own place downtown. Would she want to see it one time?

"Dammit, Harry, don't even go there." He whispered angrily to himself. He walked into a Starbucks for a frappe when he saw her. Abby was sitting alone working on her laptop at a table by the window. She was even out of her uniform and in a pair of jeans, converse and blue blouse. Harry's heart was beating fast again. What should I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO? He quickly took his order and waited by an old lady who had a small dog in her tote bag. She noticed he was staring at Abby and giggled.

"Young man you'll never be able to talk to her that way. Go ahead and sit with her. I may be old but when men want to actually get to know you it gives me a good impression about them." The old lady said to Harry before grabbing her coffee and heading out.

"Sir your frappe." The cashier said handing him his drink. Harry grabbed it and looked over at Abby. He only had one chance so why not take it?

"Mind if I sit here?" Harry said quickly. Abby looked up at him.

"Go ahead, Harry." Abby said calmly. Well at least she wasn't in love with him like the rest of the girls.

"So…." Harry started.

"Why are you here, Harry?" Abby asked closing her laptop.

"I always come here before work."

"Ah so you work huh? Where?"

"Foo's Sushi House. I'm a waiter." Harry said trying to hide his blush.

"Ah well lucky you. I don't have a job so your little ah buddy said his place needs a waitress so I might work there." Abby said looking at her drink.

"Andrew's diner? Um not to be rude but you won't be able to work there after seeing him every day. He can get really annoying."

"No kidding. Between him talking about America all the time and then him flirting with Jessica and I it'll be awkward working there." Abby said laughing.

"That's why I took the Sushi House over the diner." Harry said taking a sip of his drink.

"He's your best friend though."

"He gets extremely annoying in some cases."

"Well then he should date Jessica."

"I heard that girl has a boyfriend. Asou or something like that."

"They're more on the lines of friends with benefits. Yeah she spilled the beans after you left the table today at lunch."

"Um that is really gross."

"Well now you know what she's like." Abby smiled. Harry froze. Her smile was so beautiful and her teeth were super white.

"Then again Andrew is like that. He has this friend named Holly back in Texas and they're on the same lines."

"See? That's what I don't understand. Those two will never find real love then." Abby spat. Whoa angry much?

"What do you mean?"

"They'll live off of their "friend" until they actually fall in love and when they do it'll be hard for them to keep it. I'm against having sex with random people." Abby said crossing her arms.

"I see your point but what if they really love their um "friend"?"

"Please, Jessica is using him. I don't know about your friend Andrew enough to judge him but Gabby talks about you two like you're the devils from hell."

"Don't listen to anything she has to say. She doesn't understand what happened with me. I went down a bad path and I'm trying to get on the good one. It's just taking longer than I expect." Harry said quietly. Abby raised her eyebrow.

"I believe you in some cases."

"I just need new friends that's all."

"Well I can help you with that but I still don't trust you."

"Trust me? Why not?"

"You're a "sex god" and I may not be an expert in that field but I know what that name means." Abby said sternly. Harry started to shake. He was getting a bad feeling about this.

"I admit I was laid a couple of times alright but I feel guilty about it. I should've waited for the right person." Harry said looking down. Dammit I'm telling her my feelings and I hardly know her! Get ahold of yourself dumbass!

"Well I'm waiting still. Don't worry Harry, you're a senior so she'll come around some day." Abby said giving him a small smile. I think I've been waiting for you. Son of a –

"Wait you…"

"Yeah I didn't do it yet. Jesus don't make a fuss about it. I hate people who do."

"No I'm impressed. Girls your age just sleep with anyone."

"Hmm I must say you are correct, Harry." Abby said laughing. Score one for the master. Harry's stomach was jumping with excitement.

"Hey I have to head out soon. Want to come to my job? Old man Foo will give you a free dinner cause I never brought in my friends before. He'll be excited." Harry said quickly. Abby looked surprised and smiled.

"Sure Harry."