I'm going to keep on writing where I left off, so I'll give you a recap. ('Cause I'm nice) :D

A light shone somewhere in the center of the room and I spun on my heel to confront it. The statue was glowing brightly, nearly blinding me. I knew somehow that the light was good, and to my confusion I realized I was smiling. The light became too bright for me to look at without blinding myself, so I turned away, shutting my eyes to shield them.

The light flickered off and I turned to find the room softly illuminated in a pink light. But standing in front of the statue startled me. For what was in front of the statue was a baby.

It wasn't exactly a baby; it looked about five years old, maybe six. Her golden hair fell past her shoulders in gentle curls. With skin like oil: shifting constantly to make a rainbow of colors, and wearing only a plain white gown, she was beautiful, even with the cross expression on her face.

"Kirion of Sunclan," she growled with a voice like honey, "what do you think you're doing?" I froze. Why was I talking to her when people are dying within mere feet away from me? But I knew deep down that I was doing the right thing. She kept talking. "If you hadn't noticed, I was being reborn. So if you have something to say, tell me now or I will be leaving."

Can this . . .? Can this truly be Lady Senant? I opened my mouth to tell her everything, but she held up her hand to stop me. Her cross expression was gone, replaced with a thoughtful look. She tilted her head like she was listening to something. Her red eyes widened and turned to me, dropping her hand. "You have a lot to explain."

"The Dusk Tribe is attacking us, Lady Senant. It'll be a massacre if you don't do something!" I was growing restless. There weren't as many voices as there where a few minutes ago. Lady Senant just stood there for a minute then walked calmly to the dead body of the man from the dusk tribe. She bent down and placed her small hand on his forehead.

"Lady Senant, your tribe is under a massacre! Can't you do anything?" I looked at her hopefully. If she can somehow help, then Sunclan might win this hopeless battle.

"I can do something, but it won't be the same without her" she murmured so softly, I had to strain my ears to hear it. She had this sad faraway look as slowly withdrew her hand from the man's cold skin.

I hesitated. She sounds so heartbroken. I shook my head. No, we need her help, no matter how much she provides. She'll renew hope. That will be enough to win the battle. I will do whatever it takes to get her to help. "Something is enough. As long as you help us, please." I implored.

She looked at me; her eyes searching my face, for what I'll never know. She smiled wearily. "Well I might as well, just give me a second" As I watched she started ageing before my eyes. Her hair became longer, glowing with an unseen light, her body grew taller and wider till she was a little shorter than me and about the same age too. Her eyes grew brighter till they looked like polished rubies. My breath left me in a rush; if I thought she was beautiful before, than there is no words to describe her now. "This'll do." She purred. Purred? Tails erupted behind her as gold fur sprouted from her skin in a rush. Her ears grew longer and more pointed. Her body grew bigger, reshaping itself in the proses. Before I knew it, a six foot tall cat stood before me. Her sleek golden fur gleamed different colors as it caught the moonlight. A river of tails fanned out behind her, all nine swaying as if blown by the wind.

I stumbled back, eyes growing wide in awe. Lady Senant looked at me for a second before she turned and run out of the temple. I quickly changed into a maroon cat. It wasn't nearly as graceful as hers, but it'll serve my purpose. I spun around so fast that my two tails slapped my wounded shoulder. I winced. All males had an even number of tails wile females had an odd number. Shaking my head to rid the thought and pain, I sprinted as fast as I can with my hurt paw and shoulder in the direction the lady went.

As my paws touched the ground outside the temple my vision blurred. I stopped running in fear I crashed into something. Slowly my sight cleared. I blinked. This can't be right. Dark colors danced around to form shapes of men attacking what was left of Sunclan. But Sunclan looked different too. The people of the living, what was left of them, looked breathtakingly beautiful. Their specific color wove, faded, shimmered than brightened enough to want to stop and watch. But I didn't. I don't know why but I had to find Lady Senant. I looked around. I couldn't see her anywhere. I started running, I didn't understand my urgency. After a few minutes of running as fast as I could, my shoulder started bleeding again and my paw throbbed, forcing me to slow down.

I stopped to catch my breath. Blood pounded in my ears and my breath tore at my throat, making so much noise I was surprised I heard the sound of a growl. I instantly stopped breathing. I heard another growl, probably by the same beast that made the noise earlier. I slowly crept toward the sound. There weren't any swirls of color in the area I was at, so it looked virtually deserted and bare. I rounded the corner of an unburned strip of a house and found myself in a clearing. In that clearing was Lady Senant. She was crouched down in a threatening position; her ears flat against her head and her sharp teeth were on display in a snarl. Her tails were thrashing around behind her, sending up clouds of ash and dust. Her eyes flashing as she glared at the beast in front of her.

I dashed behind the corner of the house to hide, and then turned my gaze to the beast in front of my Goddess. A silver fox was swiping the air with black claws that seemed darker than shadows. Slamming his foot on the ground he gave another growl I had heard earlier. The fox was only a foot smaller than Lady Senant, but looked just as deadly. His eyes where black voids, giving no hint of feeling. But you could see clearly that he was angry at the cat in front of him. His four tails were deathly still behind him but twitched as he spoke with a soft voice that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere.

"Why have you interfered? You know you couldn't win without that darling sister of yours. It would have been a quick death for your people if you hadn't stepped in. But now that doesn't apply anymore." The fox grinned, revealing long, black teeth.

A snarl arose from deep within Lady Senant's throat, making my blood stop cold. My hackles rose as I heard her voice that was so cold I was surprised that the fox remained unfazed. "You lie! You would never have given my people the blessing of a quick death. I know you too well, Azelle. That's why I had chosen to defend my people."

Azelle's eyes narrowed. "And you say I lie. Last time I checked you were being reborn." Lady Senant froze, eyes going wide with shock. Then understanding dawned on her. Her body started quivering in rage.

"Why you cheat! I would destroy you right now for setting me up! But I have better things to do than talking with gods like you." She spat. Getting up gracefully, Lady Senant started to walk away.

Azelle bristled as she watched her go. Than he relaxed, letting a haughty look claim his expression. "And what exactly will you be doing?" Those simple words made Lady Senant stop in her tracks. I glanced from Azelle to my Lady, worried all of a sudden. She slowly turned around to look Azelle right in the eyes.

"I'm going to help my people. Something you would never do for yours." Azelle ignored her insult and grinned at her, a knowing glint in his eye.

"Aw, that's what you got wrong, my dear." He leaned closer to her till his muzzle was right against her ear, her body stiffened and he whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear: "They're all dead."

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