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Chapter Nine

~Damon's POV~

Damon stared hard at the demon. It couldn't be serious, could it? Kazuya or Cam? As if Damon would ever say either of those names! As if he'd betray his friend, or Cam. So he glared at the demon and sneered out a harsh, "Go to hell."

The demon all but grinned. "Been there," it said almost jovially, "done that. I take it you're not willing to give us either?"

"What the hell do you think?" Damon spat, ignoring Ronan's eyes on him.

The demon shrugged. "Very well," it said. "But I think your little friend here might disagree." It moved toward Ronan and in a second, had a handful of the detective's hair, yanking his head back to expose the front of his neck. In his hand a blade appeared - from where, Damon wasn't sure, but he attributed that to the stiffness, headache, and blood loss.

Ronan breathed harshly through his nose, not daring to move. At least he understood how delicate the situation was, finally. Damon glared at the demon and took a slow, steady breath.

"How about you tell me what I want to know, and your friend here gets to live?" the demon suggested, like Damon knew it would. Demons became quite predictable after one took out how un-predictable they were. Their moves might change and become erratic, but in times like this, their motives were pretty clear, which actually somewhat made their moves predictable.

Not to mention the fact they liked to hurt people.

"You're going to kill us either way," Damon said steadily, because while he wanted to get Ronan out of here alive - poor guy had no idea what he'd just been thrown in the middle of - he knew how this was going to play out. No matter what he answered, the demons were going to kill both him and Ronan.

Ronan closed his eyes, a silent acknowledgement of Damon's words. Damon felt bad for the guy. Ronan had a wife, a family - he had a life. He wasn't like Damon. Damon knew what to expect, knew what could happen 'on the job' so to speak, and had known the danger of coming to the police station to be locked up. Ronan, on the other hand, was a detective. While it was a dangerous job and - at times - could lead to officers being killed, it was nothing like being a demon hunter.

Detectives had guns because the guns worked on the people they were chasing. They had no real knowledge of demons or how to handle them, and they especially didn't have any equipment for killing them. Therefore Ronan was really at a disadvantage here, and now he was going to die simply because the demons were after Damon.

While Damon wanted to save Ronan, he couldn't just give up Cam or Kazuya - assuming the demons were telling the truth and they'd let Ronan live if Damon gave them what they wanted, but chances of that were slim to none, and slim just hopped a train to 'anywhere-but-here'.

So he gave the demon a narrowed-eyed look and muttered, "What are you waiting for?"

The look Ronan gave Damon made something twinge within him. It was a look of understanding, of knowing what was happening here, and not only acknowledging Damon's choice but actually accepting it, forgiving it.

Quickly, the demon hunter averted his gaze and clenched his jaw, his head throbbing as he struggled to think of a plan, a way to get them both out of here - but he kept coming up with nothing.

There was no way to get out of here alive. Not with so many demons, them tied and defenseless, and the bounty already out on Damon's head.

It was time to admit defeat.

~Kazuya's POV~

Arguing with a cop when they were standing outside the police station - which had been taken over - was probably not the best idea, Kazuya concluded as he was 'escorted' from the scene…which really meant four cops wrestled him away from the building, shoved him into the back of a police car, locked the doors, cracked a window, and then returned to the building.

Kazuya glared out the window and silently fumed as he was kept from his goal. He had to get out of here, but being in the back seat of a police car with the doors closed was actually kind of hard to get out of. There were those bar things between the front and back seat, so he couldn't crawl over and unlock the doors, and the back doors automatically locked anyway. So there was really no way to get out of the backseat short of someone opening the door.

Of course, Kazuya wasn't most people and he was sure these idiots had never met a demon hunter before. If they had, they would know better than to get between a hunter and a demon – especially when the demons were holding his brother hostage.

C'mon, Kazuya – think!

He had to get in there. He had to save Damon, couldn't let him die, not when he was right here, right outside the building…stuck in a damn police car…

Stay with the brat, Damon had told him. Keep him safe.

The brat was safe with all those cops in the hotel! Meanwhile, Damon was trapped with trigger-happy, vengeful demons with an idiot for a partner. What was his name? Kazuya couldn't remember so it must not have been too important.

He hit his elbow against the window but it didn't break. Short of breaking his elbow and tearing his skin open, he didn't think he'd be getting out that way. Of course, it wasn't like a useless arm would stop him from getting to Damon, so it might be worth a shot.

A flat palm slammed against the outside of his window and he fell backward, away from it, startled. He looked up to see Rebecca glaring in at him. Embarrassed he hadn't noticed her coming, all he could do was glower at her in response. "Get me out of here!" he growled loud enough to be heard through the window.

Rebecca just continued to glare at him and he waved urgently at the police station, wishing she'd just understand and do as he said. After a moment, she sighed and motioned for an officer to come toward her. After conversing for another moment, she finally opened the door and he stepped out quickly, glaring viciously at the cops who put him there in the first place.

"What are you doing, Mr. Jameson?" Rebecca hissed, catching his arm when he started toward the station.

He ripped his arm free of her grasp. "What am I doing?" he echoed. "What am I doing? I'm helping my friend, unlike all of you idiots!"

"You can't do anything," Rebecca said calmly. Damn police and their empty words which were meant to calm people but really did anything but.

"I can," he vowed, "and I will."

"You can't," she repeated with a frown.

He spun away from her. "Watch me."

~Damon's POV~

The end was coming.

Its presence grew closer with each passing second as the demons tossed looks at the two of them. They were stationed in a corner, their hands latched behind their backs with heavy metal cuffs. Damon kept his gaze away from Ronan, unwilling to face his decision at the moment.

Signing Ronan to death wasn't what he wanted. If he could, he'd set the guy free, but he couldn't. He had to protect Cam and Kazuya. They were his number one priority, as selfish as it sounded.

Kazuya had been with him for as long as he could remember, after all. Well, all that he wanted to remember. He'd been left with the guy at a young age, despite the fact they were both still kids. Kazuya could have complained. He could have argued and hated the responsibility, but he rose to the occasion and accepted Damon pretty quickly, especially when Damon took an interest in Kazuya's training and activities.

Though not related by blood, Kazuya was all Damon had. He was the closest thing Damon ever had to a family and there was no way he was going to give that up and hand his friend over. The demons were insane if they ever thought he would. They could torture him all they wanted, and Kazuya's location would die with him.

Cam's location, too.

He didn't know what the demons wanted with the kid, but he didn't really want to find out. It obviously wasn't good if they were willing to not only kill his mother, but lock him in a closet with her for hours, until Damon found him. Then they'd managed to track Damon and Cam down at the hotel, and while those two demons were dead now, more had arrived in their place.

When word of a demon hunter was spread, be it accidentally or intentionally, was an omen. Especially if they were arrested or locked up and defenseless.

Damon had known he'd be a target from the beginning. The moment those cuffs locked around his wrists, he'd known what was going to happen. Maybe he hadn't expected it to happen so soon, but he'd known it was coming.

Now he wasn't the only victim, though. Ronan was caught in the crossfires and Damon had no idea how to get him out alive.

He doubted that was a viable option at this point.

After all, there was no negotiating with demons.

"Damon?" Ronan's voice was quiet. Damon snapped from his thoughts and felt the pair of eyes boring into the back of his head.

He turned as much as he could, up against the wall with his hands locked behind him, and frowned at the detective. "What?"

"I'm sorry for…not believing you."

Damon blinked at the sincerity in the man's words. "It's fine," he said, shrugging as much as he could. The movement caused his tired, aching muscles to twinge and he winced. His hip was ablaze again, seeping a frothy blood, evidence of infection, but there was nothing he could do about it now. His head ached, his eyes burned, and he just wanted to sleep

He shook the thought from his head. He couldn't sleep now. If Ronan had to stay awake for this, he had to too.

"Do you think we can get out of here?" Ronan asked quietly, his voice a mere whisper, but even so, one of the demons turned at the sound and growled, stomping toward them, menace in its eyes.

"Shut the hell up, filthy humans," the demon spat distastefully. The demon tossed a look over its shoulder at another demon, who nodded in response. Heated eyes landed back on Damon and Ronan, and a cruel twist of its lips was the only warning Damon got before the harsh feel of a gun slammed into the side of his head.

He didn't even have time to yelp or blink before his vision went red, then black.

He was unconscious before he hit the ground.

~Kazuya's POV~

While the police were busy arguing in front of the station, Kazuya decided to stalk the edges and look for a way in. Obviously he couldn't go in through the front door, or even the back. The streets were well guarded but not the alleys, so he figured he'd go there.

The alleys, Rebecca had said, weren't as well guarded as the streets because the alleys were pretty much dead ends. To even get to the alley behind the police station, one would have to climb a fence, hop on top of a large dumpster, and jump down toward the alleyway. And there was only way there – and that was it. Once in that alley, there was no turning back because the only way out was through the police station.

Cops were walking buy every few minutes, she'd told him, but other than that, it was pretty open.

So for the past ten minutes, Kazuya had sat atop a fire escape overlooking the intended alley, counting the times the police walked by on patrol. If he timed it just right, he'd be in before they knew anyone was in the area.

Sighing, he pulled out his blade. Blessed and soaked in holy water, these blades were about all that would kill those unholy bastards. He'd had two, at one point…when he was younger. But he'd given his second one to Damon on the day he'd graduated and had to return home to his family.

"For luck," he'd said to Damon before he left. "In case…you know. Good luck."

Things had been fine until the letters stopped. Until the contact stopped and he didn't know where Damon was, if he was okay, what had happened…

He shook the thoughts away and clenched his teeth, a muscle jumping in his jaw. He had to focus right now – later, he could yell at Damon all he wanted, and Damon would sit there and take it because Kazuya would tie him to a chair if he had to.

But there would be a later.

He'd make sure of it.

After watching for nearly twenty minutes, he jumped down from his perch and quickly hopped over the fence, onto the dumpster, and dropped down in the alley of no return.

With a heavy breath, he gripped his blade tightly and reached for the knob.

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