The lightning cracked with a burst of bright blue through the sky as the thunder rumbled over my head,making me jump backwards. I cover my mouth with both my hands,afraid my breathing might give me away.
"What do you mean you LOST her? You idiot!"
"I put her chased her here,tied her up and.."
"What am I suppose to do? What do you expect me to tell Hamich?"
"Well..I don't know,that she ran away.." Tyler,the love of my life,has just risked his life for my own.
"Are you KIDDING me? You don't KNOW!?" Sam,my other captor,pulls out the gun. The same gun he pulled out on me when forcing me into the back of a van,and taking me here,where ever here is.
I step forward slowly,ready to pounce on Sam's back,and I feel my foot fall on a hard crunchy object,and I hear a crunch.
I held tighter to my mouth,hoping he didn't hear. Sam turns toward my direction,holding a finger on the trigger.
"SHHH!" Sam hisses,looking around furiously. "Did you hear that?"
"Hear what?" Tyler looks in at me with wide eyes. "I didn't hear anything."
Sam starts walking towards me,I inch my way back slowly. It's dark,he wouldn't be able to see me. I run,would he catch me?...Most likely.
But Sam blindly lifts up the gun and shoots. Before I can comprehend what's happening. I fall backwards.
"NO!" Tyler screams,then every thing goes black.