Hello readers, welcome to my story. This story is about fantasy and the power to control the elements, the struggle between good and evil, and it will have a little bit of Mythology to it. I hope you enjoy it

Elementals versus The Empire: Rebellion

Chapter 1: Prologue

The Empire had always ruled for as long as anyone could ever remember. It had always existed and would always exist. The leaders of the Empire were so powerful that they would easily crush anyone who dared rebel against them. This was because of the ancient power the leaders of the Empire controlled. No one knew how the Emperor had found such power. They only knew that he had it, the power to dominate lightning. As the Empire had grown in the early days, the Emperor had passed the power to other members of the Empire and eventually every single Empire official, soldier or guard had the power to control lightning as well. It was clear to the people that without similar power, the Empire and their greedy evil rulers would never be defeated. So a man decided to try something no one had ever even dared think about doing before…

The man decided to summon the great Yotetride, the Wolf God. The summoning took days to achieve and years of preparation, but when it was done the great Yotetride appeared before the man. The man asked him to give a series of powers to five individuals so that they would be able to defeat the Empire. Yotetride agreed, but he had conditions. He demanded the man sacrifice himself, and declared that each of the five individuals must repay him by offering him one of the sacred objects scattered around the far edges of the world.

The man had a friend who had helped him summon Yotetride, he told his friend everything and gave his friend the task of training the 5 individuals when they were old enough. His friend agreed and with that, the man sacrificed himself and Yotetride was gone from the World once more.

Before leaving however he told the friend that the 5 destined ones who would receive their powers still hadn't been born. He told the man that they would all meet in 131 years on the very spot where the summoning had occurred.

When the wolf was gone the man realized he would have to search the land for artifacts, artifacts that he hoped would give him strength and power to live long enough to fulfill what he must. So the man was off travelling the great lands in search of powerful artifacts, potion makers, wizards and more. He would have to search for many decades for what he was looking for. But eventually one day he would find it, and he would be prepared to train the 5 destined ones to defeat the Empire…

I hoped you found the prologue interesting, and don't worry when next chapter will have more action and won't be like this chapter, which was simply me telling you what happened. Please review this chapter and give me feedback on what I should do, or ask me any questions you might have.