Texting Battle

A/N: Just a random story I made up. I'm planning to edit the whole thing so it may look a bit different. I wrote this story several months ago and just re-read it right now. Let's just say I want to make some changes in it. :) Don't worry, I won't change it into a completely different plot.

Lyla's POV:

"Hey, Lyla, you remember how I helped you pass that Math exam last month? And how you promised you would pay me back one day?"

I glanced at my blonde friend. Unfortunately, she has this amazing memory and never forgets anything. Maybe that explains how that girl can memorize all those mathematical formulas. Whenever she assists someone, she expects something in return. If you forget or just refuse her... things get ugly. After all, she is Heather Brooks. One of the most popular girls in my high school.

Okay, you're probably going to come to the conclusion that Heather is one of those fake, bossy, overly flirtatious, mean, girls. Believe me when I say this, but she's not like that at all. In reality, she's the complete opposite. Sure, the blondie has those moments when she can act like that... But, that's not her true attitude. Heather can be kind, funny, comforting, and an awesome friend to have. You can count on her.

Well, as long as you don't owe her anything.

A hand blocked my view of my book and she huffed, "Hello? Earth to Lyla?"

I sighed and answered stoically, "Yes, Heather?"

Heather crossed her arms and aimed a glare at me. "Did you even listen to me?"

"Yeah, uh, you helped me on a Math test, I owe you something in return, blah blah blah," I muttered impassively.

Her blue eyes sparkled in an intimating way. "So, you understand me now?"

"I do something for you now, right?"


"Great," sarcasm oozed out of my voice, "what do I have to do now, Heather?"

"It's easy. All you have to do is text this number–"

"Why do I doubt it will be this easy?"

The blondie ignored me and continued like I didn't say anything, "So here's the number. 323-159-2987. Oh and did I forget to mention that I have to see you text?"

I wonder why I just have this extremely bad feeling right now. Since when was texting a random stranger is equivalent to passing a Math exam?

"Dude, I don't think it'd be a safe idea to text a random stranger."

"No, I know this person. Don't worry and just text him already!"

With narrowed brown eyes, I questioned suspiciously, "Him? I see that you're trying to play Matchmaker again."

"Stop questioning me and start texting. You don't want to see the dark side of me," she chastised.

Lyla: Hi!

Random Stranger I Was Forced To Text: Hey... What's up?

Lyla: Nothing much. There's like nothing to do anymore except homework... U?

Stranger: Same here. -_- What's ur name? Not to sound like a stalker.

Lyla: Lyla Michaels. U?

Stranger: Hey, u were in my math class! I'm Adrian Porter.

Lyla: Cool. I'm so bored...

Adrian: Let's have a texting battle!

Lyla: Say what now...?

Adrian: We text for days and see who wins!

Lyla: How do u know u won?

Adrian: Easy! The person who falls in love with the other person loses.

Lyla: Uh... That's too easy!

Adrian: No, it isn't! I betcha u WILL love me.

Lyla: NEVER! I bet u will lose!

Adrian: The Texting Battle starts now!

Lyla: Is something supposed to happen? _

Adrian: I dunno... Yeah?

Lyla: Let's play Truth or Dare! ^-^

Adrian: Sure. :)

Lyla: I guess we'll have to delete 'Truth' cuz nobody knows how to tell the truth anymore.

Adrian: True. :P Ppl these days...

Lyla: So, Date or Double Dare?

Adrian:...Date?! Uh... Double Dare!


Adrian: -_-

Lyla: I double dare u to openly check out a girl and say, "Ur hot, babe!" :)

Adrian: O_O Do I have to?

Lyla: No, u NEED to!

Adrian: *sigh* Fine...

Day 2...

Lyla: Hello, Adrian. How's the dare?

Adrian: Didn't go so well...

Lyla: Why?

Adrian: Well, I openly checked out some blonde chick and said,"Ur hot babe."

Lyla: Then?!

Adrian: Then... She told me she was already dating someone. That's when her boyfriend beat me up.


Adrian: It's not funny! :(

Lyla: It is! :D

Adrian: Whatever. -_-

Lyla: When a person says 'Whatever.' you know u have won the argument. Go me! ^-^

Adrian: K...?

Lyla: Ur turn!


Lyla: The date/dare!

Adrian: OH... Date or double dare?

Lyla: Date.

Adrian: O.O Really? Wow, u got guts...

Lyla: Thnx. :)

Adrian: I dare u to date Gilbert Takimura!

Lyla: Who's that?

Adrian: *facepalm* My friend.

Lyla: OH... Sure. Send me a pic of him plz.

Adrian: KK. *sends picture of Gilbert*

Lyla: Whoa, he's cute! *smile*

Adrian: How about me? ;)

Lyla: I dunno what u look like dude.

Adrian: So, u have to convince Gilbert to ask u out.

Lyla: Easy peasy! I'll ask him out ASAP. ;)