Chapter 4: Day 4

Lyla: I did my dare. :)

Adrian: Really? Gimme the proof. Just like what I did.

Lyla: Well, in PE, I yelled, "OMG, the teachers here are so smoking hot! Especially our gym teacher, he is drop dead gorgeous! AHHHHHHH~!"

Adrian: Oh, so ur the girl who shouted that in PE? LOL.


Adrian: The last time you laughed like that I got beat up by a girl and cross dressed... Not exactly a good sign.

Lyla: D or DD?

Adrian: Double Dare.

Lyla: :D Okay!

Adrian: I have a very bad feeling about this one... o_O

Lyla: I dare u to write a love letter to a girl of your choice... Except ur sister! ;)

Adrian: Greaaaaaaaaat. -_-

Lyla: Ur welcome~! :3

Adrian: Seriously? A love letter? I don't know how to. Besides, letters are so cheesy and cliché.

Lyla: Oh reaaaaaaaallly? *eyes suspiciously* Sounds like some other lame excuse to me.

Adrian: I'm serious. If I had to (in this case, forced to) confess my love, I would much rather sing a song not write a stupid love letter. Just my opinion, alright? :P

Lyla: How about the classic 'roses are red, violets are blue'?

Adrian: What's that?

Lyla: *facepalm* I can't believe this guy...

Adrian: What?

Lyla: Fine, then SING a song instead! :| If you don't know the elementary 'roses are read', I doubt your poem will turn out to be good. More like trash honestly.

Adrian: ALRIGHT! This will be a piece of cake! Any song riiiiiiight? ;)

Lyla: Sure.

Adrian: Awesome! :)

Lyla: Someone's really excited. At first, I thought you hated taking dares. Well, actually double dares. XD

Adrian: Who wouldn't be? Singing songs aren't that embarrassing as writing pointless letters!

Lyla: If u say so...

Adrian: Sorry, gotta study for a test. Catch u later!

Lyla: Later, alligator~ ^-^

Lyla's POV:

I left my phone on my golden painted bed and sat on it, thoughtful. I wonder who Addy's gonna sing to...? Hope I'll be able to see it because I'm definitely going to record it! He'll never see it coming! Insert evil smile. It was early in the morning, like 7:48 AM. For some of you people, that might be late. But, to me, that's super duper early.

That's coming from a lazy person like me.

Quickly, I slipped on ripped skinny jeans and a sky blue shirt with black fluffy wings drawn on the back. In the front, there was a black feather necklace stitched on the shirt making the illusion of me wearing a necklace. While grabbing my backpack and my hoodie, I yelled, "Bye Mom! Love you!" Then, in a blink of an eye, I was already heading out of the mahogany door with Nike high tops on my feet. I started to sprint towards the bus top while messily fixing my reddish-brown hair into a ponytail. My hair's naturally this way, it's not dyed like how so many people think it is. In the knick of time, the public bus halted to a stop.

I smiled and revealed my monthly bus pass to the incredibly bored bus driver who didn't even glanced at me. I was forced to stand on the bus because all the seats were taken. The 7:52 AM bus was always busy... And I hated it! My bus stop came after a few uninteresting minutes of standing up and thanked the equally dull bus driver. School still starts at 8:30 AM, but I like being there early. More time to chat with friends, study, and finish late homework.

Come to think of it, I do have a Biology exam today... Shoot!

I casually walked into the library and hastily pulled out my Biology textbook out of my panda backpack. Man, why do I always do last minute studying?! No wonder I got straight B's... Hehe. Nobody's perfect, right? I gritted my teeth as I started to cram all of the information into my puny brain. It's too much to memorize! I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna fail... After studying hard for a good period of time, I checked the library clock and realized it was 8:20 AM. Gotta put this heavy backpack in my locker!

I rapidly stuff everything in my backpack and speed walk down the hall to my locker. At lightning speed, I open my lock and throw my backpack in there while preparing my English stuff. Let's hope this isn't another boring day at school again... It's probably going to be since my luck seems to be pretty bad nowadays.

Lunch Time: 12:26 PM

Man, I think I failed the exam. I practically guessed 50% of it! No, actually 60% if I'm being completely truthful here. My extremely late lucky charm better work this time or else...! With my wallet in hand, I speed walked down to the cafeteria in hopes that the line isn't that long yet. My eyes spotted around twenty people more or less lined up. Score! It isn't fifty people like last time! I grinned as I picked up a still warm pasta with cheesy breadsticks. Yummy!

I paid up and heard a very familiar voice call out, "Lyla over here!"

While shaking my head playfully, I walked towards Heather with a tray of pasta and cheesy bread sticks in my hand.

"So... What's up, Lyla?" My other friend Michelle asked while chewing on a hamburger.

As I sat down, I answered sadly, "I think I failed my Biology exam... My Mom's gonna kill me!"

Michelle grinned and patted my back and reassuringly said, "Don't worry, I failed hundreds of times in school!"

My more girly friend, Heather, said at the same time, "Both of you should have studied more! Honestly, I wonder how you guys will get accepted into any universities or colleges."

I laughed at my friends. Heather was the girly girl and was wearing a hot pink shirt with a cute black skirt. And also the girl who started my whole 'Texting Battle' business with Adrian. Michelle, on the other hand, wore a baggy black T-shirt and gym shorts with a cap that guys normally wear with the word 'YOLO' on it. See the difference? High heels VS. Sneakers. Perm VS. Ponytail. Skirt VS. Gym Shorts. Most people are surprised that they're friends... And that includes me. It's still a mystery to me about how those two get along. Apparently, their parents are really close friends and always brought their kids - Michelle and Heather - along with them to their parties.

As Heather and Michelle continued to playfully debate, I ate my heavenly lunch. Now, if only I passed my Biology exam... Only time will tell if fate hates me or not.

After ten minutes of watching their argument, I stated, "I'm gonna go to my locker, okay?"

Both of them didn't notice as I began to casually walk to my locker. Seriously, once their arguments lasted for two straight hours. That's ridiculously long I was about to open my locker until someone tapped my right shoulder. I immediately turned to see who it was and realized it was a certain boy with gleaming green eyes and spiky black hair.

Adrian flashed a mischievous grin and sang, "I know it's hard to remember the people we used to be. It's even harder to picture that you aren't here next to me. You say it's too late to make it, but is it too late to try?"

In a matter of seconds, a crowd of people surrounded us and clapped to the beat. Think I made the wrong dare... Oops. This is kinda embarrassing. Why must there be so many people around us?! It's not like he's legitimately confessing to me! It's a dare. But, of course they wouldn't know that.

"And in our time that you wasted all of our bridges burned down. I've wasted my texts. You turned off your phone. Now I'm paralyzed. Still stuck in that time when we were classmates. But even the sun sets in paradise..."

Whoa. Adrian's actually not that bad at singing. Oh man, did I actually admit that in my head? His voice doesn't exactly sound like Adam Levine though... A little bit more deep. Now I understand why he wanted to sing a song instead of write a letter. I would rather write a letter. You don't have to show your face or your singing voice that just might be bad. That just happens to be me, the one with the bad voice. The only musical thing I can do is play the recorder thanks to elementary music classes. Pretty lame, huh.

He winked at me before singing slightly louder, "I'm on my cell phone trying to text you. All of my change I spent on you. Where have the times gone, Lyla, it's all wrong. Where are the dares I made for you?"

Clever. He actually took the time to change the lyrics of Payphone by Maroon 5. Weird... But, at least he actually made an effort to complete the dare. That's nice to know, I guess.

"If 'Happy Ever After' did exist, I would still be holding you like this. All those fairy tails are full of it. One more stupid love song, I'll be sick." Adrian sang on with a strange fierce passion evident in his green eyes.

"Yeah, Yeah, Now baby don't hang up, so I can tell you what you need to know. Baby I'm begging you just please don't go, so I can text you what you need to know."

I stood there shocked and continued watching him sing in front of me and also in front of a big crowd.

"Now I'm at my cell phone..." Adrian finished with a grin plastered on his face.

Everyone clapped as I still stood there speechless and frozen like a lifeless statue. Why did he choose me out of all the girls? Was it to embarrass me in front of everybody? Yeah, that must be the reason. Nothing else but pure amusement.

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