Chapter 5: Singing Shock

Eventually, the crowd that once surrounded us slowly disappeared into the hallways and went back to what they were doing before. Does... Adrian... Possibly like me? No, that can't be it. This has to be all for the sake of embarrassing and backfiring my own dare. Right? However, something in my gut just disagreed with those thoughts. Hmm. Awkwardly, I scratched the back of my neck.

The spiky haired guy in front of me genuinely smiled. "So, what do you think?"

"Uh... You're not that bad, I guess."

I was itching to go anywhere but here. Before anything else stupid can happen. Slowly, I began to casually step back and he didn't seem to notice.

He frowned. Shoot! Have my hidden plans been discovered in only a split second? If he did, then that's just plain genius and raw talent.

"Not that bad? You have to admit I am an amazing singer, right?"

While stiffly nodding, I replied stoically like I didn't care that much, "Sure, whatever."

Honestly, I thought he was a better singer than me. That's not that much though since everybody can sing better than me! I'm not even joking around. Wow. Isn't that rare for me not to fool around? For once, I'm actually acting mature and not like a five year old. Did I eat something that I shouldn't have eaten in the past hour?

His bright grin returned and he confessed quickly with a slight blush, "Hey, uh, would you consider dating me? 'Cause I-" He ended with a quiet mumble.

Okay and now I need hearing aids. Perfect. First, I'm acting mature and now I can't hear him properly. What, did I turn into a grandma that looks like a teenage girl in a few seconds? Is that even scientifically possible?

I anxiously chuckled and questioned, "Sorry, couldn't hear the last part. What?"

His cheeks reddened more and more and more as he answered shyly, "'Cause I think I like you, Lyla. Hell, I really like you. Even before the whole dares. I know this sounds cheesy, but I dunno how I even came to like you this way. It just happened..."

Shoot, how am I supposed to reply?! I don't have any confessing experience what-so-ever! I just decided to stand there and gaze at him in extreme disbelief and confusion and bunch of other jumbled emotions.

Still frozen in shock, Adrian bitterly muttered at me, "I knew it. Why would you even like a guy like me?"

I tried to talk but somehow I just couldn't. My whole body was still strangely frozen almost like a statue. Great, now I'm a stationary granny in need of hearing aids.

"Please, just forget everything I said... 'Kay?" He begged painfully with his green eyes staring at the floor.

Finally, my freezing curse was lifted as chased after his retreating figure. I lightly stopped Adrian from walking by gently catching his wrist, his back still towards me. At my touch, he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

"Wait!" I blurted out before he whirled around to face me.

He fake smiled at me and asked, "Yeah, what?"

I clumsily let go of his wrist and timidly admited, "I guess I could... Date... You. You're not that bad looking or dumb or weird or creepy, I guess. Only one date though, Adrian..."

I don't think Adrian heard me correctly because he exclaimed happily, "Awesome! You will be my girlfriend too, right?"

Automatically, I scoffed and answered, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so fast buddy. I only agreed to one date, Addy! In your dreams!"

While sticking my tongue out at him, he grinned. "Mall. Tomorrow at four. You better be there!"

Before I could blink, Adrian had already left. Can't believe I actually agreed to that... Am I just dumb or what? I feel like I'm playing with his emotions. But, I'm technically not! Addy's actually kinda cute. Aw man, do I like Adrian too or what?

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