Chapter 6: Just Another Day At The Mall

Okay, let me rethink this over. I have just agreed to go out with Adrian with no objections at all. What is wrong with me? Grrr... Well, it can't be that bad right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong...? Without a second thought, I entered the mall and tried looking for that familiar black spiky hair.

"Hey, Lyla, over here!"

Instinctively, I turned over to the mention of my name and saw Adrian standing there with a grin plastered on his face. He was wearing a leather jacket and an emerald green shirt underneath matched with dark gray jeans. I couldn't help but notice his shiny pair of neon laced Nike shoes. Those are some pretty neat kicks.

"Not bad, Addy, not bad." I mused discreetly while walking over to him.

A triumphant smirk took over the mischievous grin. "Same goes for you, Lyla. I bet you this date will beat than Gil's!"

"Jealous, much? I never knew you were the jealous type, sir."

His cheeks heated up slightly. "No. Just competitive, that's all," he ran a hand through his hair.

"Mmhmm," I shook my head incredulously.

We walked around for a while until Adrian suddenly grabbed my right hand with his left. I raised my eyebrow at his sudden action.

"I don't like how that guy is checking you out," he smoothly motioned to the blonde guy leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

I smiled. "I appreciate that you care. However, I'm not like those 'damsels in distress'. I didn't take self-defense classes for no reason!"

Now, it was his turn to raise an eyebrow. "You took self-defense classes?"

I huffed indignantly. "What's wrong with me taking self-defense classes?"

"You just don't look like the type," he retorted.

"Oh, so now there is a type of people who take self-defense classes? Stereotypical, eh."

A grin sneaked its way on his face. "Apparently."

Laughter escaped my once close mouth. "Sorry, I thought you would argue back. That's what normal people would do."

"Oh, isn't that being stereotypical? Hypocrite."

I crossed my arms and cleared my throat. "Says the person who was stereotypical in the first place."

He chuckled. "Have you realized that we said stereotypical at least four times now?"

"You actually counted that? What a loser! Ain't nobody got time for that."

Adrian glared at me. "This is supposed to be a date, you know."

I smiled sweetly. "Yes, dates are supposed to be fun. So, I'm creating the fun!"

He sighed. "Let's just eat lunch and at least pretend to be a normal loving couple, okay?"

An evil laugh erupted from my lips. "I demand you to take me to a Chinese or Japanese or Vietnamese or Korean or Malaysian restaurant!"

I earned quite a few stares and even a cry from a baby. I'm sorry, baby!

"What the monster lady wants, the monster lady gets," he mocked with a playful grin.

"Hey! You're supposed to compliment your date not insult them! I thought we were supposed to be a 'normal loving couple'?"

With a smirk, he debated cleverly, "Nonetheless, dates are supposed to fun. Your words not mine."

Dang it, he got me this time. I sighed in defeat. "Whatever..."

"When a person says 'Whatever.' you know you have won the argument."

"And stop using my own words against me!"

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