My Book

This book may not be holy,

But it carries its message.

The words not written from god,

But from my own hands.

I follow no rules,

Except for my own.

I believe in no one,

Except for myself.

No false idol,

No proud man,

No god.

No one influenced my book.

No other man's ideas here.

Only my thoughts,

My opinions,

My ideas.

As corrupt as they may be.

That is how I know it is true.

That is why I can believe it.

Why I can follow it.

These are not false ideas.

Ideas that change with time.

Change for convenience,

For politics,

For the crowds.

My ideas stay the same.

What is my book you may ask?

It has no name,

No title.

For it doesn't require one.

Every idea in this book,

Branch off one large one.

One that shall never change.

Not for convenience,

For politics,

For the crowds.

No, it will remain.

The earth shall perish,

By its corrupt inhabitants.